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Top Picks for Best Wired Security Camera System

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Sure, you may think that in this day and age, wireless devices are better than their wired counterparts. But, but that doesn’t have to be the case when security cameras are concerned. In some cases, wired cameras provide better image quality and a much more stable connection between the cameras and the video recorder. 

And they are usually a better option in terms of memory capacity. It’s because every wired security camera system comes with a recording unit, which either has its own built-in memory storage or allows you to connect it to an external hard drive disk or some other type of memory storage. 

On top of everything, wired cameras use AC power instead of batteries, which is something that allows them to work 24/7. And this makes them fantastic for surveillance!

Finding the Best Wired Security Camera System

The easiest way to learn how to find the best wired cameras is to learn how these systems work. Basically, a system consists of several cameras that are connected to the video recording unit via cable. In some cases, the power and data travel through the same cable, while in others, the system uses two types of cables. 

This makes them a bit more difficult to install, but when you set them up, your job is done. You won’t need to replace the battery or take out the memory card each time you want to review a video. Plus, this also makes them more secure, because the connection between the cameras and the video recording unit cannot be interrupted with Wi-Fi jammers.

Sure, the burglars may try to cut the wires, but this will cause the system to react and alarm you. Moreover, if you do professional installation of the system, the wires will be tucked away from the burglars’ reach. All this makes wired cameras great for monitoring large halls, but also for using them as outdoor surveillance cameras.

No matter which purpose you want to use them for, it’s essential to make sure you’re going to buy a top-quality system. To do that, you need to pay attention to the most important features of these systems!

Most Important Features of Wired Security Cameras:

  • Video quality – The better the resolution of the cameras, the better the video will be. Our advice is to focus only on those cameras that have HD resolution, whether it’s 720p (HD Ready), 1080p (Full HD), or 4k (Ultra HD).
  • Memory capacity – These systems come with digital video recording units, some of which have their own integrated memory. The rule is obviously the more the merrier!
  • Weatherproof design – These cameras are meant to be used to keep your entire property secured. In order to be able to use them both indoor and outdoor, they need to have a waterproof design. 
  • Night vision – Because they’re wired, they can work 24/7. Of course, this includes nighttime as well, but the cameras will be useless unless they have night vision. So pay attention to this feature!
  • Number of camera ports – Most of wired surveillance systems come with either four or eight cameras, but what if you need more to cover your entire property? If the recorder is upgradeable, you will be able to add more cameras. 

If a system has all of these features, you can say it’s really good. Unfortunately, good systems usually cost a lot. And the chances are you’re not too eager to spend over a thousand bucks on such a system. If so, you need to take a look at the three reviews below, in which we discus some of the best wired security cam systems, all of which, rather surprisingly, come at very reasonable prices.

Security Camera System Reviews

1. Reolink RLK16-410B8:

A Top-Rated 8-Camera System with a 3TB Hard Drive

We believe this is the best system on our list and one of the best surveillance systems you can find in 2019. The reasons for that are numerous, starting with the fact that this is a PoE system. PoE stands for Power over Internet, meaning that only one cable is used both for data transfer and power supply. On top of that, the system has an impressive in terms of camera resolution, memory card capacity, and so on.


  • Quad HD cameras – There are eight bullet cameras in the system, each recording video in Quad HD format, which is four times better than regular HD.
  • Power over internet – Because there’s only one wire used, the installation of this system is pretty simple.
  • Night vision – These cameras shoot high-quality video even in low-light conditions. The range of the night vision is 100 feet.
  • NVR with 3TB HDD – The Network Video Recorder comes with a 3TB hard disk drive, meaning that it can record days or even weeks of video without overwriting anything.
  • Wi-Fi – You can connect the system to your smartphone or computer via Wi-Fi and use those devices to watch real-time video.


  • Good video quality – The Quad HD cameras can make high-quality video both during the day and at night.
  • 8 cameras – Most wired systems come with 4 cameras, but this one has twice that number.
  • 3TB memory – With 3 terabytes of storage space, this system can record video 24/7 and do so for weeks without overwriting it.


  • Not very cheap – Its price is a bit on the higher end, but you can’t expect it to be low considering how amazing the features of this system are. 


4-Camera System with 1TB Storage

This system is much cheaper than the first we reviewed, but it does come with fewer cameras. The total number of cameras included in the package is four, but you can upgrade the system by buying additional cams. Even if you don’t do it, the 4-cam system is guaranteed to take the security of your property to a new level.


  • Four Full HD cameras – These four cameras record video in Full HD resolution, that is. 1080p. 
  • Weatherproof housing – The cameras re built to be very sturdy and durable. They can be used outdoors because they’re weatherproof. On top of that, their housing is pretty tough, so they can’t be destroyed easily by vandals or burglars.
  • 1TB HDD – The DVR comes with 1TB hard disk drive. That’s enough memory storage for days of video footage.
  • Smartphone-compatible – Connect this system to your smartphone and use the XMeye app to view what’s going on in your property when you’re not around.


  • Reasonable price – With the price of under 200 bucks, this surveillance system is pretty affordable. 
  • Decent features – it comes with some really awesome features, including Wi-Fi, 1TB HDD, night vision, and so on.
  • Very sturdy – Not only are the cameras weatherproof, but they have rugged housing that makes them difficult to break. And that’s exactly what you wish from security cameras.


  • Video quality – Although it’s not bad, the video quality of this system is nowhere near Reolink RLK16-410B8.

3. ZOSI 1080P Upgradeable Security Camera System with 1TB HDD

This system is pretty similar to the one we reviewed previously, but there are some differences. For instance, you can expand this system by adding a variety of devices from ZOSI’s collection, e.g. more cameras, additional HDD, and so on. 


  • Four HD cameras – There are four cameras in the system, each of which can shoot video in 1080p resolution.
  • Night vision – The cameras can record video even at night. It’s because they have night vision with a 65-feet range.
  • 1TB HDD – The video footage is recorded on the 1TB hard disk drive. If this isn’t enough, you can expend it by 2TB more.
  • Wi-Fi – You can connect this system to your smartphone though an app called Zosi Smart. 


  • Cheap price – This is the cheapest cam system of all three we reviewed here. But, being cheap doesn’t mean it’s cheaply made. Actually, it’s just the opposite. This system should serve you well for a long time, which is something the manufacturer believes as well. Furthermore, ZOSI gives a 2-year warranty on it.
  • Expandable – If four cameras isn’t enough for you, you can add four more. You can also add an additional HDD if 1TB integrated memory storage isn’t enough for you.


  • Video quality – Although 1080p cameras are pretty decent when filming during the day, in low-light conditions they’re not too great. There’s the night vision feature, but its range is about 65 feet, which isn’t too impressive.

Final Word on Wired Security Cameras

After reading our guide on how to find the best system of wired security cameras, you probably won’t find it difficult to discover many great products. But, if you can’t find one that matches all of your criteria, including your budget, our advice is not to waste too much of your time. 

Instead, choose one of the three systems we reviewed. We guarantee that you won’t make a bad choice. Each of these three systems is going to serve you for a very long time, keeping your property safe and secure!

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