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How to Get the Best Spy Gear for Adults

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While actual professional spy kits for adults are not commercially available, assembling one yourself is not extremely difficult, as long as you know what kind of equipment you need and how to choose the best products for the job.

As technology advances, devices get smaller and have more features, turning the devices that can could at one point only be seen in spy movies, into reality. Glasses with integrated cameras, small microphones, ranged surveillance equipment, and other items are now easy to acquire from various websites and can be used in order to assemble a complete spy kit.

Creating a complete spy kit for adults 

There aren’t stores that actually market surveillance or anti-surveillance equipment as spy gadgets for adults, however, a large number of devices that would fall under this category can be easily found online. The most important part is knowing what to buy and how to use it in order to maximize the equipment’s efficiency.

This having been said, let’s look at what the basics of a spy kit are, and at how a good mix of gadgets can help you regardless of the situation:

  • Cameras – There are several types of spy cameras, on the market. Depending on what you intend to use it for, you can either get a small surveillance camera that can be easily hidden and transmit the information, or one that is embedded into a wearable item, such as a pair of glasses. Also, keep in mind that there are some cameras that also record audio, however, the availability of these features depends on local laws;
  • Microphones – The most often encountered type of spy microphone is actually a voice recorder. These can take the shape of pens, USB sticks, and even necklaces, and can be voice activated in order to preserve battery life. Unfortunately, they do not have the ability to transmit data, so they will have to be manually recovered;
  • Auxiliary equipment – While not essential, a pair of good headphones, and an external battery are great to have. Some cameras and microphones can be charged from power banks, and doing so can triple their functioning time. When it comes to headphones, it is usually better to find a product that has a custom earpiece in order to make it harder to notice;
  • Surveillance detectionThe ability to detect bugs is just as important as the one to monitor your targets. This is where advanced scanners that are designed to detect GPS, Wi-Fi, and radio-based come into play. These can help you identify surveillance equipment of any kind, and are often used by the government and by private protection companies;

What is the best adult spy gear that can be found on the market?

This having been said, we will take a look at a few great pieces of equipment that could be considered real spy gear for adults. These are popular among both amateurs who simply like to play around with the notion of secretly monitoring their home, and professionals who have been a part of intelligence organizations. 

Please keep in mind that all of them are legal to buy and to sell, however, the ability to actually use them in a legal way may vary from area to area. Check your local laws before using these devices.

Best Spy Gear For Adults in 2019 Reviews

RaWerks Black Vox Voice Activated Recorder

A small digital recorder that is easy to hide and to use

The Black Vox from RaWerks is one of the most useful voice-activated recorders on the market. The simple design does not look like an audio recorder, the two magnets enable the owner to easily hide it, and the large battery is enough to record up to 72 hours of audio on one charge.


  • Small and discrete – The device is all-black, small, and extremely discrete in shape. It resembles a black rectangle with a small protruding button on one end;
  • Magnets – The recorder comes with two small magnets that make it easy to attach it to metallic surfaces;
  • Long battery life – The battery is enough to record up to 72 hours of audio, and to power the device for 75 days while in standby mode, making it perfect for long-term use;
  • Voice-activated – The device can be voice activated from a distance of up to 28 feet, and only record while someone is actually speaking. This preserves both storage capacity, as well as battery life;


  • Small and efficient – While it doesn’t have any features, other than the voice activation, the Black Vox does its job extremely well. It can be placed on a surface and left there for several days, in order to collect data, and retrieved afterward;


  • No expandable storage – The device comes with 8GB of storage, which cannot be expanded;

Hereta Spy Camera Glasses

A pair of regular-looking glasses with a 1080p camera embedded in the frame, perfect for covert surveillance

The Spy Camera Glasses from Hereta have an extremely basic design and look, for all intents and purposes, like a pair of prescription glasses. The camera is well hidden, and the glossy finish of the glasses makes is virtually impossible to notice. While this is not a smart device, like Android-based glasses, it does offer a simple and efficient way to record everything that is happening in front of the wearer.


  • 1080p HD video – The camera records 1080p video at a framerate of 30FPS, making it great for general use and surveillance;
  • Ample storage – the device supports microSD cards of up  to 32GB, which is enough for several hours of video recording;
  • Autosave feature – The glasses automatically save the current video before they run out of power;
  • Fast-charging – The internal battery can be charged in 1.5 hours and is enough for approx. one hour of recording. The device can be charged from an outlet, from a computer, or using a power bank;


  • Discrete – The classes look just like regular ones. There is no indication that they contain a camera and the sensor is almost impossible to see, even if a person is looking directly at it;
  • Time Stamps – The device automatically adds time stamps to all the files in order to mark when they were made;


  • Short battery life – One hour is generally enough to record important moments, however, those who intend to capture more video will need to carry a power bank with them;

AHNR Anti-Surveillance Scanner

A Scanner that detects spy and surveillance equipment with ease

The AHNR Anti-Surveillance Scanner is a great tool when it comes to detecting hidden cameras, microphones, GPS locators, and other spy equipment. Similar to the devices use by federal agents, it is an all-in-one solution to securing a room against surveillance devices. The scanner itself is extremely easy to use and comes with a battery that will last for a very long time.

While primarily designed as a tool against spy equipment, the device also detects large quantities of electromagnetic radiation that may be caused by faulty microwave ovens, refrigerators, and other devices. 


  • Multiple scanning modes – The device is built to detect a variety of surveillance equipment, such as GPS trackers, laser taps, and Wi-Fi-enabled devices such as remote cameras and microphones. The scanner can also detect regular spy cameras that are not connected to a network of any sort.
  • Easy to use – The scanner can be used with just one hand, and comes equipped with a speaker that notifies the owner when surveillance equipment is detected in the room, and an LED indicator that helps direct the user when getting closer to the spy device;
  • Large range – The scanner can detect 1.2G Wireless devices in an area of 15 square meters around it, 2.4G ones in an area of 10 sq. meters, and Mobile Band-based devices in a zone of 15 sq. meters;
  • Large battery – The 1,000 mAh better is enough to power the device for several hours of continuous scanning;


  • Universal – A single device can be used to scan for a large variety of spy equipment, making it invaluable when traveling;
  • Good for planning – It is useful to test the placement of your own gear when installing it in order to monitor a room;


  • No frequency isolation – There is no way to isolate certain frequencies, such as the Wi-Fi of a hotel, which may lead to some false positives, and may require turning the known devices off before scanning a room;


Once you have the essential devices that make up a great spy kit, you’re good to go. While there are numerous other elements that could prove useful, such as digital surveillance software and keyloggers, these are more specialized than the elements presented above and may only be useful in certain scenarios. 

For general spy and surveillance scenarios, a camera, an audio recorder, a power bank, and a way to safely store the information is enough, however, you will have to adapt the spy gear gadgets for adults to more special situations should the need arise.

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