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The 5 Hidden Camera Alarm Clocks On The Market in 2020

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So, you are looking for the best spy camera?

In order to be considered good, a hidden cam needs to be very difficult to spot. That is why most of them are either extremely tiny or placed inside a common household device.

One of the most popular gadgets that serve as the hiding spot for spy cams is the alarm clock. There are many reasons why a spy camera clock seems as the perfect idea. First of all, most households have one, so it won’t raise any suspicions. Secondly, the alarm clock is often connected with a power source, which is convenient as it can supply the hidden spy camera with energy needed to make footage.

Another reason why hidden spy camera clock seems as the best option is that it doesn’t have to be small. If a camera is concealed by some other device, its size doesn’t matter really. Basically, this means that the clock cam can have a bigger memory storage capacity, as well as a number of other features that couldn’t work with a super tiny cam.

For all of these reasons, spy clock camera is a popular choice, something which the spy equipment companies have noticed a long time ago. That is why the market is full of spy cams placed inside alarm clocks. That makes it rather difficult to find the best one.

When choosing a hidden camera in a clock, there are several important things that you need to pay attention to, starting with the resolution of the cam.

It would also be great if the camera had motion sensors, which would switch it on only when there’s movement detected in the room. These are just some of the things that you need to check before making the final decision. But, if you don’t feel like wasting too much time on finding an ideal hidden spy camera, you are lucky – we have done it for you!

Here are our top 5 picks for the best hidden camera clock in 2019. You can be sure that whichever you choose, you won’t make a wrong choice!

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1. Eyeclub Alarm Clock with spy camera

This spy clock cam is placed inside a stylish alarm clock that really works. The color of the device is black and its elegant design will not ruin the harmony of your home.

In fact, the alarm clock is pretty discreet, so that you won’t even notice it’s there. The good news is that the burglars won’t notice it either. Furthermore, even if they do, they won’t be able to spot the camera inside of it.

In fact, finding the lens of the cam would be a difficult task even for a professional in the spy equipment business.

Features of Eyeclub Hidden Spy Camera Alarm Clock - review

The camera clock is easy to setup, as all you need is your smartphone and an app, specially designed for the spy cam. You connect the two devices via Wi-Fi connection, after which you will be able to get the video straight to your smartphone.

You can even set the spy cam to send you notifications on your mobile every time it detects a movement. This is possible because the camera comes with motion sensors.

When it comes to the energy supply, the camera and the alarm clock both work when they’re plugged in an electrical socket. Alternatively, you can use a set of batteries instead. Still, most people decide on the first method as it allows the cam to work non-stop, without a need of battery recharge.

Probably the only bad thing about this model is that it doesn’t come with an SD card. However, the device does have a slot for a micro SD card of up to 64 GB of space.


· Very hard to notice there’s a camera inside the alarm clock

· There’s no need for a battery if you plug the device in an AC power plug

· Easy to operate via Wi-Fi connection with a smartphone


· Memory card is not included in the package


The fact that this spy cam features wireless connection is very convenient as you can use it with your smartphone. This way, you will be notified if something suspicious is going on in your home and will have a chance to react right away.

For this reason only this cam deserves your attention, not to mention that it’s also very difficult to spot and that it produces very good video footage. On top of everything, this wifi product also has a rather attractive price.

2. AES ACRHD 720p hidden camera clock radio

Same as the previous cam on our list, this one too is a spy clock gadget. The only difference is that this spy cam is made by prestigious brand, Philips. With the brand’s signature at the front side of the device, there’s no way someone will suspect that inside of the device is a camera.

Not only does this spying gear look like an ordinary alarm clock, it also works like one, showing the exact time and radio. Because of that, this spy cam is a favorite among the parents concerned about how the nanny is treating their baby when they’re not around.

However, because it looks so nice, this camera is not that often used for security purposes. The reason is simple – thieves might like it too much and decide to carry it with them.

Features of AES alarm clock spy camera with audio - review

There’s a 720P HD camera inside the spy clock, which has a motion detector that turns it on only when there’s someone in the room. Because of this feature, you can leave the cam on its own for days, before you’ll need to check out the footage. It will save everything on its micro SD card of 16 GB capacity, which comes in the package.

