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Top 5 Picks for the Best Night Vision Spy Camera To Buy Online

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What makes the night vision hidden cam superior to others? Apart from the obvious fact – making video footage at night, this type of camera is also great because of the battery life. If you’re wondering what does night-vision mode have with the battery, it is because these cameras only work when there’s something going on in the room they monitor.

Another great thing about this type of nanny cams is that they’re virtually impossible to spot. Despite being capable of making nigh footage, these cams do not emit any light. This means that the burglars will have no idea they’re being filmed. The fact that they don’t produce any light (nor sound, as a matter a fact) means that there’s no need for this cam to be super tiny or hidden inside of another device. Because of that, most night vision hidden spy cameras are very affordable!

Of course, all of the above is true only if you choose a spy camera of a superb quality. This is where we step in. As finding the best night vision spy camera is a very difficult task, you will need our help. The market in 2019 is filled with literally hundreds of thousands of offers, so finding one nanny cam that will serve you well for years is not easy.

The good news is that we’ve already done the difficult part – we have managed to find the 5 spy cams, each of which deserves to be called the best night vision hidden cam! It’s up to you now to choose the one that suits your needs the most!

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The camera is hidden inside a book, so that you can place it on your shelf, without raising any suspicions. Even by daylight, people will find it hard to spot that there’s something wrong with the book, while noticing the spy cam at night is practically impossible. In fact, most of those who get the Conbrov® DV9 use it as a nigh surveillance camera.

Features of Conbrov® DV9Spy Camera Book

Apart from being almost impossible to notice, the camera is a great choice for a number of other reasons. First of all, the spy cam is superb when it comes to battery. In fact, it features a 10,000mAh, which is capable of providing the energy enough for recording more than 30 hours of daylight footage or 10 hours in pitch darkness.

Speaking of night-vision recording, this camera is capable of capturing movement from the distance of about 25 feet. The quality of the videos made with Conbrov® DV9 is superb, with the resolution being 1280*720P.

Perhaps the only flaw of this spy cam is that it doesn’t come with its own memory storage. But, the cam features a slot for SD card of up to 35 GB capacity.


· Superb video quality at night

· Amazing battery life

· Almost impossible to notice (especially at night)

· Affordable price


· Doesn’t come with its own memory


If you need a spy cam to make footage at night, Conbrov® DV9 seems as a wise choice. Its battery allows it to run continuously for a long time, while its design makes it difficult to spot. On top of everything, the camera is pretty affordable, so it definitely deserves your attention.

Here’s another spy cam manufactured by Conbrov. This is an American brand of spying equipment, which has been around for a bit over a decade.The company is looking to take over the market, which is why all of their products are made of high-quality materials and designed to work very well. But, this doesn’t mean they’re expensive. On the contrary, Conbrov’s spy cams are very affordable, including this one, the Conbrov T10 photo frame hidden cam.

This camera is hidden inside a photo frame, which you can use for any photograph you want. Putting a personal photo is a great choice as it will take away any suspicions. It will look like a regular photo frame, but a tiny camera will record everything that’s going on in the room, both during the day and at night!

Features of Conbrov T10

The best thing about this hidden cam is that it’s impossible to spot it. Even if you exam the photo frame closely, you won’t be able to spot where exactly the cam is located. It’s very tiny and nicely concealed and on top of that, this spy cam is very quiet while working.

You can use it for both daylight and night recording. In fact, this cam seems perfect for night-vision mode, as it features a black LED, which does not emit any light. This means that when there’s no light in the room, there is no way the burglars will even see the photo frame, nonetheless the camera. Speaking of the night-vision recording, this cam has a visual range of 25 feet in total darkness.

Another great thing about Conbrov T10 is that this cam has a superb battery. The 10,000mah capacity is more than enough to provide energy for making about 30 hours of daylight footage. When it comes to night-vision recording, the battery can supply the energy needed for 10 hours of video.


· Impossible to spot the cam inside the photo frame

· Does not emit any light or sound while recording

· Comes with amazing battery

· Affordable price


· Doesn’t come with SD memory card


This night vision hidden camera seems perfect for a number of different reasons. First of all, it’s concealed perfectly inside a picture frame. On top of that, the camera produces no sound nor light while working, which are some of the most important traits of spy cams. Another great thing about it is its battery life. The final reason why you should seriously consider getting it, is the fact that the cam doesn’t cost too much.

