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Windows 10 Parental Controls and Time Limits with mSpy Software

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When it comes to kids’ safety, restrictions have to be put in place, so you know that the children will be safe when you, as a parent, are not around. With all the technology these days, those restrictions need to be placed in a lot of places. Nevertheless, the smartest thing would be to start with the pc or laptop.

So, keep reading to find out how to setup parental controls on Windows 10, as well as all the benefits that the fantastic mSpy software platform has to offer. It’s an ideal tracking application that can be set up on your kids’ computer, which will ensure that there is absolutely no misuse going there.

Parental Controls Windows 10 Installation Guide

The installation process for the mSpy software is not complicated at all. All you need is physical access to the device (in this case, the computer with windows 10) where you want to set up the software. Then you need to disable the antivirus, firewall and any other spyware programs if you have any.

Assuming you already created an account on the website, just head over there using any browser you have. Once there, enter your account information and when you get to the installation page, pick the device where you want to install it and follow the instructions. The process is very simple and the only thing you need to watch out for is the “Security Settings” page.

On this page, you will be able to see some information about the type of antivirus, antispyware or firewall that your computer is using at the moment by clicking on the “guidelines” button. This will open guidelines for all your antivirus programs on your internet browser. There will be a lot of instructions for the more popular programs. From there, it’s very straightforward, all you need to do is accept the terms in the “License Agreement” and wait for the installation bar to fill up all the way to 100%.

mSpy – The Best Windows 10 Parental Control Software

When it comes to parental control, the mSpy software offers various features, especially for a pc and laptop. All of these features will help you protect your children and ensure that they are taking care of their daily tasks and avoiding inappropriate content. Here are some of the features offered by mSpy:

1. Keylogger

This feature will give you the chance to check every keystroke that was typed by your child. Even if what was typed gets erased, you will still know what was being searched on Google, Bing or pretty much any other search engine. If the person uses the computer to write chat messages or send anything through an instant messaging application, you will know exactly what was being written. The same goes for any emails, text written in a word document and much more.

The keylogger works like a parental control google chrome app which will make sure that your children are completely safe when they are chatting with people they don’t know on some social network. On top of that, a keylogger completely eliminates any possibility that certain personal information will be leaked.

2. Screenshots

We are sure you are familiar with software that takes screenshots of your desktop so someone could see what you are doing. This type of software is mostly used by freelancers who need it so the person who gives them a certain job, can follow if the freelancer is actually working. Well, mSpy offers a similar feature that takes pictures of the desktop so you can follow what your children are up to.

Thanks to this feature, you as a parent can sleep calmly at night without having to constantly look over the shoulders of your teens. You can check the screenshots and see whether they are doing homework or checking up inappropriate content.

3. User Activity

Even though it’s a pretty basic feature, user activity is one of the reasons why mSpy is a fantastic parental control software for Windows 10. This feature gives insight into what time your children are active during a certain computer session. You will be able to see the exact timestamps for each login and log out. On the other hand, this software feature can also be used to generate an easy to track statistical report for the whole computer usage. Basically, with this feature, you get both parental control and screen time management.

Easily answer the question that usually creates the biggest concern: What do your children actually do when they are online? Thanks to this feature you will be able to control the time your children are spending online and that way prevent any unwanted activity.

4. Installed Applications

With this feature, you will be able to see which applications are installed on the desktop/laptop that is being monitored. You actually get the full information on each app: version, time of installation, what kind of app it is, configuration and much more.

This feature fits better when you are monitoring a phone device or a tablet, however it is very useful when you monitor the desktop as well. Everyone is well aware that there are tons of applications out there and some of them should be kept away from children. So, take advantage of this feature and monitor the names of all installed apps.

There are many apps that are educational and entertaining. However, there are also apps that have adult content, or apps that have secret in-app purchases. Not to mention the apps that engage children in unwanted conversations. A feature like this one will ensure that your kid’s PC is filled with applications that are educational and interesting.

5. Application Use

Last but not least we have a feature that allows you to see which programs are being used on the targeted desktop/laptop. Also, you can see which internet browsers were used and the time that was spent on each app. This data will be available to you at any time through the mSpy control panel.

Internet safety should be on top of the list for every parent. There are so many things online, and it’s very hard to keep your children safe. However, this windows 10 parental controls can be a very important tool used to monitor children. There are certain apps that should be avoided and mSpy will help you do exactly that.

mSpy Software FAQ

Setting up parental control is simple enough, especially when it comes to mSpy. Nevertheless, there are questions that arise with pretty much anything, so here are some of them:

Can I use the software on several devices?

One subscription will allow you to follow one cell phone or one computer but it will be free if you want to change the targeted computer. However, if you want to monitor two devices at the same time, you will have to get two subscriptions.

Who to contact if I have any questions?

There is dedicated technical assistance and it’s divided into four levels, depending on what kind of subscription you have. There is free email and live chat assistance for all users. On top of that, you can activate specialized Phone Support or VIP assistance which will cost you extra.

What devices are supported by the mSpy software?

It will be compatible with most Android and iOS phones or tables. As for computers, the software will be compatible if you are running Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7-10 or Mac OS 10.7-10.12.

Does this software work worldwide?

Yes, the software will work regardless of your location and will work with most phone carriers. Nevertheless, the software requires an active internet connection to be able to save the data to your personal account. So, if you want to use the software, you must have an internet connection, regardless if it’s on the phone or on the computer.


Parental control is extremely important, especially in the last couple of years, ever since the technology became a part of everyday life. As we could see from the article above the question of how to set parental controls on Windows 10 is easy to answer. All you have to do is get a perfect software to do the job. In our case, mSpy software is a very good choice, because it offers a number of great features.

Setting up the software is not very complicated and everyone can do it without much hassle. In most cases, the installation process is very detailed so even if it’s your first time, you will be able to understand what to click in order to get everything set up. The only thing that you have to remember which will help you with any software you pick is to turn off any antivirus or spyware software that you already have on your computer.

Make sure you do it before you run the installation, so it doesn’t interfere with the process. It’s never too late to set up parental control, especially if you have some suspicions. Whether it is on the phone or the computer, parental control is crucial to ensuring child safety in these technologically advanced times.

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