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Reliable Car Tracking Device For Parents

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All teenagers want a car that they can call their own, however, few of them realize that having one is not as simple as owning a dog. There is more responsibility involved when it comes to driving and taking care of a vehicle, and some may be tempted to be reckless with their newfound freedom. 

However, parents who are worried about where their kids may drive the car to, or how, have a quick and easy way to keep an eye on them. Installing car tracking devices in the cars that your kids use is a good way to always keep track of their whereabouts and to make sure that they do not leave town or go on long trips without you knowing. 

However, there are hundreds of car tracking devices on the market and deciding which one is reliable enough for you may be difficult unless you know what to look for. This having been said, here are some of the most popular and most reliable models that parents worldwide are currently using:

Spy Tec STI GL300 Mini Vehicle GPS Tracker

A multifunctional GPS tracker that can be worn, as well as installed in vehicles

The Spy Tech STI GL300 GPS Tracker is small, slick, and can be attached to a belt, as well as the glove compartment or the underside of a car seat. The product does come with a monthly fee, however, canceling the subscription and starting it back up again is completely free, making it easy to only use it on occasion. 


  • Free activation and cancellation – The product comes with a $25 per month service fee, and free activation and cancellation, making it great for intermittent use;
  • Google Maps compatibility – The location of the GPS tracker can be monitored using Google Maps, in real time, from anywhere in the world;
  • Multi-use – The device can be attached to a belt and worn as a personal tracker, or it can be placed in a vehicle;
  • Notifications – The product can be set to automatically send notifications when it goes outside a particular area;


  • Compact and simple – The device is small, easy to hide, and can be set up in a matter of moments;
  • Magnetic case – The magnetic case that it comes with makes it easy to attach to any part of a vehicle;


Eilimy Mini GPS Tracker

A durable GPS tracker that does not come with a monthly fee

Many consider the Eilimy Mini GPS Tracker is considered by many to be the best car tracking device for parents, however, it offers somewhat poorer accuracy due to the fact that it actually uses a SIM card in order to pinpoint its location, instead of an actual GPS system like the one found in products designed for navigation.  This having been said, the fact that it does not come with a monthly fee does make it a good choice for long-term use.


  • No subscription required – The device does not require a monthly subscription in order to function and can work with any SIM card, including prepaid ones;
  • Companion app – The product comes with a companion app that enables the owner to receive notifications from the tracker and to monitor the location of the device, in real time;
  • Customizable  tracking intervals – The device can be set to transmit its location every 30 to 120 minutes, enabling it to use minimal amounts of power and prolonging its battery life;
  • Any SIM card – The model uses a SIM card in order to connect to a mobile network and track its location. It is not locked to a particular network, and also works with PrePay SIM cards;
  • Tracking history – The device can store a year’s worth of past location, making it easy to create a map of past locations;
  • Long Battery Life – The device comes with an integrated 600mAh lithium-ion battery that can power the tracker for up to 7 days of use; 


  • Free to use – The device does not require a monthly subscription in order to function, making it great for occasional use;
  • Companion app – The app works great and is extremely easy to use;


  • Not for everyone – The device does not work in some countries. The list is constantly modified as the manufacturer tries to integrate more regions into the overall service;

MotoSafety 3G GPS Tracker

A GPS tracker designed with safety in mind, with the input of law enforcement officers

A lot of thought has gone into the design of the MotoSafety GPS tracker, and the manufacturer has taken the advice of specialists in order to only include features that are actually useful to the consumer. The product does come with a monthly fee, however, it offers great accuracy and a report card system that contains information regarding how the driver performed each day, making it great for teens.


  • Daily Report Card – The device can store information such as speed, routes, traffic, and others, and display them on a report card that shows how well the driver has performed behind the wheel;
  • Monthly fee with free apps – The tracker requires a monthly fee in order to function, however, it can be used with multiple free GPS tracking apps, and is also compatible with Google Maps;
  • Easy to install – The device can be easily installed in most vehicles, by connecting it to the OBDII port that is usually located under the dashboard;


  • Stores a lot of data – The tracker stores details such as speed and direction, and can combines them with information taken from Google Maps in order to create accurate route replays;
  • Curfew function – Can be set to notify you when the car is driven past a certain hour;


  • Monthly fee – There fact that it only works with a monthly fee makes the tracker impractical for those who only need to use it on occasion;


A vehicle tracking device for parents is completely legal to install on your vehicles, regardless of who is driving them. Keep in mind that placing them on ones that are the property of others may be illegal in some regions. This having been said, these devices are great ways to keep both your vehicles as well as your children safe.

They have long-lasting batteries and can be easily hidden under car seats or in trunks. Furthermore, these can only be detected with specialized scanners, so if you place them in a good hiding spot, nobody will ever find them.

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