Furthermore, the cam has an Auto Recycle feature, which deletes old files, thus leaving room for new ones.

Setting up the camera is easy. All you need to do is plug it into a power source and the cam will start recording. Note that this is not a Wi-Fi spy cam – everything this camera records ends up on the SD card, not on your smartphone.


· Superb design of the alarm clock will look great in your home

· Camera is almost impossible to spot

· Capable of recording high-def footage

· Comes with 16 GB memory card


· You can’t connect it with your smartphone


If the reason why you still don’t own a hidden camera alarm clock is that you think it wouldn’t look nice in your home, you will change your opinion after seeing this device.

Not only does this spy cam look nice, it also has a number of useful features, for which it definitely deserves your attention. The final reason why you should give it a closer look is that this hidden camera digital clock is fairly affordable.

The best thing about this spy cam is not that it looks exactly like an ordinary alarm clock. Its best feature is the superb night vision.

This clock camera is capable of recording high-def videos both during the daylight and by night. But this is far from being the only great thing about this gadget. It has a number of other useful features that will make you fall in love with it.

Features of the Alarm Clock Hidden Camera - review

The spy cam is capable of producing videos of HD quality (1280 x 720P), even when the light is down. Its night-vision feature enables it to capture footage at a distance of up to 8 meters in pitch darkness.

The device also has a microphone, which can record audio at a distance of up to 10 meters. While working, the spy cam doesn’t make any sound, nor creates any light. This means that there’s no way anyone would notice that something is wrong with the camera clock.

Although the cam doesn’t come with its own SD memory card, there is a slot where you can place one of up to 64 GB capacity. When it comes to the battery, the device comes with a rechargeable battery. Another useful feature of this cam is that it features wireless connection, which means that you can link it with your smartphone and watch live video stream.


· Hidden inside a genuine alarm clock

· Captures HD video

· Comes with a microphone for sound recording

· Easy to control via wireless connection with a smartphone


· Does not come with an SD card


For many people, a spy cam is not good unless it can capture video at night. If you are one of those in need of surveillance cam that can film in pitch darkness, this product seems as a perfect choice.

The first thing that you’ll notice about this spy clock camera is its design. This gadget is hidden inside a retro radio clock, which will definitely look great in your home.

In fact, in order to make it match your interior, you can choose from several different colors – black, green, red, or silver.

Apart from looking like a stylish radio clock, this device also works like one. This means that there’s no way anyone would suspect that there’s a cam inside of it. The only risk is that the burglars might like it and decide to take the device with them.

Features of Jumbl Mini Hidden Spy Camera Radio Clock - review

The clock camera is very easy to install, as all you need is to plug it in a power source. But, this doesn’t mean the cam will record video when nothing is happening. It features motion sensors that will turn it on, only when there’s movement detected inside the room.

This feature is great as it saves a lot of memory. Speaking of memory storage, you will need to get an SD card and place it in the device. You can get a cheap one, with the capacity of just a few gigabytes as the cam has an option that will delete old files when there’s a need of storage.

Another great thing about his camera is that it’s capable of recording footage even in pitch darkness. But, not only that – this device can also record sounds.


· Hidden inside an elegant radio clock

· Features motion sensors

· Can make video even at night

· Very affordable


· Doesn’t come with SD storage

· Can’t be connected with smartphones via wireless


The problem with many spy cams is that they’re placed in devices that don’t look nice. That is not the case with this one, which is placed inside a beautiful old-fashioned radio clock. If design is what matters to you, look no further than this clock spy camera with audio!

Same as other spy clocks on our list, this one too is hidden inside an elegant digital clock. The camera is so well hidden that the chances of someone spotting it are close to zero.

But, the fact that the cam is difficult to find doesn’t mean the camera is not working well. On the contrary, without making any signs of its presence, this cam will capture high-def videos.

