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Why You Need to Buy The Best Solar Powered Security Camera in 2019

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Here you can find the best solar powered security camera reviews. These are great wireless choices with solar panels.

Keeping your property secure is of utmost importance. Otherwise, the burgers could get in and steal your valuables. Apart from losing your stuff, such a scenario can have dreadful effects on yours and the mental state of your family members. It can make all of you feel very unsafe.

The good news is that those things can be easily prevented. All you got to do is install some home security systems on your property. Whether it’s a home, apartment, or even a business property, having a surveillance system installed is a must

Why Solar Security Cameras?

Home security camera systems are there to keep the criminals away, who will think twice whether to try to break in your home knowing that they’re being filmed. Furthermore, these systems can help the police with identifying the perpetrators. And some of those systems even have built-in alarms which will notify you (and the cops) if someone has entered your property in the middle of the night.

Unfortunately, not all surveillance systems are good enough to keep the burglars away. To be 100% sure your property will remain secure, you need to get a top-quality home security cam system. But, which one is it? Broadly speaking, all of these systems can be separated into two categories: wired and wireless.

The ones using wires are great because they’re usually pretty reasonably priced. Furthermore, they get their power supply through wires, which means that there’s no worry that the battery might run out. And that’s exactly the biggest worry people have about Wi-Fi camera systems. 

The good news is that these days you can find some wireless surveillance cams that have no such problems. We’re talking about the solar powered security system.

More Reasons To Buy a Solar Powered Security Camera

Your property is most vulnerable when you’re not there. If there’s no one around, burglars might get the idea to break in. It’s the surveillance system that can make them change their decision. The problem is that in order to be able to provide a high level of security to your property, the surveillance system needs to be working fine. And in order for it to work fine, it needs to get its supply of energy.

That’s the biggest problem when it comes to wireless cameras. Because they work on batteries, they can’t stay on for too long. When you’re not at home, you want to keep the cameras on, but what about if you’re going to be absent for weeks? They’ll need to be on all the time, but the battery is going to run off at some point. 

Such a thing is not something that people who own wired cameras have to worry about. And the same is the case for the owners of solar powered wireless camera systems. These cameras do have batteries, but they’re recharged all the time by using the solar energy. Provided that there’s enough sunshine, the system can work endlessly. 

Choosing the Best Solar Powered Wireless Security Camera

Wireless solar security camera systems have become really popular lately, which is why a number of companies have decided to get involved in the business. The result is that the market is full of different solar wireless camera systems, some of which are pretty affordable.

Unfortunately, not all of those systems are actually good. In fact, many of them are cheaply made, therefore they do not work properly for too long. Another issue is that some systems come with cameras that shoot videos of very poor quality. 

If you’re worried that you’ll end up buying a bad product, the next part is for you. Here are some of the things you need to pay special attention to when buying for a solar powered security camera Wi-Fi system.

Most Important Features of Wireless Security Camera Systems

  • Battery capacity – The rule is simple: the bigger the capacity, the longer the battery will be able to keep the camera rolling.
  • Solar panel – The larger the panel, the more energy it can absorb and that means a longer battery, as well as quicker charging.  
  • Camera quality – The whole point of having a system of surveillance cameras installed is to be able to recognize the faces of people getting in your property. 
  • Motion detection sensors – Considering that they run on batteries, these types of cameras aren’t meant for 24/7 recording. Instead, they usually come with motion detection sensors that turn them on only when someone’s around. 
  • Storage capacity – Some of the cameras come with built-in memory cards; others require you to buy an SD card in order to be able to record video. 

On top of everything, when looking for a solar camera, you also need to pay attention to its price tag. Even though these cameras are more advanced than wired ones, you surely don’t want to pay too much. Our advice is to stay away from products that cost more than $200.

Best Solar Powered Security Camera 2019

If you’re worried that you won’t be able to find a quality solar powered home security camera at affordable price, we’re going to help you out. Here are a couple of reviews dealing with some of the best solar cams you can buy in 2019!

Reolink Argus Pro Solar Powered Wireless Home Security Camera

Top-Rated Choice for Outdoor/Indoor Use

It seems that everyone who owns this solar security camera is very pleased with its performances. And that’s not surprising, considering that its resolution is pretty decent as well as its battery which can be charged through a solar panel that’s included in the package or through a 5V/2A adapter.


  • Full HD 1080p camera – The camera can capture very sharp videos, even in low light conditions. And when it’s pitch-dark, the camera will make use of the night vision.
  • Rechargeable battery – When fully charged, the battery can provide the energy for the cam to work for up to 800 minutes. In order to recharge it, you can use a power adapter, or ensure a continuous charging through the use of the solar panel.
  • Motion detection wireless security camera– In order to save battery, the camera will work only when movement is detected. 
  • Mobile-compatible – You can connect this camera to your smartphone and get notifications every time movement is detected.


  • Amazing video quality – The camera does a great job when it comes to shooting high-quality videos. You can see the face of people in the footage clearly, even if the video was shot in low-light.
  • Decent battery – The battery can provide enough energy to keep the camera going for a long time.


  • No SD card – In order to record videos with this surveillance camera, you will have to buy an SD card on your own.

Reolink Argus 2 Battery Powered Wireless Outdoor Security Camera

Full HD 1080p Model with All Sorts of Advanced Features

You can think of this camera as another version of Argus Pro. It’s very similar in terms of performances, although there are a couple of tiny improvements. 


  • 1080p wireless security camera – The Full HD camera shoots amazing videos, even at night, when its night-vision feature allows it to see up to 36 feet.
  • Rechargeable battery – You can charge the battery with your phone charger, but also with the Argus 2 solar panel which is included in the package. The panel does a really good job utilizing the solar energy, even if there aren’t too many sunshine hours in the area where you live.


  • Great video quality – Same as the first camera we reviewed, this one too shoots super-sharp videos.
  • Impressive solar panel – The solar panel can provide continuous charging of the battery, so you have nothing to worry that it will run out. 


  • Not very cheap – This camera costs more than Argus Pro and considering that you will also have to buy an SD card, we can’t say that this is a budget option.

Soliom Wireless Outdoor Surveillance Camera

Solar Wireless Security Camera with Free Cloud Storage

If you’re looking for a more affordable option, this one does seem like a good pick. Not only is this camera reasonably priced, but it also comes with free cloud storage included in the package. Of course, that’s not the only reason why Soliom camera is on our list. Take a look at its features to see some other reasons as well.


  • Motion detector – The wireless home security camera will turn on only if motion is detected within 10 meters from it.
  • Solar panel – The solar panel needs only about 4 hours of sunshine per week to provide enough energy for the camera to activate 10-15 times a day.


  • Amazing solar panel – The solar panel does not need too many sunny days to keep the battery charged.
  • Decent memory option – An SD card with a free cloud storage of up to 20 recordings.


  • Not too impressive resolution – Videos made with this cam aren’t bad, but the two Argus cameras are much better in this aspect.

Final Word

There you have it – our top picks for the best solar security camera in 2019. If you decide to buy one of these, we guarantee you won’t make a bad decision!

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