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The Best Night Vision Security Cameras For 2019

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A night vision security camera is simply a device capable of working during a day and night while providing the most accurate and clear video surveillance. As you would expect, there are a lot of different models out there. We launched ourselves on a quest for finding the best one, which is reasonably affordable.

A great advantage of the night vision security camera is clear video feed even in total darkness. Not all cameras of this kind are the same nor they offer the same features. When looking for a new unit, you should be focused on the maximum distance during which a camera can provide clear video feed. Most models have 65 feet of night vision, which will be used as a benchmark.

There is no need to tell you that all of these cameras can be used at day as well. Basically night vision is an additional feature which makes them usable at night. Also, keep in consideration that not all models have night vision. 

Indoor and outdoor cameras can have night vision. The main difference is in the housing and mounting capabilities. Those developed for the outdoor use are more durable, usually made of metal or aluminum and they can be attached to a wall or a ceiling. Models made for the indoor applications are generally made of plastics and they aren’t suitable for outdoor usages, obviously.

All of these cameras can ‘’see’’ at night thanks to the IC LEDs. These are unique LEDs which provide invisible illumination at night. The number of LEDs can make a massive difference. Usually, more expensive models have a better night vision range and they are paired with a higher number of the LEDs. 

Best night vision security camera reviews

We tested several night time cameras in order to provide you with a list of the best ones. Below are 4 models that are more usable, more sophisticated and simply the best alternatives. Each one can be just right for your home and your requirements.

R-Tech CA-IR140-HD 1000TVL Outdoor Night Vision Camera

The best outdoor night vision available

The R-Tech CA-IR140-HD 1000TVL is a stunning surveillance camera designed for homeowners who want the best possible result. In general, it is effective with the highest distance and can be used for multiple purposes. This is an outdoor model and it is capable of withstanding all possible weathers.


  • 1180 feet of night vision– Precisely this is the main feature of the night security camera in question. Even when the illumination is 0, you will get 180 feet of visibility.
  • IP66– The camera is waterproof and capable of withstanding the harshest weather conditions.
  • Back Light Compensation– Better visibility at all lighting conditions.
  • SMD LED– There are 28 SMD LEDs which have a longer lifespan and they are more efficient than standard LEDs.


  • 180 feet of night vision– it is stunning and considered to be the highest possible range among all surveillance cameras.
  • Works in all lighting situations– Even when there is no light at all, the camera will stay functional.
  • Durable– It is made of metal and meets the IP66 regulations.
  • Price– Reasonably affordable, considering the features. 


  • User manual– It is a bit complicated. Luckily you can use online help which is available for this, specific model. 
  • Customer support– It is decent, but far from the best.

Vimtag Focus B3-S Weatherproof Outdoor Night Vision Camera

Best motion detection night vision 

The Vimtag | Focus B3-S is one of night vision surveillance cameras that come in versatile portions. You can choose them for indoor or outdoor purposes, just a camera or a complete kit. The price is slightly higher than we expected, but it is advertised as a professional camera that meets the latest requirements.


  • IP66 waterproof– The camera is designed for outdoor use so it can resist water and it is immune to dust.
  • SD card slot– You can install an SD card with up to 128GB capacity and record the feed on it directly.
  • 65 feet of night vision– Even at a complete dark the camera will provide 65 feet of night vision which makes it very useful.
  • 3-5 minute installation– On average, you will need between 3 and 5 minutes to install a single camera.
  • Motion detection– A camera will detect any movement and record it automatically.


  • Available in different versions– Users can choose between kits or separate cameras.
  • Motion detection– It will detect motion and movement and record it. It is a useful advantage.
  • Memory card slot– You can use a memory card instead of a hard drive for storage.
  • Waterproof rating– The camera is IP66 waterproof rated. We liked this due to the fact similar models are IP65 rated. 


  • Expensive– This camera is significantly more expensive than the first one on the list.
  • Lack of upgrades compared to the old version– New and old versions are very similar, but this one is more expensive.

SVEC CCTV Wireless Outdoor Night Vision Camera 

Best wireless night vision camera with 36 IC LEDs

You will be able to set up the camera easily within minutes. After that, you get the ability to use a well-made, advanced unit for superior surveillance. It is also available with 720p and 1080p modules. The price difference isn’t massive so you can choose any type you like.


  • Memory card support– You can use a memory card with up to 128 GB of capacity to store recordings.
  • 36 IC LEDs– It is a bit higher compared to similar models, which has a positive effect on night vision.
  • 720p– The resolution is 720p, but as we have mentioned, 1080p version is available as well.
  • 67 feet of night vision– The cameras are effective at night up to 67 feet.
  • Smart motion detection– Once a camera detects motion, you will get an email with a short video.
  • IP66 waterproof– Obviously the camera is designed for outdoor use, so it is resistant to water.


  • IC LEDs number– There are more IC LEDs than equivalent models, which makes night vision better.
  • Smart motion detection– When a camera detects motion, it will notify the owner, via email and send a short video.
  • Value for money– In general, the camera is affordable. Even 1080p version is reasonably priced.
  • Memory card support– Well-known feature which is very popular at the moment.


  • Sound– It should be paired with better speakers.
  • Memory card slot– It is complicated to use and requires plenty of patience.

YI Outdoor Security Night Vision Camera

Best Wide-angle night vision camera with a mic and a speaker

The YI Outdoor Security is a night vision security cameras system based on the latest technology. It records in 1080p resolution and it comes with advanced features. Homeowners who seek a camera with more features than standard will be more than just impressed with this unit. In addition, it comes with Cloud storage which can be paired with 5 cameras.


  • 1080p resolution– It is standard for cameras of this era and this resolution is commonly considered as the most usable. It records at 20 frames per second.
  • 110 degree of field of view– The field of view is 110 degrees, which is significantly higher than models provided by competitors. This particular model is advertised as a wide angle camera.
  • IP65 waterproof– The camera will basically be immune to the rain and water.
  • Two-way audio– Users can use a microphone and a speaker to communicate with unwelcomed guests.
  • 50 feet of night vision– It will provide a clear video feed with a distance of up to 50 feet.
  • App– The app is available for Android and iOS devices and it is completely free. 
  • Cloud storage– There is no need for subscription and you can pair up to 5 cameras with a single account.


  • Field of view– The field of view is 110 degrees. It is impressive and it can help you cover bigger area.
  • A mic and speaker– Each camera is equipped with a microphone and a camera so you can communicate with your guests.
  • Cloud support– Every owner will get Cloud compatibility which can host feeds of 5 cameras in total.
  • Motion detection– It is a useful feature which can be more than just important for some of you.


  • Night vision range– The effective visibility of the camera is 50 feet which is a lower result compared to similar models. 
  • App– The app needs significant improvements. At the moment it is basic app without major features supported. 


The night vision security camera is here and it is ready to meet your expectations. All of these models are made using the latest technology and they are advanced units, capable of providing the safety you generally need. Our rank is obvious, but for you, it may be different. All we can add is that these 4 models are currently the most popular and the most desirable.

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