Features of Littleadd Wi-Fi Hidden Camera Alarm Clock - review

Using this home clock camera is very easy, as all you need to do is plug it into a power source. The next step is to connect it with your smartphone through wireless connection. Once you’re done with that, you will be able to watch the video in real time, but also to set the cam to notify you when something is happening inside the room.

This is possible because the camera has motion detectors which will turn it on only when someone is in the room. This is also great because it saves a lot of memory. Speaking of memory, the cam doesn’t come with an SD card, but you can get one at a very cheap price.


· Almost impossible to know that the cam is inside the alarm clock

· Shoots HD video

· Works with a smartphone through Wi-Fi connection


· Does not have its own memory storage


The design of this device is subtle, so people might not even notice it’s there. The cam inside the clock is discreet and doesn’t make any sound or noise while working. It doesn’t come with an SD card, but you can set it to send the info directly to your smartphone in real time. Definitely one of the best alarm clock spy camera out there!

How About Other Spy Cam Choices On The Market?

While every situation is unique and each individual has his/her reasons for purchasing a hidden cam, there are some general aspects worth considering. After all, it is not an everyday commodity which can be easily brushed aside on the list of monthly expenditures. Though by no means exhaustive, we have compiled a useful list to aid in such a choice.

1. Who or What You’re Going To Be Spying On

This can be quite a tricky issue to determine. Is the subject of the secretive monitoring someone close, or just another contractor or employee that performs services when you are not at home? Are they expecting to possibly be watched by the proverbial eye in the sky?

These circumstances dictate the size of the camera or the household object it might reside in. However, first and foremost one should get familiarized with the legal aspect of surveillance.

Even though it may sound absurd to be threatened with a lawsuit because of some provisions on your property, there are some jurisdictions whose conceptions and actions seem to have frozen in the 18th century. 

2. Size or Ingenuity?

When trying to integrate a hidden spy camera into the landscape of your home or property, you can do it thinking about it two ways – something small enough to have minute chances of ever being spotted or something camouflaged within an ordinary object that will never arouse any suspicion.

Nowadays, most manufacturers lean towards the latter option – with cameras incorporated into anything you can imagine, but one should not discount the other possibility entirely.

3. The Resolution of the Device

Image size and quality may be the first pre-requisite when thinking about most video appliances, yet in this situation, things are not that clear-cut. A higher resolution yields a better detail, crucial for certain delicate infractions or indiscretions, but it will also mean a lower tracking time (obviously, relative to the storage options).

And while many would not consider watching beer commercials in anything less than Full HD, expensive gadgets in every room of the house would put a dent in most budgets. 

Revisiting the legal issue, if you plan to use the footage as potential evidence in a court of law, then you should not get hung up on the price.

4. The Lighting Conditions

This aspect is probably the most difficult to assess. Naturally, there is no problem when just indoors monitoring is desired. Nevertheless, be sure to check the “LUX rating” of a spycam, especially if it is on the lower end of the price spectrum, keeping in mind that anything under 10 lux will not do, even when it is just for the inside.

If the outdoors are concerned, makers have long produced 2-in-1 hidden camera and lighting post solutions. With that said, the most complicated of situations will require a deep reach inside the wallet for an infrared gadget, though they are not as prohibitive as they once were.

5 Best Spy Cameras (which are not alarm clocks)

Conbrov T10 HD 720P Photo Frame

conbrov model

It may not be the most ingeniously placed appliance to capture hidden cam videos; it is nevertheless the most adept at doing it at nighttime. As one can easily guess, it is strictly for indoor use, its maximum range in the absence of light being just 25 feet.

Yet this is no small matter because it has an unbeatable price for what it can deliver, and supposedly no-one is looking for FBI-suited equipment. 

The up to 720p quality video is stored on a Micro SD card which, depending on its capacity and the image properties, can record up to 30 hours of footage. If the user forgets to empty the memory in this more than generous interval, the device simply starts recording taking up the space of the oldest dated video. Though widely considered the cam with the best low-light results, it lacks mobile connectivity options.


  • Sturdy battery leading to long-time footage.
  • Great night vision.
  • Discrete, with no light or sound emitted.


  • No corresponding apps or PC/Mac software.