The intelligent design of this motion activated night vision spy camera makes it superb and literally impossible to notice. The cam is hidden inside a light bulb, which you can screw in directly in the AC power input. It will appear like a real bulb that’s blown out, but the cam inside of it will record everything. Because the bulb is plugged in the AC power output, it will use the electricity to power the cam. But, even if a power outage happens, the cam will keep on recording. It’s because it features its own battery.

Features of Toughsty 8GB Hidden Camera LED Bulb

The spy cam is very easy to use. In order to install it, you just need to screw it in the power input, same as you would do with a regular light bulb. The cam is of great quality and is capable of making superb videos, both during the daylight and at night. As we’ve already mentioned, the device can use the power from the AC input, but also comes with a battery capable of supplying it with the energy needed for 3 hours of recordings.

Three hours seems more than enough, especially given the fact that this night vision hidden camera comes with motion sensors. Basically, this means that the cam will work only when motion in the room is detected.

When it comes to the memory storage, this cam comes with an 8GB Micro SD Card. That capacity should be enough, but if you feel that you need more, you can replace it with a card of up to 32 GB of storage capacity.


· Intelligent bulb design will not raise any suspicions

· Produces footage of great quality

· Features motion sensors

· Comes with 8 GB storage


· Not the cheapest spy cam on our list


If you are looking to set up a home surveillance system, this light bulb spy cam seems a good choice. It’s easy to install, so you can turn it on every time you leave the house. Because the cam features motion sensors, it will work only when something is going on inside the room. This means that its battery and memory storage are enough for weeks of work. In fact, this is the reason why many people decide to place the bulb in a lamp that they’re not using.

4. UOKOO960P IP Security with wifi

This is one of the most affordable night cameras you can find. In fact, you can choose from a package with one, two or three cameras, depending on what you need and how much money you’re willing to spend. Whatever you choose, you can be sure that UOKOO 960P will provide you with high quality footage, filmed at 360 degree angle.The camera is easy to set up and use, while also featuring a number of useful options. You can control it via wireless connection with your smartphone or computer.

Features of UOKOO 960P IP Security Camera

If you install this camera on the ceiling, it will cover every corner in the room, as it has a 360-degree lens. The camera is small in size and resembles a fire detector, so it won’t look suspicious. On top of that, this cam is meant to be used at night, so there’s no way burglars will notice it. It’s not only because of its design, but also for the fact that the camera is not emitting any light or sound while working.

The cam is easy to control with the use of the smartphone. You can even set it to notify you on your mobile every time its motion sensors detect movement in the room. Another useful feature is loop recording, that is, the cam will automatically delete old files when the memory goes too low.


· Provides high-quality footage at night

· Very cheap

· Easy to control via mobile phone

· Features motion sensors


· Needs to be plugged in a power source all the time in order to work


If you are looking for a cheap spy cam to take care of your home surveillance needs, UOKOO 960P seems as the perfect choice. But being cheap is not the only good thing about this cam. It’s also capable of producing videos of very high quality, even during night.

The camera is concealed inside a table clock, which works like a regular one. This means that no one will suspect that something is going on with the device. But, the camera will still be working. Apart from being capable to record high-res videos, the cam also features a microphone that will record the sounds.

Features of Table Clock Spy Camera

One plugged in, both the clock and the camera will be able to work nonstop. But, the cam features motion sensors that will switch it on only when movement inside the room is detected. This means that the cam will not use up all the memory storage on the footage that doesn’t matter. Speaking of the storage, the cam doesn’t come with an SD card, but has a slot where you can insert one.

Installing the cam is a fairly easy task as it can be done through a mobile app. All you need to do is connect the camera with your smartphone. When connected, you can set the cam to notify you every time it detects a movement in the room. Furthermore, this cam even enables you to watch live video stream of what’s going on in the room in real-time.


· Well hidden inside a table clock

· Easy to install

· Features motion sensors


· Doesn’t come with SD memory card


If you are in a need of a surveillance cam that no one will notice, this one seems as a good choice. Not only does it look like a real table clock, it also behaves like one. In fact, the device can show time in 24-hour format, same as a regular table clock would do. But, this device has a cam inside of it, which is capable of capturing high-quality audio/video recording when someone is in the room.

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