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In Need of a Bathroom Spy Cam? Get One of These Five!

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In the recent couple of years, people have started getting interested about nanny cams. It’s not a surprise given the fact that parents would do anything to keep their children safe and buying a spy cam is one of the easiest ways to do that. Not only do spy cams have what it takes to capture video footage of superb quality, but these devices have become very affordable lately. In fact, that is the reason why many people decide to create their own home surveillance system and place at least one spy cam in every room.

The trick with spy cams is that they need to be hard to detect. That is why they are usually placed inside of other common objects. If you take a look at the offer of nanny cams on the internet, you will see that most of them come in the form of clocks, picture frames, books, and so on. You can place these devices around your home, without raising any suspicions. But, what are you supposed to do with your bathroom? A photo frame or table clock would look rather strange there.

The solution is to stay away from regular nanny cams as use only those that were designed especially for this use. In order to help you, we have selected 5 devices, each of which deserves to carry the title of the best bathroom spy camera to buy in 2020! Whichever of these cams you choose, you should know that they will not look suspicious in the bathroom, while recording videos of very high quality.

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This spy cam is placed inside a clothes hook. You can put it on the wall of your bathroom to use it to hang towels. It surely won’t look suspicious. Even if you take a closer look at it, you won’t be able to realize that the camera is there. The lens of the camera is tiny, but is still capable of recording high-def footage, as well as audio.

Features of Clothes Hook Spy Cam

This cam comes with a battery with enough energy to allow it to record about 2.5 hours of footage. If this sounds not enough, you should know that the cam features motion sensors, which will turn the cam on only when some movement is detected in the bathroom. Not only does this feature save energy, it also saves the memory. Speaking of the memory storage, this cam comes with SD card of 8 GB capacity, but you can upgrade it on your own to up to 16 GB.

In order to use this bathroom hidden camera, you will need to connect it with your computer or smartphone through a mini USB. Setting up the camera is easy, which is another reason why people love this device.


· Almost impossible to detect

· Provides HD footage

· Comes with 8 GB of memory storage

· Features motion sensors

· Very cheap


· Battery life is not perfect


If you are looking for a cam to make it a part of your home surveillance system, this one seems ideal for the bathroom. Its design makes it almost impossible to spot. Furthermore, the cam is not making any sound or emit light while working. But, even this is not all – the cam comes with a number of other features, like motion sensors, for example. With all of this in might, you might be thinking that the spy cam is very expensive. But, that is not the case with Libest clothes hook spy cam, which is one of the cheapest nanny cams on the market.

The best thing about this spy cam is that can be used as a regular light bulb. It looks exactly as a regular bulb and even emits light when turned on. All you got to do is screw the bulb cam in your bathroom and there’s no way anyone will notice that the cam is recording. Because the camera films from above, it’s capable of capturing literally any corner in the bathroom, making it as safe from burglars as possible.

Features of FREDI 360°Wide Angle Bulb Hidden Cam

Apart from being hard to spot, this camera is also great for being able to provide high-quality videos. The camera doesn’t have a battery, which would be redundant, given the fact that the device is connected with an AC energy source.

This hidden camera for bathroom also doesn’t feature memory storage, but you can get an SD card at affordable rates. On top of that, you can connect the cam with your smartphone or computer via wireless connection and watch the live stream of what’s going on in your bathroom.

Another great thing about this bulb cam is that it features motion sensors, which will turn it on only when a movement is detected. This feature can be very useful as you set the cam to notify you on your smartphone if something suspicious is happening. That way, you will be able to react on time and prevent the burglars from stealing your stuff.


· Hidden in a light bulb, thus almost impossible to spot

· Capable of making HD videos

· Features motion sensors

· Easy to setup with your smartphone


· Doesnot come with a memory storage


If you are worried that the burglar might notice that you have a spy cam in your home, the solution is to get this device. The chances that someone will spot that there’s a camera inside the light bulb are extremely small. In fact, even the experts would find it difficult to spot the cam. But, being hard to detect is just one of the good things about this spy cam. It also has superb resolution and is very easy to use. On top of everything, its price is very affordable, making it a very smart choice.

