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Best Pen Voice Recorders For 2019

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Regardless of country, students may sometimes find it hard to follow particular lectures or presentations. This is where a quality recorder pen can be a lifesaver. These devices can be used for a variety of purposes and come with everything needed to be used right out of the box.

From a technical point of view, they can serve several functions, however, they primarily focus on recording high-quality sound. This having been said, some models also come with music player functions, voice control, and other quality of life features.

While these products are not particularly cheap to manufacture, they are cheap enough that the market has been flooded with low-quality models that either record distorted audio or even stop working altogether after a few weeks. Unfortunately, there is no way to distinguish the good ones from the low-quality ones without giving them a try and seeing how they perform

Buying guide – How to choose a proper recorder pen that looks and works beautifully

With so many models on the market, it is hard to determine which product will work best for you. It is important to consider a few things before making a purchase, in order to ensure that your money is well spent:

  • Features – Every feature costs extra, and it’s important to consider what features you need, before getting a pen. For example, voice control may be a great thing to have in certain situations, but it may cause problems in nosy environments where various sounds may accidentally trigger the record function;
  • Physical durability – Best to not forget that a voice recording pen is still a pen. Make sure that the build quality of the pen is good enough to withstand at least one or two semesters without breaking apart;
  • Storage – If you also intend to use the music player function of your chosen mode, then keep in mind that there are products that also support microSD cards that can expand their storage capabilities. However, all recorder pens have built-in storage, so it is perfectly viable to get a pen that supports microSD cards and buy a card when you need the extra space; 
  • Design – Keep in mind that you will be using the device as a writing tool. This means that is must be comfortable enough so that your and won’t be sore after 30 minutes of taking notes. Look at the overall design of the device and consider either choosing a model that has a smooth case, or one that has rubber inserts

The Best Pen Voice Recorder For 2019

The best voice recording pens that get the job done without breaking the bank:

Aiworth Digital Voice Activated Recorder Pen

An elegant voice recording pen that’s perfect for students

The voice recorder pen from Airworth has an elegant design, as well as a large number of features that cater to the needs of students. While there is no way to expand the pen’s integrated storage capacity, the 16GB that it comes with is more than enough for both storing recordings, as well as songs for the built-in MP3 player. 


  • High-quality voice recording – The pen records audio at 192 Kbps and has the ability to reduce background noise and to ignore the distortions created by writing with the pen while it records. The recorder function can be activated with only one press of a button that also controls the Save function;
  • Large storage capacity – The pen comes with 16GB of built-in memory that is used by all its functions. The amount of storage is enough to record 180 hours of audio or to store 5000 songs in MP3 format, that can be read by the music player;
  • Voice activated recording – The device can be set to automatically start recording when it detects someone speaking and to stop and save the file when the sound stops, enabling the user to focus on other, more important things;
  • MP3 Player – The pen also doubles as an MP3 player. By removing the lower section of the pen, it is possible to connect a headset to it in order to listen to music that can be stored in its memory;
  • Long battery life – The 110 mAh rechargeable battery is enough to power the device for an entire day of continuous use;


  • Easy to use – All the functions of the device can be controlled using a single button;
  • Great battery life – The 110 mAh battery is more than enough for recording a couple of lectures and listening music in-between;


  • No expandable storage – Buyers cannot use microSD cards in order to expand the internal storage of the device;

Recjoy Digital Voice Recorder

A durable, feature-filled audio recording pen

Boasting a very elegant look and made using high-end materials, the digital voice recorder pen from Recjoy is extremely dependable, as well as discreet. As far as its durability goes, the manufacturer offers a 30day money-back guarantee to those who are not satisfied with the product, as well as a 2-year warranty.


  • 192 Kbps recording – The pen can record high-quality audio while reducing background noise created by using the pen while it is active.
  • Easy to use – Starting the recording and saving the files can be done by pressing a single button. Also, the device indicates its status with the help of a low-intensity, discreet LED;
  • Voice-activated – The pen will automatically start recording when it detects someone speaking, and stop automatically and save the recording afterward;
  • 16GB internal storage – The pen comes with 16 GB of integrated storage, which is enough to hold 180 hours of recorded audio;
  • Powerful battery – The integrated battery can be charged in only 90 minutes and the pen can record for 8 hours on one full charge. Furthermore, the pen can record sound while it is charging;
  • Emergency Save – The device will automatically save the current recording before its power runs out;


  • Continuous use – The ability to record while charging makes it extremely useful for long lectures, especially if coupled with a power bank;


  • Very sensitive button – The clicker that controls the recording function is extremely sensitive and may be accidentally triggered if not careful;

TC Tec Digital Voice Recorder Pen

A well-designed pen with rubber inserts and a discrete mode

The TC Tec Digital Voice Recorder Pen is designed with comfort in mind. The case has been built to make it easy to use for extended periods of time and stop the user’s hand from slipping on the pen while writing. Another feature that sets this model apart from others is its Discrete mode, which enables it to function without any kind of indication that the device is actively recording.


  • Quality sound recording – The device records voice clips at 192Kbps and comes equipped with an intelligent noise reduction chip that increases the clarity of the sound. The record function can be activated in a fraction of a second, by pressing a single button;
  • 16 GB integrated storage – The pen comes with 16 GB of internal storage that can be used to store both audio clips, as well as songs that can be used with the MP3 player function. The internal storage is enough for 220 hours of audio recording or 5600 songs;
  • Voice activation – The pen will automatically start recording when it detects someone speaking. This not only makes it easier to use but also prevents the device from accidentally storing blank files that only contain background noise;
  • MP3 Player – The device also comes with an MP3 function that can be used to play songs through the included headphones. The case contains buttons to change the volume, song, and to Play/Stop;
  • 15-hour battery – The internal battery can be charged in 120 minutes and will power the device through 15 hours of continuous audio recording;
  • Lightweight and durable – The case of the pen is made of antirust metal zinc alloy and weighs only 1.62 OZ. The device itself is resistant to impacts and shocks that may occur when dropping it;
  • Lifetime warranty – The product comes with a lifetime warranty in case any component fails;


  • Lifetime guarantee and high durability – The case of the pen does not scratch and the lifetime guarantee is great to have for those who intend to use the device on a daily basis, for over a year;
  • Long battery life and great storage capabilities – 15 hours of continuous recording and space for 220 hours of voice clips is more than enough for the average student;


  • Buttons too close together – The buttons are positioned very close together and this may make it difficult for those with bigger fingers to accurately control the functions of the pen;


Recorder pens are definitely a great tool to have. While there are also video recording pens that also store audio, on the market, those are usually suited for those looking for a cheap hidden camera that they can hide in plain sight. 

Students and individuals who need a device that they can use in order to keep track of what is being discussed at meetings and lectures will find that the voice recorder models are the best choice for them. This having been said, the models presented above are some of the most popular on the market and contain only features that are actually useful for students.

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