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The Top 3 Cellular Security Cameras

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Surveillance cameras were once only installed by security companies, and were largely unavailable on a commercial level due to their high prices and large equipment requirements (Storage devices, transmission antennas, etc.). However, as technology continues to evolve, it is becoming easier to integrate all the necessary equipment in order to make a home security camera system almost fully autonomous.

Modern home security cameras are a great example of this evolution in surveillance technology. The devices function like normal surveillance cameras, however, they come with various quality-of-life and connectivity features that enable the owner to monitor a home and ensure that the family is always safe.

Cellular security cameras, in particular, are compatible with mobile SIM cards, and can use a data connection in order to send pictures and video anywhere in the world, where the owner may be. They are great due to the fact that they do not require a WIFI connection, and there are models that even can be connected to large external batteries to be used as backups in case the power ever goes down for extended periods of time. 

The flexibility and reliability of these devices makes them great for those who have to go out of town and need a way to make sure that they can constantly keep an eye on their possessions.

Buying guide – get your money’s worth when purchasing a cellular security camera system

While the market for cellular security cameras is not as large as that of other surveillance-related products, there are enough products to be found online that it can be difficult to choose the right one for you. Furthermore, these aren’t your typical surveillance cameras.

They have features that are unique to this type of device, and understanding what they do and how they can improve your life is extremely important. Here are the main features that you should consider when getting a cellular surveillance camera system:

  • Sensor – The most important component of a camera system is its sensor. They usually range from 1 to 15 megapixels, and the rule of thumb is that you need a better sensor if for larger open spaces. In other words, those looking for an outdoor security camera to monitor their yard, then a 10-15 MP model should work beautifully. On the other hand, indoor cameras can record great video with 1 or 2 megapixels;
  • Additional features – These depend on what you want to use the camera for. There are cameras that come with two-way audio systems that enable the owner to communicate with any individual that is in close proximity to the devices. Other modules come with night vision and motion detection, and it is important to determine which ones are important to you;
  • Mounting system – If you want to get a cellular camera to use as a home surveillance system, look at what information the manufacturer gives regarding how it can be mounted on walls, or under various surfaces;
  • Battery – Most of these devices can also be connected to a power bank, however, they should also come with an integrated battery. Look for models that have a great battery life in order to avoid the situation in which you may have to also attach a heavy power bank in order to keep it going for the entire day;

Who are cellular security cameras designed for?

Generally speaking, anyone can potentially find one of these devices useful, however, their increased connectivity caters to the needs of those who need to leave the cameras running for very long periods of time and be able to watch the live stream at any time. They’re great for those conducting wildlife studies, for keeping an eye on the products in warehouse, for construction sites that are out of town, and some models can also be attached on boats and bikes.

The Best Cellular Security Cameras For 2019

Here are some of the most popular products that can be currently found on the market:

Arlo Go Weatherproof Camera with Wireless Cellular Security Connection

An elegant cellular camera that is compatible with Alexa

The Arlo Go may not have a rugged design like other models in the same class, however, it does come with a lot of functionality that makes it ideal as a office or home security camera. The model can also be paired with the Amazon assistant Alexa, enabling the owner to use it as part of the home automation system. This having been said, the main feature that raises the Arlo Go above the competition is the fact it can connect to WiFi, 3G, and LTE.


  • HD Video – The camera can record 720p video, making it extremely useful for larger rooms;
  • Untethered – The device comes with multiple ways to connect to the internet, such as WiFi, 3G, and LTE. The cellular connections allow it to work independently of your home internet connection;
  • Weather resistant design – The camera can be installed in interior spaces, as well as outdoors;
  • 2- way audio – The owner can communicate with those that are being monitored;
  • Local storage – The camera supports microSD cards that it can record to in case the network ever goes down;


  • Great connectivity – There are several ways to connect to the live stream of the camera, and the fact that it is compatible with Alexa also means that you can use voice commands in order to control it.
  • Alexa integration – Works great as part of a home automation system controlled by Alexa;


  • No motion detection – The camera does not have motion detection systems that can alert the owner when something moves in front of the camera;

Kuool 4G LTE Battery Powered Cellular Security Camera

A rugged cellular camera system that comes with GPS functionality

Designed primarily for trekkers and wildlife lovers the Kuool 4G LTE Cellular Camera comes with a powerful 12 MP sensor that can capture 1080p HD video even at large distances. Apart from the usual features that are expected of a camera of this class, this model also comes with a built-in GPS that can be used at any time while moving through the wild.


  • 4G Wireless Connection – The camera can connect to the internet using a traditional SIM card. The device is compatible with AT&T/T-Mobile;
  • Untethered control – The camera can be controlled using either the free companion app, or through SMS. The device wakes up periodically in order to check for additional instructions that it may have received;
  • 12 MP sensor – The camera can use its 12 megapixel sensor to record 1080p video in multiple modes, such as Time Lapse, Timed Recording, and Motion Tracking. The device also records audio;
  • Long Battery Life – The device is battery powered cellular security camera by 2 AA batteries that can last up to 8 months;
  • GPS – The camera comes with a GPS sensor that displays longitude and latitude;


  • Charging alternatives – The device can also be charged using portable charging panels, laptops, and power banks;
  • Great for trekkers – The GPS function makes it a great tool to have when going into the wild;


  • No rechargeable battery – Most modern devices come with rechargeable batteries that can usually be recharged in a matter of hours;

Spypoint Live GSM Camera

An affordable cellular camera with great night vision capabilities

The Live GSM Camera from Spypoint has been developed to cater to the needs of those who need a way to monitor a large exterior space, regardless of weather, season, or time of day. The device can be configured and controlled using the manufacturer’s website, and has great night vision capabilities which make it ideal for round the-clock surveillance either indoors or outdoors.


  • Adaptive software – The camera takes color pictures by day and black-and-white ones by night, in order to enhance details;
  • Any network – The camera works with SIM cards from any service provider, and does not require a contract. A prepaid data plan works as well;
  • Live camera – The owner can remotely connect to the product and watch the live stream from the device, at any time;
  • Multifunctional  – The camera also works as a trail cam, without requiring a SIM card in order to function;


  • Easy to use – It is extremely easy to connect to the camera;
  • No contract needed – The ability to use the product without a contract or even a SIM card makes it more flexible than others in the same category;


  • Low video quality – The video quality is lower than that of other cameras, however, it is still enough to record faces;


Cellular cameras are designed to capture high-quality video, and to be operated remotely regardless of location. They do not require a WiFi connection and some either come with very large internal batteries, or are compatible with solar chargers. This makes them ideal for remote surveillance and wildlife monitoring.

This having been said, not all products are created equal. Each has different strengths and weaknesses, and it is extremely important to choose the one that best suits your needs. Look at a couple of cellular security camera reviews, in order to see what the industry has to offer in terms of models.

They are legal to use anywhere it the world, and should work with any carrier, so the only thing to consider is what you want to use it for. Determine how you will need to attach it to a surface, as well as if it needs to be water resistant

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