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Keep Your Family and Possessions Safe With Top Mini Security Cameras

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The safety of our loved ones and of our homes is one of the most important things in life, and while we can easily make sure that nothing happens when we are close, monitoring them can get more difficult when we leave town or while we are at work.  

Security and surveillance companies can certainly help resolve the issue by installing cameras around the house, however, these are expensive and extremely obvious. One of the first things that trespassers and burglars look for when scouting a residence to hit is the security system, so having one that draws attention to it simply makes it easier to bypass.

Luckily commercially available mini home security cameras are becoming more advance as technology progresses and there are already dozens of manufacturer that sell these products at much lower prices than professional systems that are designed for the surveillance of commercial spaces and office buildings.

Essential features to look for when buying a mini security camera

The large number of manufacturers and products that can be found on the market has led to a lot of confusion when it comes to actually choosing a powerful, efficient, well-designed device. Here are a few things to look for in order to ensure that you are getting a fully-fledged security camera and not just a novelty item:

Recording capabilities – This is the most important aspect of a product in this class. A good security camera must be able to record details such as faces, small objects, and audio. While the audio aspect may not be extremely important to many people, the ability to record video at 720p is essential. Anything less is only useful for extremely small spaces where the camera is practically in your face;

Night Vision – Depending on how you intend to use the camera, having the ability to see in the dark can be extremely useful. This ability comes from IR LEDs installed around the video sensor, and their number and power usually affects how well the device sees in the dark. It is recommended to get a Night Vision camera if you want to use it round-the-clock. Day-cameras can do their job without it;

Motion detection – This is an important feature of security cameras, especially for busy people who lead very active lives. It basically enables a device to notify the owner and to take a few snapshots to send to a smartphone, when it detects movement. It is an invaluable function due to the fact that with it, you can receive notifications in real time, giving you more time to react;

Loop Recording – This is more of a quality-of-life feature, as it simply overwrites older files once the microSD card of a camera is full. It is great for devices that do not support large cards, or for individuals who do not want to worry about having to transfer the files to a computer every couple of days;

The Best Mini Security Cameras For 2019

Blink Home Security XT Wireless Mini Camera With Night Vision

A quality HD camera system that’s great to monitor the entire home

The Blink Home Security camera system is designed for those who need to monitor multiple rooms, and comes with a large number of features, including a cloud storage feature that is free of charge. Overall, the system includes 3 cameras, as well as a central hub that can link up to 10 cameras together. All the cameras are waterproof and can be used in the house, as well as outside of it.


  • 720p HD Video – Each of the three cameras can record 720p HD video using sensors that have 110-degrees viewing angles;
  • Audio Recording – The cameras can record sound using directional microphones;
  • Motion Sensors – The devices come with motion detection systems that notify the owner when movement is detected and record a short clip that is uploaded to the cloud;
  • Low power consumption  – Each of the IP cameras can run for up to 2 years using only 2 AA Lithium batteries;
  • Cloud Storage and Alexa integration – The system comes with a free cloud storage service and can be easily integrated with the Alexa Personal Assistant from Amazon;


  • Great cloud storage service – When it comes to mini security cameras Wi-Fi is essential, especially when the product comes with a great cloud service. The fact that this service is free puts the system miles above the competition;
  • Flexible – The fact that the cameras can be used both indoors as well as outdoors makes the system perfect for any scenario;


  • Central Hub limitation – The cameras must be placed near the sync hub, which may be difficult if you want to use 10 recording devices at the same time;

Ring HD Wireless Mini Camera For Mobile Phone

An HD Security camera that comes with two-way audio capabilities and is easy to mount

The ability to hear and respond to the individual that is in close proximity of the security camera can be extremely useful when using the device to monitor the front door, or to look after your kids when you leave home. While the camera is compatible with a solar panel that is sold separately, its removable battery is enough to power it for several weeks, making it one of the more flexible mini security cameras with night vision.


  • HD Video Recording – The camera can record 1080P HD video;
  • Night Vision and Motion Sensors – The device comes with Night Vision and a motion sensor that reduces battery consumption and sends a notification to the owner’s smartphone when movement is detected;
  • Removable battery – The rechargeable battery of the camera can be easily removed and replaced with another one that may be purchased separately. The camera will function for several weeks on a single charge;
  • Smartphone app – The camera comes with a companion app that enables the owner to watch the live stream from the device and to communicate with the person in range of the two-way audio system;
  • Microphone and speaker – The camera comes with a two-way audio system that enables the owner to seamlessly communicate with individuals that are in range of the camera;


  • Easy to mount – The camera can be attached to any surface and at any angle, without requiring the use of tools;
  • Multipurpose – The device can be used indoors, as well as to monitor the front door of the home, where it can also act as a way to communicate with individuals;


  • Limited motion detection – The motion detection system only has a range of 10 feet;

Jayol Mini WiFi Hidden Camera

A small, discrete Wi-Fi Camera that you can take with you

The Jayol Mini Wi-Fi Spy Camera is considerably smaller and has a more discrete design than other mini cameras, making it a great device to have when you go on a long trip and need a way to keep an eye on your belongings. However, its great sensor, Wi-Fi capabilities and size make it useful as a hidden camera that you can use in order to monitor your home and ensure that babysitters or maids do not take your valuable items.


  • HD Video – The camera can record 1080p video using a 140-degree angle sensor;
  • Night Vision and Motion Detection – The device comes with 8 IR LEDs that allow it to see in the dark, and a motion detection system that can notify the owner when movement is detected;
  • Loop Recording – The Loop feature can overwrite older files when the microSD card is full, enabling the camera to record 24/7;
  • Indoor and outdoor – The camera comes with a magnetic surface and a bike mount allowing it to be attached to various surfaces;
  • Long battery life – The rechargeable battery can power the device for up to 5 hours of continuous recording;


  • Easy to hide – The camera is extremely easy to hide in any room of décor, making it great for recording a room without anyone knowing;
  • Companion app – The fact that it comes with an app that can be used to control it and to monitor its live feed is perfect for those who want to use it as a nanny cam;


  • Impractical instructions manual – The instruction manual is written using a very small font, which can make it difficult to read and understand how more complex features of the device work; 


Installing good mini wireless security cameras around the home can help you keep an eye on your possessions while you’re away, but can also be useful if you ever have to leave town for a couple of hours and need to leave the kids at home. The ability to use your smartphone in order to see exactly what they are doing at any time of day is a great way to make sure that they are safe.

Keep in mind that it’s a good idea to get a camera system if you have a larger home. This means that all the cameras are from the same manufacturer and will work with the same app. Also, remember to think about where and how you want to mount them on a surface prior to ordering them.

Visit the manufacturer’s website or ask questions regarding their size and mounting mechanisms in order to make sure that they will fit where you need them to.

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