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The Best Motion Activated Spy Camera For 2019

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A motion activated camera might be your best choice when it comes to spy cams. It activates only when motion is detected in the room, meaning that it won’t make footage of an empty room. This means that when you review it, you won’t have to go over hours and hours of video in which nothing happens. Instead, you will be able to check the highlights straight away.

Another advantage of motion-activated cameras is that they don’t waste the battery. The same goes for their memory storage, which is used only when the camera is recording. What this means is that you can leave the cam in the room you want to monitor for a long time.

Furthermore, some motion activated cameras also have the Wi-Fi feature, meaning that you can connect them with your smartphone, laptop, or PC. These cameras can be set to alarm you each time some kind of movement is detected by the sensors. You can then watch the live video of what’s going on and react if necessary.



Best 5 Wearable Hidden Cameras Currently on the Market

Best 5 Wearable Hidden Cameras Currently on the Market

Finding the Best Motion Activated Spy Camera in 2019

Because these cameras can make a difference in protecting your assets, you need to make sure you get the very best. But, how are you supposed to find the ideal motion detection camera? You need to browse the market looking for a product that has all of the following features:

· Easy to hide & difficult to spot

· Compact size

· Capable of making high-quality videos

· Capable of recording many hours of video

· Easy to control

· Easy to connect with other devices

· Made of tough and durable materials

On top of all this, the camera also must come at a reasonable price. There’s really no point in spending thousands of dollars on a spy cam, given the fact that the market is very compatible. These days, you can find a superb cam for even less than a hundred dollars. Of course, only if you know where to look!

To save you the trouble, we did the whole work. After researching the market, we were capable to select the 5 top motion activated spy cameras, each of which deserves to be called the best. So, with no further ado, here they are!

ZenNutt HD Motion Activated Spy Camera With Night Vision

If there’s a spy equipment brand you can trust, it’s ZenNutt. Although their range of products includes everything from iPhone cases to reading lamps, it’s this motion detection camera that gets most of the attention. It’s no surprise, given the fact that it’s great when it comes to the performances. If you want to fall in love with this product, read more about its features!

Features of the Camera

Although it’s designed as a wildlife trail & game, you can use it for security purposes as well. Regardless of whatever you use it for, you’re bound to be impressed with this cam’s performance. First of all, the camera has a superb trigger speed. It takes only 0.2 seconds from when its sensors detect a movement to the time when it makes photographs/videos. The detection range of the sensors is 65 feet.

When it comes to the resolution of this camera, it’s equally impressive. It can make HD photo of 12 MP during the day, but it can also make nice footage in low-light conditions. The same is the case for making videos. On top of everything, the camera is very easy to use. It features an LCD display, which you can use to choose the right mode.


Impressive trigger speed

Great detection range

Superb resolution

Night-vision mode

Easy to use

Fairly cheap


Does not come with an SD memory card


This is one of the best motion activated cameras you can find. If you’re a hunter, or you just want to keep your property secure, you should seriously think about buying this cam.


PANNOVO Mini Hidden Security Camera

The reasons why this cam deserved its place on this list are numerous, starting from the fact that it’s very small. In fact, its dimensions are 2.3×0.9×0.6 inches, making it very easy to conceal. Because it features motion sensors, you can use this cam for many purposes. In most cases, the users decide to use it as a nanny cam.

Features of the Spy Camera

The fact that it’s small does not mean that it lacks quality. On the contrary, the camera can record high-quality audio and video files. On top of that, it also comes with a superb built-in battery. It has the capacity needed to store over 9 hours of video.

Because the cam has a microphone, it can be set to start filming when it detects sound, not just motion sensor. Unfortunately, the SD memory card does not come included in the package, which is probably the biggest downside of this device.


Very small

Superb battery life

Decent resolution

Very affordable price


Does not come with an SD card


In terms of performances, this camera is one of the best you can find on the market today. On top of that, it’s very cheap, so you really should think about buying it.


Mate 808 Keychain Motion Activated Camera for Outdoor

Wide Angle Spy Hidden Camera Mate 808 Keychain

The fact that this spy camera is hidden in a fake keychain, means that you will be able to use it without anyone noticing. Its design is the thing that makes it easy to carry around. But, the best thing about this cam is the high quality of the video it can shoot.

Features of the Keychain Camera

The camera can record video in the 1920*1080P resolution, which is stored in the AVI format. What this means is that you can make impressive footage with this spy cam. The footage will be stored in the SD memory card, which, unfortunately, does not come included in the package.

When it comes to the battery, the cam uses a polymer Li-ion battery, which can provide enough power for shooting up to an hour of video. In order to preserve the battery, the camera uses the motion detection technology. It will work only when there’s movement detected in front of it.


Well-hidden inside a fake keychain

Superb quality of the videos

Decent battery life

Very cheap


Does not come with its own memory card


If you’re looking for a cheap, yet reliable spy cam, this might be the ideal choice. It’s almost impossible to detect, as it’s hidden in a keychain. Still, the best thing about it is that it can make high-quality footage.


Conbrov® WF28 Outdoor Wireless Motion Detector Camera 

This device might be the best security camera for your home. The reason for this claim is that it can make brilliant footage in low light conditions. What this means is that no matter how hard the burglars try to stay unnoticed, this camera will detect them.

Features of the Home Security Camera

The device has superb motion sensors, which will start off the camera as soon as any kind of motion is detected. The best thing about it is that it can work equally well both at day and night. Even the footage made in low-light conditions will be of fine quality.

You can connect this camera to your smartphone through Wi-Fi so that you can see what’s going on in your home when you’re not around. You can even set it to send you a notification every time its sensors detect motion. This way, you will be able to call the cops if the thieves are in your home.


Superb resolution

Amazing detection distance (24 feet)

Night-vision mode

Wi-Fi connection with other devices


Does not come with a memory card

Needs to be connected to an A/C power supply


Conbrov is a brand that has become synonymous with quality. All of their products are known for being very durable. This, of course, includes this camera as well. So, if you’re looking for a reliable security cam that can make amazing footage, this device is your best choice.


GERI HD Wireless Motion Activated Security Camera

The camera has a 360-degree lens, meaning that if you install it on the ceiling; you will be able to surveil the whole room. This makes it superb as a home security camera, but you can use it for spying purposes as well.

Features of the Spy Cam

You can connect this camera with your smartphone so that you would be able to watch live video of what’s going on in the monitored room. The cam also has motion sensors, which will turn it off only when something is going on in the room.

Furthermore, you can set the cam to alarm you each time motion is detected. The camera also features a microphone for audio recording, but also a set of speakers. What this means is that you can have two-way communication with the people in the monitored room.


360-degree surveillance

Wi-Fi connection

Features a microphone and speakers


Not moveable


If you want to have constant surveillance of a room, installing this camera is the right choice. Even if that’s not what you’re looking for, you should still consider getting it. This is because the cam is hard to spot, while also having a two-way communication feature.


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