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The Best RF Detector 2019 Reviews

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Quality RF bug detectors can be invaluable tools for those who are afraid that they may be kept under surveillance. These bugging equipment are small, durable and can detect a very wide range of frequencies, making them useful for discovering any type of monitoring or spy equipment, from GPS trackers to wireless spy cameras and microphones.

However, these scanners are not always designed to be consumer-friendly, as they cater to the needs of particular groups of individuals. Furthermore, there are many companies that come up with new products each year, and this can make choosing a proper detecting device for you tedious and difficult.

While prices vary with manufacturer and product type, they also come with different features which may be somewhat to understand for those who have never owned a scanner of this type before. Also, most manufacturers do not properly explain what the characteristics of their products mean, and this can lead to purchasing ineffective models, or ones designed for very specific users.

Here are the main features that you should look for in a good bug detector:

  • Scan range – Different buggers can scan frequencies in different ranges. If you’re looking for a particular piece of equipment and know its specs, try to get a model that has a narrow range that is centered around the one that the monitoring product uses. However, if you’re interested in getting a device that can help you scan for anything that may be used in order to keep you under surveillance, it is best to look for products that have very wide frequency scanning ranges;
  • Functionality – Look for product that have features that you can actually use. While most bugging products come with only a couple of buttons that control their function, some models come with the ability to distinguish between the signal generated by household electronics and appliances, and that of monitoring devices;
  • Battery-life – These Radio Frequency bug detectors do not require a lot of energy to run and have very long standby times, however, they can still run out of juice right when you need them the most. Decide if a model that comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, or one that comes with replaceable ones is better suited to your needs. This having been said, those who want to take the item with them while traveling will get more use out of one that can be recharged from a hotel outlet

The 3 Best RF Detectors For Bugs and Hidden Cameras

Here are a few popular RF detector models that are both versatile as well as extremely durable:

GQ EMF-390 Multi-Field 3in1 detector

A small bugging equipment that can detect isolate the radiation from household appliances;

The detector from GQ comes with a nifty feature that enables the owner to detect and ignore the radiation generated by household devices such as WiFi home networks, microwave ovens, and power lines. This makes it easier to identify abnormal sources of radiation, which can be invaluable in scanning a home, as well as a hotel room where the sheer number of false positives may make this process difficult.

While it is somewhat pricier than other products of this type, the GQ EMF-390 comes with all the bells and whistles that one would expect from a premium product. The model displays multiple readings on a bright screen that is easy to read in any light and helps the user better understand when SMS messages or another type of information is being sent in close proximity.


  • Multiple sensors – The multiple, high-precision sensors are designed to identify main sources of radiation such as power lines, microwave ovens, home WiFi networks, and other devices that are not classified as surveillance equipment. This enables the owner to quickly identify abnormal sources and to quickly pinpoint their location;
  • Simple to use – The bugging product does not require technical skills in order to use properly and only has 4 buttons that control all of its functions. The display can be viewed clearly even when in direct sunlight, making it the detector ideal for both indoor, and outdoor use;
  • Safety suggestions – The device can intelligently analyze the situation and give advice on the current situation, on the spot;
  • RF and EMF – The model can detect RF up to 10GHz and EMF up to 400KHz making it useful for detecting a wide range of surveillance equipment;
  • Spectrum analyzer and GQ RF Browser – This model can monitor RF signals in real time;


  • Smart – The product comes with several quality-of-life features that are great for those who have never owned one of these devices before;
  • USB and Rechargeable Battery – The product come with a USB port that can be used to download recorded data and to charge the internal battery;


  • None – While it is a bit more pricey than other models, it does come with features that are designed to make it more intuitive for first-time users;

Dooreemee G-318 Anti-Bug Detector

A simple radio frequency finder that can detect SIM card and phone bugs

The G-318 Anti-Bug Signal Detector from DooReeMee is designed to help detect any type of wireless spy or surveillance equipment. The product’s design is extremely simple and only comes with a power switch and a sensitivity knob. There are no settings that need to be tinkered with in order to use the bug detectors, and the only assembly required is to attach the antenna to the device itself;

The model is great for those who need a model to take with them while on the road, as its relatively simple construction and reduced number of features enhance the already great battery life up to the point where owners may only need to charge it once every week.


  • Simple design – The product comes with a sensitivity knob, a power switch and an indicator that helps locate the source of the signal;
  • Multipurpose – The device can be used to detect any type of equipment that is transmitting a wireless signal, and can also help detect dangerous electromagnetic leaks inside your home;
  • Super sensitivity – This model can detect 1.2G/2.4G wireless IP cameras, 2G,3G, and 4G SIM card bugs, and GPS cameras and Microphones;


  • Easy to use – There are no settings or controls to fiddle with. You simply start the device and scan the room with it until you find something or decide that there are no bugs;


  • Problematic interference – Your own model may interfere with the scanner, and this can make detecting actual surveillance equipment difficult. You must first disable your wireless devices and then scan the room;

Pannovo Anti-Spy Signal Detector

A very affordable RF detector for those who are on a budget

The Pannovo Anti-Spy Signal Bug Detectors may be extremely affordable, however, it does come with the accuracy that one may expect from a quality product. The bugging equipment comes with multiple detection methods that can identify any kind of camera, microphone, or wireless tracking device. The bug detectors also come with an upgraded sensitivity chip that can easily eliminate interference.

While it may not have many of the features that come with premium products, it does only cost a fraction of the price of more advanced models. Furthermore, the simple design makes it durable due to the fact that there are few electronics that could break.


  • Multiple detection modes – Surveillance equipment can be detected using laser detection, mute or vibration detection, Beep detection, and LED detection. These modes can detect any type of spy equipment, including microphones and GPS;
  • Adjustable sensitivity – The sensitivity of the device can be adjusted in order to compensate for distortion and to make locating equipment easier;
  • Easy to use – The model only comes with 4 indicators that show the strength of the signal and enable the owner to easily determine the location of the surveillance equipment;


  • Easy to use and understand – The simple design makes it a great model for those who do not know how to interpret the more complicated readings that other products display;
  • Cheap and easy to replace – The low cost of the product basically turns it into a risk-free investment;


  • False-positives – The product does not have a way to indicate what type of device might be producing a certain kind of radiation, and it may be required to unplug household wireless items in order to prevent false positives from misleading you;


RF Scanners are great products to get for those who are worried that they may be monitored by members of their family such as a jealous spouse, or even by individuals who may intend to blackmail them. They are small and extremely easy to use, and they can even be carried when going out of town and used in order to scan the hotel room. 

Furthermore, while monitoring an individual without legal authority can be considered a crime in some areas, there are no restrictions when it comes to these devices. They can be used anywhere and by anyone without having to worry about regional laws and regulations.

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