Same as the camera mentioned above, this one too is almost impossible to spot. It’s placed inside a power receptacle, which you can install in your bathroom, without making it look suspicious. Installing it is very easy due to the fact that the power receptacle is not functional. It’s there just to make the camera hard to spot.

Features of the Spy Cam

The thing that makes this cam deserves its spot on our list of top 5 hidden bathroom cameras is the fact that it’s capable of producing videos of very high quality. It also has a lens of a wide angle, meaning that it will be able to capture what’s happening in almost the entire bathroom.

The camera does not make any sound to give away the fact that it’s working. On top of that, it features motion sensors that will turn it on only when someone is in the bathroom. This is a great feature as it saves a lot of storage space. Speaking of memory storage, the cam comes with an SD card of 8 GB, while you can upgrade it to up to 32 GB.


· Hidden inside power receptacle, making it hard to spot

· Comes with 8 GB of storage

· Features motion sensors

· Records HD footage


· Needs to be connected with an AV power source in order to work, as the battery is not included


If you are looking for a hidden camera for bathroom to complete your home surveillance system, this one seems as the perfect match. It’s because it is very difficult to spot, which is the most important thing when it comes to spy cameras. On top of that, the cam is also capable of making high quality footage and even comes with an SD card.

What makes this hidden bathroom camera superb is its size. The cam is tiny, meaning that it is very difficult to spot it. But, being small is far from being the only good thing about this camera. It definitely deserves to be on our list as this might be the best bathroom hidden camera, especially considering its very low price.

Features of GZDL HD 1080P Mini Super Small Spy Cam

After placing this spy cam inside your bathroom, you will have a piece of mind, knowing that your home is safe when you’re not around. As the cam can be connected with your smartphone, you will be notified every time something suspicious is going on in the bathroom. Actually, the cam will send you a notification if its sensors detect some motion. Furthermore, you can use your smartphone to watch live feed of what is happening in the bathroom in real-time.

But, apart from the live-transmission feature, this spy cam can also record footage by storing it onto the SD card. Unfortunately, the card doesn’t come included in the package, but you can get one at a cheap price. When it comes to the battery, this cam features a 3000mAh rechargeable battery, which has enough energy for recording 5 hours of video.


· Super tiny

· Easy to use via smartphone or computer

· Has a fairly decent battery life

· Extremely affordable


· The package doesn’t include an SD card


If you don’t want to spend too much money on spying equipment, you should seriously consider getting this mini spy cam for your bathroom. It’s extremely cheap, but its price is not an indicator of its quality. The cam is made of durable materials and is designed in order to last for a long time not only in 2018. You can use this cam as a hidden spy camera for bathroom, but because it’s small and portable, you can even carry it around with you.

If you are looking to buy a hidden camera for bathroom, you need to choose one that will belong there. By this, we mean that the cam needs to be placed inside a device that is commonly found in the bathroom, such as the electrical shaver. That is exactly the case with the CozyHomelover spy cam, which is one of the most popular choices of those in need of a surveillance cam for the bathroom.

Its design might be the number one reason why people decide on buying this spy cam, but that is just one of many great things about this camera. It also has a good resolution, great battery life, and superb memory. In fact, this hidden bathroom camera has everything you may wish for.

Features of CozyHomelover 32GB Mini Electric Shaver Spy Camera

Because it is placed inside a non-functional electric shaver, this camera will not raise suspicions if you leave it in the bathroom. The device looks exactly like a real razor, while the camera lens is tiny and not easy to spot. Apart from being difficult to spot, this camera is also capable of making high-quality recordings. Still, what makes it better than the rest is that it comes with pre-installed memory storage of 32 GB.

