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Use Quality Long Distance Listening Devices and Avoid Getting Caught Off Guard

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The best way to make sure that you’re never caught off-guard is to have as much information as possible, about the various situations that you may find yourself in. Whether you’re trying to find out if your spouse is cheating on you, or if you simply want the ability to eavesdrop on people without them knowing, listening devices are great tools to have

These are perfectly legal to buy and own, however, it is important to check your local laws in order to determine if you can also use them openly. Furthermore, these are usually used by authorized private investigators and federal agents, therefore not all recordings may be usable in an official capacity, for example, as proof in court.

This having been said, there are several types of long range listening devices and understanding what each of them can do is essential when it comes to getting a piece of equipment that will get the job done.

Buying Guide – Types of Long-Range Listening Devices

  • Audio probes and wall amplifiers – These usually come in a pair and are useful when having to monitor someone in another room. The probes are usually extremely thin and can be inserted into keyholes or under doors, while the wall amplifiers can be placed on walls in order to hear what is being discussed on the other side;
  • Microphone amplifiers – These are the types of devices that can be seen in spy movies. They resemble satellite dishes with high-quality microphones in the center and can easily amplify the sound of a discussion at a distance of 300 ft. 
  • Long-range microphones – Often used by private investigators, these can pick-up sound from a distance of around 30ft. This type of microphone cannot be used on its own and requires additional equipment, such as a camera;
  • Wireless microphones – The last category of long range listening device is made up of microphones and audio-enabled cameras that can connect to a WiFi network and allow the owner to tap into their live feed and actively listen to what is being recorded. These are typically extremely small and easy to hide, and can be placed in furniture and decorative objects;

Each of these devices serves a different purpose and has different capabilities. Furthermore, keep in mind that some may require additional equipment, such as microSD cards, headphones, and also that some devices may be dependent on a stable WiFi connection.

Consider how useful each of these devices is for your particular situation and decide on a type of equipment before looking at the various models that are available. This will ensure that you have as much flexibility as you need and that you will be able to monitor your target without being seen or discovered.

CozyHomelover Portable Parabolic Microphone

A spy-grade parabolic microphone listening device that can pick up sound from up to 300 ft.

The parabolic microphone from CozyHomelover looks like it has been taken out of a spy movie, and its capabilities could certainly back up this fact. The device can be used in order to listen to what someone is staying from a distance of 300 ft., and the output can be recorded using a variety of recorders. The downside is that the model only comes with a single jack, so you will have to choose between connecting headphones or a recorder.


  • Long range – The device can be used to eavesdrop on a conversation that takes place up to 300 ft. away, making it perfect for outdoor use;
  • High-quality lens – The device also comes with monocular viewing optics that can magnify by 8x, enabling the user to hear and see the target at the same time;
  • Digital recording system – The parabolic microphone automatically records the last 30 seconds of audio and can playback the snippet on command; 
  • Comfortable design – All the controls of the device are placed on the handle of the product, and can easily be reached using one hand;
  • Compatible with recorders – Headphones can be connected to the device via a 3.5mm jack. The same port can also be used to connect a 1/8” transfer cable in order to record the audio on tape;
  • Low power requirements – The device can be powered using a single 9-volt battery. Battery not included with the product;


  • All-in-one – The parabolic microphone also comes with a monocular lens, making it perfect for monitoring individuals outdoors;
  • Regular batteries – Unlike other devices that require rechargeable batteries, this one can work with regular 9-volt ones. This makes it easy to always have an ample supply of batteries and use the microphone for extended periods of time;


  • Only one jack – The device comes with only one jack port, so owners have to choose between recording and actually listening to the audio, in real time;

Sound Shark Long-Range Microphone

A high-quality microphone that can be attached to cameras

The long-range microphone from Sound Shark is a modular piece of equipment that can be used in order to accurately record sound from a distance of 30 feet. The device must be connected to a compatible camera in order to function. Once connected, the device sends the audio signal to the camera and pairs it up with the video input. While this does limit its use, the microphone records crystal-clear audio, even when there are several individuals speaking at the same time.


  • Long recording range – The microphone can record sound from a distance of 30 feet, with extreme accuracy, even in crowded spaces;
  • Blocks interference – The device can eliminate a large amount of background noise, making the recording as clear as possible;
  • Flexible – The microphone can be mounted on a camera, a tripod, or a light stand. The device itself is compatible with a large variety of digital cameras;


  • High-quality sound – The device records sound as if the person that speaks 30 feet away is right in front of it, making it great for listening to conversations between more than 2 people;
  • High compatibility – The model comes with a flash shoe adapter and can be attached to virtually any kind of digital camera;


  • Accessory – The microphone is more of an accessory, than a fully-fledged spy microphone. It requires a camera in order to actually function and record sound;

Spy Tec F-999B Wall Probe and Amplifier

A spy-grade piece of equipment that lets you listen to conversations from other rooms

The Spy Tech F-999B is a 2-in-1 device that has been designed in order to enable individuals to easily listen and record sound from other rooms. The product can amplify sound through a variety of materials, such as cement, iron, steel, glass, brick, and wood, making it extremely versatile when compared to other listening devices. Furthermore, it has a small, discrete shape and can be easily concealed while using it.


  • Extremely sensitive – The device can amplify sound up to 20000 times, regardless of the material that it passes through. This includes cement, iron, and steel;
  • Easy to hide – The model comes in 3 pieces: the charger for the 3.7v lithium battery, the amplifier cup that must be placed on the wall, and the device itself which can easily fit in a pocket;
  • Included earpieces and increased connectivity – The device comes with earpieces to listen to the audio, and supports output to various recording devices;
  • FM transmitter – The device can also transmit the audio feed to other equipment, using FM radio;


  • Extremely discrete – The audio cup can be hidden through the sleeve of a shirt, and the device itself can be placed in a pocket, making it almost impossible to notice if handled correctly;
  • High power – The device can amplify sound through virtually any kind of building material used in modern construction, and the sound that it produces is clear enough to understand even whispers;


  • Need to be in close proximity – While the product does what it claims to, the user needs to find a way to get close to the target and the device does not work if the person that you want to listen to is simply behind a wall. The target must be in a room, for the acoustics to travel properly;


All the equipment above is designed around the idea of listening to a conversation without having to actually be in close proximity. While some of them are designed to enable the owner to listen through walls, others require a direct line of sight or need to be used in an open space in order to render quality results. 

Pay attention to what kind of listening device you choose and think about how exactly you will have to use it in order to get the information that you need. Furthermore, keep in mind that there are legal to buy and own anywhere in the world, however, using them is another matter. Do a bit of research and look into what your local laws say regarding surveillance and the ability to monitor other individuals.

Once you’ve decided on a type of listening device, you will be able to find professional guides and creative uses for it in order to maximize its efficiency.

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