Phylink Covert IP HD 720P Wireless Pinhole Spy Camera

phylink model

The Phylink PLC-128PW packs a big punch in a minuscule frame, and if you believe that a small size is the best bet where camouflage is concerned, then this model provides excellent value for money. Its only problems arise when the light is in short supply, though it still has great motion detection for the low lighting mode.

This camera also shines in the connectivity department – it has the standard option of recording footage on a memory card (up to 128 GB) or you can easily integrate it with your home Wi-Fi router and, from there, only your creativity is the limit.

Due to its size, it can be easily integrated into the landscape of the home. Nevertheless, the monitoring of already suspicious subjects is not its strong point, as it does not pose as a harmless domestic gadget, like countless other spy cams.

The 720p video quality is more than usual situations require and, alongside the easy set-up and the compatibility with all types of computers and operating system versions makes it a great entry-level product. 


  • A lot of mounting accessories.
  • Great connectivity.
  • Good image quality.


  • Seriously lacking low-light capabilities.
  • Memory card not usually included.

Smartcoco Black Mini Spy Hidden DV DVR U8 USB Disk HD Camera 

smartcoco model

Variety may be the spice of life, but sometimes you need a quick and affordable solution to a problem. As far as pricing goes, the Smartcoco Mini Hidden HD Camera has no other rival in today’s market. Despite the obvious limitations this kind of gadget imposes, no user should ask more for $10 or sometimes less.

After all, it does not take a master of manipulation to pretend that they have casually left their USB memory when trying to catch someone red-handed.

Sporting dimensions of 3x1x0.4 inches and a battery life of over an hour, it is very able in aiding the mentioned ambush operations. The low battery life, however, should not make a case against it, as it has excellent motion sensors.

Only after detecting motion or sound does it begin recording, delivering footage at a 720x480 pixels resolution. To overcome the battery encumbrance, the user might also opt, where suitable, for the still pictures the device can deliver. 


  • Advantageous size.
  • Easy to hide.
  • The lowest price on the market.


  • Battery lasts little over an hour.
  • Limited video quality.

FREDI Hidden Camera Wireless/Wired 360-Degree HD Network Surveillance Camera

fredi model

This may not technically be a spy camera as it is pretty easy to spot, but most likely if you are looking for it. Nevertheless, its amazing tech specifications coupled with a more than affordable price, make it very noticeable. 360-degree vision is a common human fantasy, and with this gadget, it becomes a reality. 

This model boasts 960p video quality, can be effortlessly connected to each and every static or mobile terminal you own, lagging behind its competition only where night vision is concerned, as it can “see” no further than 15 feet.


  • 360° vision.
  • Amazing connectivity.
  • 1280x960 pixels video quality.


  • Somewhat complicated installation.
  • Sub-Par night vision.

Maximus Video Security Camera and Outdoor Light

maximus model

This product is more than a camera, and with a price to match. Though there are infinitely more expensive outdoor night lights out there, this is the most expensive item on the list compiled here. And with good reason. It can be connected in less than half an hour with all the devices you may own, so that you may get tipped-off whenever there’s motion outside your doorstep.

Besides being a surveillance camera and an object of decorum, the Maximus Light is also an intercom. These great features could not have come without a downside though – the recorded imagery is only stored on Maximus’ servers and customers have to pay for it.


  • Great technical specifications.
  • Stylish.
  • Also an intercom, thus good connectivity.


  • Subscription for the recorded footage.


It is important to understand that these types of appliances are more than just a whim, though they often can be or be perceived like that. One can easily understand how a 360-degree surveillance camera, topped with night vision and instant connectivity can make you feel safer.

Whim or necessity aside, one cannot help but believe that both manufacturers and clients truly are fascinated by such devices. Nonetheless, the everyman certainly needs some guidance before making such a purchase.

Especially where online retailers are concerned, as customers can be overwhelmed by the sheer number of hidden spy cameras available. This post aimed to highlight the versatility such products exhibit in 2018. It can safely be said that there is such a gadget to suit every need, context, and purpose. Regardless if it is a want or a need.

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