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What Is The Best Counter Surveillance Detection Equipment?

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The threat of corporate espionage and illegal surveillance may not be something that everyone has to worry about. However, those that do, find themselves requiring specialized equipment in order to find and remove the various microphones, cameras, and other devices that may be monitoring them without their knowledge.

While counter surveillance equipment will not lead the user to the one who may have orchestrated everything, they are invaluable when it comes to detecting the devices and jamming them. An important fact that must be taken in consideration is the fact that, although using surveillance devices may be illegal in some countries, using counter-surveillance ones is not, and may give the owners the possibility to take the ones spying them, to court.

Regardless if it’s a jealous spouse, an employee looking to blackmail colleagues, or anyone in-between, finding quality equipment that can identify these threats is extremely important. 

Buying guide – What to look for in the best counter surveillance detectors

Counter surveillance devices aren’t something to be messed around with. Getting a low-quality device can create false-positives, and have you hunting for non-existent microphones and cameras or even ignore the ones that are actually hidden in a certain room, giving you a sense of false security that may get you in trouble.

Unfortunately, these devices are not mainstream products, and this can make it difficult to know which model or manufacturer is better than the other. However, there are a few details that those interested should keep their eyes open when looking to buy one:

Detection capability – Surveillance devices come under many shapes and sizes, and each of them uses a different type of technology in order to record and transmit data. A good detection device should be able to detect multiple radio frequencies, as well as SIM card bugs. Furthermore, look for devices that can also detect stand-by Wi-Fi connections, as well as wired camera outputs in order to cover all the possible bases;

Portability – Some of these devices can be cumbersome and difficult to use. Focus on finding one that is portable, preferably handheld, as these can be used to scan an entire room in a matter of minutes. Also, these can be taken on meetings in order to quickly scan the surroundings and ensure that there are no microphones or cameras nearby;

Range – Ideally, try to find something that has a very wide frequency detection range in order to maximize the chances that you will find any and every type of surveillance device that has been placed nearby. 

Features – Some models have knobs that allow the user to set the sensitivity, and this helps pinpoint the exact location of a surveillance device. First, perform a wide range scan in order to determine if there are any such devices nearby, and then a narrow one in order to find their location and disable them;

Power Supply – These devices need to be extremely dependable, so look for models that have replaceable, traditional batteries, as these can hold the charge for longer and can basically be bought from any store;

JMDHKK Anti Spy RF Bug Detector

A high-tech, multipurpose detector that can find any kind of surveillance equipment

The Anti Spy RF Detector from JMDHKK has been designed to be the only scanner one will ever need in order to detect any kind of surveillance equipment, including the type that can be placed inside a smartphone in order to tap into its audio output and call logs. The device is compact and easy to use and comes with the ability to fine-tune the frequency range in order to enhance its accuracy.


  • Multipurpose – The device can detect radio waves, as well as magnetic fields, making it ideal for detecting a multitude of surveillance devices, from microphones to cameras;
  • Detects modern devices – The detector can identify any modern surveillance equipment such as Wi-Fi-enabled and regular spy cameras, microphones, smartphone bugs, GPS-enabled monitoring equipment, and others;
  • Adjustable threshold and frequency knob – The device comes with the ability to fine-tune both the threshold at which it considers that a surveillance device has been found, as well as with a knob that enables the owner to adjust the radio frequency that it targets;
  • LDE Laser Technology – The scanner can also detect the wireless connections that are in standby state, of various cameras, microphones and other surveillance equipment;
  • Scan for dangers – The scanner can also be used to detect dangerous electromagnetic leaks that may occur when defective microwave ovens are present;


  • Jack-of-all-trades – The device has the ability to detect any kind of surveillance equipment, regardless of what kind type or data-transfer technology, making it a one-stop solution for removing spy equipment;
  • Accurate – The ability to modify the functioning parameters of the device is invaluable. The owner can basically target specific frequencies or, if the situation calls, ignore certain ones that are used by smartphones and laptops;


  • Flimsy build quality – The case of the device is fragile and may break if dropped on the ground;

SleuthGear Law-Grade Counter Surveillance Scanner

An active Scanner designed for professional use

The SleuthGear Scanner has been built with legal standards in mind. It is capable of reliably detecting all surveillance equipment that may be placed in the vicinity, and it is one of the more simple to use devices on the market. 

The Scanner is also one of the most rugged pieces of equipment of its type, with all of its components having been designed for durability, rather than to give it a flashy appearance. In terms of functionality, the model can scan frequencies between 10MHz and 10GHz, covering the full radio rage that could be used by spy devices.


  • High detection range – The device can detect frequencies of up to 10GHz, enabling it to detect various surveillance devices that were built to function using a higher radio frequency in order to make them more difficult to find;
  • Can detect multiple types of bugs – The scanner can detect microphones, Wi-Fi and GPS-enabled devices, as well as wireless or wired spy cameras;
  • Easy to use – The device only has one button, and does not require any technical skills in order to be used properly;
  • Long range – The scanner can detect cameras up to a distance of 40 ft. using both the lens finder, as well as the RF scanner;


  • Easy to use – The device caters to the needs of those who need to sweep rooms quickly and is extremely simple to operate. The model basically comes only with an on/off button;
  • Durable – Fewer moving parts and a thicker shell make this model more durable than others;


  • No targeting – There is no way to set the frequency that you want to scan, and as a result, it is required to unplug all known wireless devices(Wi-Fi devices, routers, radios, etc.) before attempting a clean sweep of a room;

Spy Matrix Law-Grade Pro-10G Scanner

A small, intuitive scanner that is also used by federal agents and law enforcement

Those who are looking for a small, extremely dependable scanner that can detect a very large variety of surveillance devices may want to look at the solution from Spy Matrix. The device is can fit in the palm of your hand and has a small button pad that enables the owner to easily control all of its functions. Unlike other models, this one comes with a visual indicator that shows how close you are to the source of the signal, also contains a telephone tap prevention system that acts as a filter for the signal.


  • 10GHz range – The device can scan frequencies of up to 10GHz, having one of the widest effective ranges of all surveillance scanners;
  • Multiple bug detectors – The scanner can detect cameras, microphones, laser taps, GPS locators, wiretaps, and telephone bugs;
  • Accurate – The visual indicator helps the owner find the location of the bug in a matter of seconds;
  • Noise Generator + Telephone tap prevention filter – The scanner also comes with a built-in telephone tap prevention system that can be used by connecting it to the telephone circuit, as a filter, as well as with a noise generator that can mask conversations from microphones in the room;


  • A lot of functionality  – The telephone tap prevention system and  the noise generator are extremely useful to have packed into the device;
  • Visual scanner – The ability to actually see how close you are to a surveillance device makes it much easier to find it;


  • No way to isolate frequencies – It is required to unplug all known wireless devices in order to successfully perform a sweep of a room;


Finding the best counter surveillance detection and keeping it around the home can save you a lot of trouble. These devices do not take up much room, they can work for years without requiring replacement, and are completely legal. They are invaluable when you have to discuss sensitive subjects, and even when you are worried that your partner may be monitoring you.

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