When it comes to the battery, it is capable to produce the energy needed for about 3 hours of video. When the battery runs out, you can simply recharge it by using the USB connection. In fact, the USB connection is the way to transfer the footage from the spy camera to your PC.


· Difficult to spot that the camera is inside the shaver

· Camera can make high-def footage

· Features 32 GB of storage

· Has a decent battery life


· Doesn’t not feature a Wi-Fi connection, so you can’t get live-feed of that’s happening in real time


This CozyHomelover device seems as the perfect hidden camera for bathroom due to its design. Actually, it was designed with that purpose, so if your home surveillance system misses a spy cam for the bathroom, look no further than this device. Apart from its design, this spy cam has everything you may need from a bathroom hidden camera. Finally, this cam is also one of the cheapest you can find on the market today.

How To Set Up A Hidden Camera In Your Bathroom

Perhaps you want to monitor people using your bathroom without them knowing you are recording them. Maybe you want to know what happens in your bathroom when you are away. Whatever the reason you want to record something secretly, with today's technology, it is easier to set up a hidden camera in your bathroom in a matter of minutes.

We have written a step by step guide which we hope can help you get started. Read on to learn more.

Ok, so what is the best way to hide a camera?

Step 1: Choose the best bathroom spy camera for your needs

There are several of such cameras on the market today, each with different features and benefits.

Some of the more popular options include shaving cream hidden cameras, shampoo spy cameras, toothbrush spy cameras and shower radio spy cameras. For instance, a toothbrush spy camera resembles a toothbrush so it has actually been named as such.

These mini spy cameras are disguised as common bathroom items and are so well hidden that nobody can find out that those items are the one that indeed contains the camera.

Step 2: Plug the camera into a power source

Most bathroom spy cameras are either battery-operated or AC-powered. If you select a battery-operated model, make sure the battery is fully charged and it is inserted correctly into the cam.

If you plan to leave the camera in your bathroom for an extended period, it’s a good idea to always check the camera’s battery level to ensure you won’t miss important shots. If the camera is wired, make sure the power cord is correctly plugged into the camera and socket.

Step 3: Install the software that came with the kit

The next step is to install the software program that came with your bathroom spy camera on your computer. If the software is in a form a CD disc, insert the disc into your computer’s CD/DVD ROM drive and then follow the instructions. If you have to download the program set for the camera from the official website, make sure you do so.

Step 4: Plug the wireless receiver into your computer

If your bathroom spy camera comes with a wireless receiver, make sure the receiver is inserted correctly into your computer’s USB port. After fixing the receiver, test the receiver to find out if it is transmitting clear images or videos.

A good setup will help you see whatever your camera is recording simply by looking on your computer. If you don’t want to wireless connect your camera to your computer, you can use a memory card instead.

Step 5: Check the sound quality

If you want to record clear sound, you also need to check the camera’s sound quality. Make sure the camera is positioned in a place that is conducive to the audio recording. This means the camera should be kept away from anything noisy that may otherwise make the speaker's voice difficult to understand.

Step 6: Place the camera in the perfect place

The most important part of installing any bathroom spy camera is finding the right place to set it up. So, once you are sure that your camera is ready to take shots, place it where it can capture the best shots.

The best place is where it can point directly to the target without any visual obstructions. Make sure to stabilize your device using adhesive strips or mounting screws beneath it. However, this varies depending on the type of spy camera you purchase.

Step 7: Check the lighting

Many hidden bathroom spy cameras require bright light in order to capture high-quality shots. At the same time, many of them find it hard to produce clear images when there is a lot of light directly shining into their lenses.

That said, you need to position it facing away from direct light. You also need to make sure the bathroom is well-lit all the time.

Step 8: Test your camera

Last but not least, it's very important to test your camera whether it is functioning as expected. Test it immediately, after a few hours and a few days later to make sure it is working properly.

Hopefully you will like our homemade hidden cam set up guide. If you have any questions or better way to hide a camera please let us know in the comments.

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