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How To Find Your Perfect Spy Voice Recorder

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Getting yourself a hidden audio recorder would be a smart decision for a number of reasons. First of all, these types of spying gadgets are pretty reasonably priced. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for a spying device that’s too extravagant even for James Bond, you can buy an audio recorder that costs fifty bucks or less.

Another reason why these devices are amazing for spying purposes is the fact that they can be really tiny. And that means that concealing them is very easy. You can put them under a chair, behind a couch, under the carpet, or wherever you think is best. 

Furthermore, hidden voice recorders are silent when working. That’s not the case with many other spy gadgets, which make noise that gets them detected. This makes audio recorders almost impossible to detect.

Finally, because these devices record audio instead of transmitting it in real time, the chances are slim that you’re gonna get caught. Most modern bug detectors use technologies that detect radio waves, phone signals, and other ways of sending data from a long distance. And considering that most spy audio recorders do not feature any of those technologies, they can fly under the radar.

And even if someone finds your spy recorder, you have nothing to worry about getting busted. They have no way of knowing that it was you who planted it. You can just ignore it and plant another one. 

Cases When You’d Do Well with a Secret Recorder

Tiny voice recorders are commonly used for spying purposes, but there are some cases in which they’re essential for one’s security, health, and so on. To give you a better idea of what these devices can be used for, here is a list you should take a look at!

  • Spouse fidelity. Many people use these devices to find out if their spouse is cheating on them. By leaving the recorder in the living room, you can find out what your spouse is talking when you’re not home. 
  • Children monitoring. If you have teenage children, you may be concerned about their behavior. To be sure that they’re not gonna go on the path of drugs and drinking, the solution might be to bug their room or place a recorder in their car.
  • Dementia patient monitoring. If you have an aging loved one who might have problems with dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, or some other cognitive disorder, you can find it out by using a spy recorder. Not only will it help you figure out if they’re struggling with such an issue, but it can also give you an idea of how severe the problem is.
  • Sleep quality monitoring. You may have an issue such as sleep apnea that prevents you from having a good night’s sleep. In turn, the lack of sleep makes you feel tired and depressed. Considering that a majority of people don’t remember if and when they wake up during the night, it’s a wise decision to use a voice recorder. This way, you will be able to find out how relaxing your sleep sessions are.

On top of everything, you can use any spy recording device as a regular audio recorder for taking notes.

Finding the Best Spy Voice Recorder

Whatever the reason might be why you need a spy voice recorder, it’s definitely good to have one such device in your possession. After all, even if you change your mind about using it, you didn’t spend too much money. Some of these gadgets can be found at a price as low as twenty dollars.

Unfortunately, cheap audio recorders are usually cheaply-made. And that means that one such device probably wouldn’t last as you’d like. Furthermore, cheap recorders usually have much poorer performances that those who are only ten or twenty dollars more expensive.

Instead of focusing on the price when shopping for a secret audio recorder, our advice is to focus on specs like its size, battery capacity, recording capacity, color, voice activation, and so on. 

Things to pay attention to when looking for a secret recorder:

  • Dimensions – The smaller the better is the rule when it comes to picking the best audio recording device. If it’s small, you will be able to hide it easily.
  • Design – Sometimes hiding in plain sight is the best solution. Instead of trying to hide the recording device, you can leave it to be seen. But, this will work only if the device looks like something else, e.g. pencil, keychain, USB stick, and so on.
  • Battery type – Some devices come with replicable batteries; others have rechargeable ones. We favor the latter option for a simple reason: it saves your money.    
  • Battery capacity – How long the battery is going to last is one of two factors that determine how long the device will keep on recording. The other factor is the recording capacity.
  • Recording capacity – Considering that these gadgets are usually very tiny, you can’t expect them to have a large memory card. Instead, most of them have the recording capacity of about 20 hours. 
  • Voice activation – A recording capacity of 20 hours is more than enough if the device has voice activation. Instead of recording complete silence, this feature will turn the recorder on only when there’s someone present in the room. 

Our Picks for the Best Hidden Recorder

Evistr 16 GB Digital Voice Recorder

This USB/voice recorder has everything needed to be called the best. It’s very cheap, yet offers all sorts of possibilities. It also has a good battery and a very impressive recording capacity. 


  • 16 GB capacity – The recorder has an 16 GB memory capacity, which is enough space for 36-hour audio recording.
  • 12-hour battery – The battery can keep it running for about 12 hours straight, which is pretty decent considering that this device has voice activation. 
  • Voice activation – In order to save battery and memory, the voice activation feature will turn on the recording only when there’s someone talking in the room.  


  • Very cheap – For about twenty bucks, you will get a voice recorder with pretty good specs.
  • Large storage – With 16 GB of recording capacity, this device can record audio for hours without overwriting it.


  • A bit large – It’s large for a spy recorder, but considering that it’s USB shaped, you should be able to use it for spying purposes.

SNAHIKE 16 GB Voice Recorder in the Shape of a Keychain

Not only it’s small, but it’s also disguised as a keychain. This means that even if someone finds it, they won’t be able to figure out what this thing actually is.


  • 16 BG memory – This memory capacity is enough for recording 132 hours of audio.
  • 32-hour battery – It has a rechargeable battery with the life of about 32 hours. The time needed to charge the battery is one hour.


  • Discrete – The keychain is small, with absolutely no lights or other signs that there’s a recording device hidden inside.
  • Amazing battery – It can power the device for one day and a half, after which you can recharge it in about an hour.


  • None – Although it’s not as cheap as the previous device on our list, given that its specs are truly awesome, this is really a best-buy product. 

Mini Voice Recorder – 286 Hours Recording Capacity

The main reason why this device is on our list is that it’s very tiny. It’s only a bit over one inch in size, which makes it very easy to conceal. And when hidden, it can record audio in very high quality.


  • 24-hour battery – The battery takes only about an hour to get charged, after which it can provide enough energy for a whole day of audio recording.
  • 4GB recording capacity – If you choose low audio quality, this device will be able to record up to 286 hours of sound.


  • Tiny – The size of the device is 1.22*1.06*0.41 inch, while its weight is only 0.31 ounces. You will have no problems hiding such a tiny recording device. 
  • Good recording quality – It records audio in 1536 kbps quality from up to 10 meters distance. 


  • Price – This is the most expensive of all three audio recorders on our list. It’s about three times more expensive than the first product we reviewed. Still, we believe it’s worth its price tag.
  • Memory – 4GB is not bad, but if you’re going to record high-quality audio, it will be full in about 6 hours.

Final Word on Hidden Voice Recorders

After reading our buyers’ guide on how to find the best spy voice recorder, you now probably know how to look for such a device. But, if you still can’t find a product to your liking, maybe it’s best to let us be the judge. 

Instead of wasting your time on browsing the internet in search of a good voice recorder, why not listen to our advice and pick one of the devices we reviewed? We assure you that if you buy one of those, you won’t get disappointed!

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