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What Is A Featured Snippet And Why You Need One

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Again Google is ready with its complete explanations about the featured snippets. Sometimes when users search, they will find that there’s a transparent box on top of Google’s results explain about the search. This box is a featured snippet. Here you will learn about what featured snippets is and also about a new series on how Google Search works specifically on snippets.

Therefore, to beat the competition and to meet the new Google updates, you have to be in the featured snippet. But before that, it is essential to understand what is it and how you can take its benefits. So, let’s dig deeper into the details.

What is meant by Featured Snippet?

A featured snippet is just selected search result that is displayed on the top of the Google’s results, especially when a query is being searched for. It directly displays the content from any of the top web pages that answer the queries of the user to the point. It is essential to get more clicks on your website, as it not only increases the traffic but also the chances of your conversion. Thus, you should optimize your content or web page for the same.

There are many different types of featured snippets:

  The Bulleted List Featured Snippet

  The Table Featured Snippet.

  The YouTube Featured Snippet.

  The Two-for-One Featured Snippet.

Featured Snippet can be of great benefit because it Increases Click-Through Rate:

Generally, there are only two choices for those requiring high Click-Through Rate (CTR). The first would run a paid limited time battle, and the second is endeavoring to get the best rank in Google. Nonetheless, Featured Snippet works unexpectedly.

The odds of a page to be utilized as a part of a highlighted piece increments when another site page from a similar site is positioned in Google, for a similar question. This implies CTR would get a lift when two pages from one site are shown on SERP, by as much as 500%.

How To Achieve A Featured Snippet For Your Website

Now the question is how to make it possible as the competition is exceptionally high. So, here is the answer, follow these simple tips to get the positive outcomes.

  Summarize The Answer in A Paragraph or Bullets: Google will only pick your content to display on the featured snippet if it summarized the answer to the point. No matter what the format of your content is, whether it is in a paragraph or bullets, it has to be summarized and to the point to be in that position. Thus, you shouldn’t miss that point while optimizing your content or web page for the same.

  Add an Image That Target the Keyword: Google crawls the keyword first and increases the rank of your website. Thus, you should use content with a long-tail keyword or image with the same to be published on the featured snippet. Content grabs the attention and images give it a visual touch that increases the chances of click on your web page.

  Your Web Page Has to Be On the Very First Page: Google picks the content for featured snippets from the web pages on the very first page that answers the question most preciously. Thus, the ranking is an essential factor that you need to pay attention before taking the next step.

  Page Structure Does Matter: Page structure of your website may make or break your image not only in front of the users but the eyes of the Google as well and drop down your chances to be published on the featured snippet. So, if you don’t want to miss the opportunity to design and optimize your page with proper Heading, Title, Description, Meta Tags, and other necessary things.

Watch the Video from HubSpot team for more clarity:


It promptly became apparent that SEO rich answers drive traffic to the website. This is the reason why SEO Experts share tips on how to boost the chances of becoming one because they know the value of being featured in this means is a traffic booster driver. Of course, these aren’t meant as a sole basis of information. They’re the fraction of an on the whole set of results we offer, giving persons information from a broad variety of sources.

With time Google admits that there is a lot of work which needs a lot of improvement thus the tech giant has much more work to do and will carry on to improve these results over time.

In short, we can say that featured snippets will by no means be perfect, just as search results, in general, will never be completely right.


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