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Keep Your Family Safe With GPS Tracker For Seniors

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As we grow old, we also become much more susceptible to accidents. Furthermore, our bodies can no longer handle falls and disease as when we’re young. Overall, as we grow old, we need a way to make sure that our loved ones always know where we are so that they can help us if anything bad happens. 

Personal GPS trackers have been around for a while, however, they are now growing in popularity due to the fact that they are becoming cheaper and easier to use. These devices usually come with batteries that can last for up to a week and can transmit their location from anywhere in the world. This enables you to constantly monitor the location of those you love and be there to help them when they need it the most.

Buying guide – How to get a reliable product that will suit your needs?

There are hundreds of GPS trackers on the market, and various models are designed with specific uses in mind. Here are a few important things to look for when buying one of these devices:

  • Portability – One of the most important features of these products is portability. Look for a product that can be attached to belts, straps, or attached to various types of clothing. Elderly people can be forgetful, however, if you attach the tracker to a coat that they always wear, you will always be able to track them;
  • Battery compatibility and battery life – Look for products that come with integrated lithium-ion batteries. These typically last for around 7 days of constant use and can be charged in a couple of hours;
  • Data collection – If you’re concerned about privacy, look for products that do not collect personal data and enable you to share the locations of the trackers only with individuals that you trust;
  • Companion app or Google Maps – There are several ways to display data from the tracker, and you will have to choose the best one for you, depending on what applications you find easier to use. There are models that come with a companion app that can be installed on IOS and Android, and display the location of the tracker, but there are also products that enable an individual to monitor it using a web-based app such as Google Maps;
  • Features – If you do not want to spend your day continuously looking at the tracker data, look for a model that comes with an alert function and geo-fencing. These two features can let you know when the tracker is on the move, or when it leaves an area that you’ve set as being the home of the one you track;
  • Additional costs – Personal GPS trackers are not extremely expensive, however, some modes may come with additional monthly fees in order to function properly. If you’re not comfortable with having to pay the manufacturer each month, you can look for a product that will work with any kind of SIM card. This enables you to buy a PrePay SIM card, use it for a set amount of time, and dispose of it afterward;

These are the main characteristics that describe GPS trackers. Look for models that suit your needs, and always consider how much you may have to pay in the long run. Furthermore, keep in mind that tracking individuals may be illegal in some cases, especially when it is without their consent or knowledge.

Spy Tec STI GL300 Portable GPS Tracker

A discrete GPS tracker for seniors that can be attached to both clothing as well as vehicles

The Spy Tec Portable GPS Tracker is designed to be easy to use and to carry. It can be attached to both clothing, as well as vehicles, and comes with a notification feature that uses SMS or email in order to notify the owner when the tracker leaves a specific area. The device itself is only 25% larger than an AAA battery and is extremely easy to carry around even around one’s neck.


  • Light and durable – The device is light enough to wear on clothing or to keep in your pocket when you go out. Furthermore, its case is durable enough to be kept in a backpack while on trips;
  • Multiple monthly subscription options – The tracker can work with one of three different subscriptions. These can update the location every 5, 30, or 60 seconds. The activation and cancelation of the service is completely free, enabling the owner to stop the only keep the service going as well as it is needed and minimize costs;
  • Notification option – The device can be set to send an SMS or an email when it leaves a specified area;
  • Magnetic case – The device comes with a magnetic case that makes it easy to attach to the underside of vehicles and other metal surfaces;


  • Multiple subscriptionsThose who do not to spend a lot of money on a monthly basis can opt for one of the cheaper subscriptions that updates the location of the tracker every 60 seconds;
  • Easy to use – The position of the device can be tracked from any computer and mobile device, using Google Maps;


  • Monthly subscription – The manufacturer essentially forces buyers to pay one of three monthly subscriptions in order to use the tracking device for elderly individuals. The tracker cannot be used with a SIM card that is supplied by the owner;

Ablegrid 3G GPS Tracker

A 3G elderly tracker that comes with removable a SIM card

The 3G GPS tracker from Ablegrid is easy to set up and comes with a pre-installed SIM card that can be removed by the owner at any time. While replacing the card supplied by the manufacturer may require a bit of troubleshooting, it does give the owner full control over the monthly costs of the device.


  • Stable and accurate signal – The improved tracking technology of the product enables it to transmit its location at all times, with no dead zones or signal ghosting;
  • Multiple ways to track – The location of the device can be tracked using Google Maps, as well as a companion app that can be paired with it;
  • Magnetic cover – The device also comes with a magnetic cover that can be used in order to attach it to metallic surfaces and vehicles;
  • Cheap monthly fee – The included SIM’s monthly fee significantly less than that of other products;
  • 2-year warranty – The device comes with a two-year warranty and live chat customer support;
  • Long battery life – The battery of the device can keep it in standby for up to 30 days, and actively power the tracking system for 7 days;


  • Versatile – The option to take out the included SIM card and put another one in gives the device much more flexibility. While it won’t work internationally using just one card, it is possible to purchase region-specific SIM cards and to use them with the tracker;
  • Great technical support – The tech support teams respond in a matter of minutes and can help fix any issues that buyers may encounter;


  • SIM replacement difficult – Replacing the included SIM card with another one may create a few issues that need to be resolved before the device can work properly;

AmericaLoc GL300W XW Series GPS Tracker

A high-quality, high-precision GPS for elderly individuals that comes with a wide range of features

The XW Series GPS Tracker from AmericaLoc is designed to offer a lot of features while not compromising the device’s durability. It does require a monthly fee, however, the manufacturer offers two months free with any service purchase.


  • Multicarrier coverage – The device can actively switch between different carriers in order to ensure that it can constantly transmit its location;
  • Multiple alert types – The tracker comes with alert options for parking, speeding, low-battery, geo-fencing, and for when the buttons on the device are pressed;
  • Tracking log – The device can store a log of all the location it has been to over the course of a year;
  • 60/30/10-Second Location Update – The device can be set to transmit its position at various intervals. Changing this setting does not come at an additional cost;


  • Exact mapping – The multiple alerts are great for creating an exact map of how the tracked individual moves around town;
  • Multiple devices – The tracking software can monitor multiple devices at the same time;


  • Confusing interface – While the tracking interface is not difficult to understand, it can become hard to navigate if connected to several devices at the same time;


Personal senior tracking device can be actual lifesavers in some cases. While all elderly people and children can benefit from carrying one of these devices with them, they are extremely useful in the case of individuals that suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. This having been said, please keep in mind that these products do require additional paid services in order to function, and some may only work in certain countries, so they are likely to be problematic if taken abroad.

Always look at the information presented on the manufacturer’s website before making a purchase, and ask for any additional information that may be relevant in your case.

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