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How To Check Spy Camera in Room

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In the last decade, the usage of hidden spy cameras has gone up drastically. Right now, anyone can purchase a camera and set it up. It doesn’t matter whether it is for a surveillance system, to spy on a spouse, or just keep an eye on the babysitter, hidden cameras have found their way into everyday use.

Nevertheless, technology allows us to track and find a hidden camera, anywhere in the room. Keep reading to find tips and tricks for detecting hidden cameras, how to do it by just using your phone, and how to check spy camera in the room.

Finding Hidden Cameras

We will be covering two ways of how to find spy camera. The first one is, of course, by using our eyes, ears, and hands and the second one is by taking advantage of our phones. If you feel that you are being watched in a closed environment, use these three simple tricks and get rid of any suspicions you have.

Sweep the place

If you suspect that someplace is wired, do a step-by-step sweep of the premises which will help you detect anything that is out of the ordinary.

  • Start with the things that seem out of place like uneven pictures, flower arrangements, smoke detectors that weren’t there before, etc. Look into places where it would be easy to hide a microphone like flower pots or light fixtures.
  • Make sure you check under the couch cushions, on top of high places shelves, as well as under the shelves or table tops.
  • Out of place wires can also be an indication that there is a camera present in the vicinity. Even though most spy cameras are wireless, people still use spy equipment that has wires, especially when it comes to permanent surveillance.

Listen intently

Walk around the place and listen carefully. Most small spy cameras make a specific buzzing sound when they are working. So, if they are motion-sensitive and they get triggered when you walk in the room that has the camera, if you concentrate and listen carefully, you might be able to hear the buzzing and identify the camera.

Darkness is your ally

Most cameras have a tiny red or green LED light which indicates they are on. Turn off all the lights in the vicinity and look for them. Spy cameras have an option to hide their recording light. However, people often forget to use that, and you can easily find the hidden camera.

On top of that while the lights are off, take a flashlight and check the mirrors in the room. They tend to be the favorite spot for putting a spy camera, and it’s easy to locate one in the dark.

If you do all of the above and find no cameras, but you are sure that someone is monitoring you, go out and get yourself a camera detector. Below you will be able to see how to detect spy camera using a camera detector.

How Hidden Camera Detector Works

To save some time and avoid all the hard work, you can buy a high-quality hidden camera detector. The detector uses two methods to search for a camera. The first method is by looking for the glint from the camera lens while the second one is by detecting the RF broadcast from wireless cameras.

With the first method, you need to hold the detector up to your eye and activate it while you are looking around the room. The detector will emit a flash, and if that flash hits the camera from the correct angle, you will see it. So just look through the detector’s viewfinder, and if there is a camera, the lens will light up and you will notice it.

The second method on the other hand, where the detector tracks the RF signal is even easier. Most of them will start beeping as soon as you put the detector close to a hidden camera. However, there are a lot of gadgets that transmit RF also, so this type of a detector can often send you on a wild goose chase.

Also, if at the moment of scanning, the hidden camera is off and is not transmitting, the detector might not pick up the signal. So, even though detectors that use this method are easier to handle, the first ones are more reliable.

How to Detect Hidden Camera with Mobile Phone

A lot of people don’t know this, but your phone can indeed help you locate a hidden camera. There are two methods in this can be achieved, and both ways require you to download an application.

The first one works by downloading an app that uses the hardware of the smartphone to detect electromagnetic fields. So, you turn on the app, and you put your phone close to an area you believe has a hidden camera. If the app detects a strong electromagnetic field, then there is something there.

The second method is by allowing your smartphone to detect the light which gets reflected from a lens. An app is used for this as well; however, it’s not as reliable as the first one.

All the major smartphone platforms have applications that can help you track hidden cameras. If your question is how to detect hidden camera using Android, the answer would be to have a look at apps like Hidden Camera Detector or Glint Finder.


To conclude, we can safely say that it’s not a very hard task to locate a hidden camera in a closed environment. If you are unable to do it by using just your eyes and ears, then there are always all kinds of camera detectors.

Nevertheless, even if you don’t want to spend money on a detector, your phone can do an excellent job. It’s very easy, and it won’t cost you anything to download an app or two and jump right into the action with it.

Just remember, if you suspect that someone is trying to spy on you, especially in your own house, don’t hesitate to look for hidden cameras on a daily basis if you have to. No one has the right to threaten your personal space, and you should react as soon as you think that something wrong is going on.

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