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How To Find a Perfect Personal Tracking Device

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The Global Positioning System or GPS is a system that uses satellites to provide geolocation services to anyone with a GPS receiver. This service lets you know exactly where the receiver is at any given moment. So, if you would like to keep a track of someone, just make sure they have a personal tracking device with them.

A personal GPS tracking device can be used for a variety of purposes. Some of those include the following:

  • Personal GPS tracker for Alzheimer’s patients. If your aging loved one is having problems with dementia, you have every right to be concerned about their wellbeing. To make sure they won’t wander off, you can use a personal tracking device. Such a device will enable you to always know where they are. 
  • GPS tracker for children. If you’re concerned about the safety of your kids, you can use a GPS tracker to get yourself a peace of mind. This way, you will be able to find them if they get lost. Furthermore, some trackers feature SOS button, which the child can press if they get lost and the device will alarm you by sending you notifications on your smartphone.   
  • GPS tracker as a spying device. If you’re worried about the fidelity of your spouse or if you’re concerned about the behavior of your teenage children, you could make use of a GPS device. 
  • GPS tracker for pets. Just attach the GPS tracker on the collar of your dog or cat and you’ll make sure they’re not going to get lost.
  • GPS tracker as vehicle anti-theft device. Drop a small GPS tracking device in your car and if someone steals it, you will be able to help the cops find it

How to Find the Best Personal GPS Tracker?

There are all sorts of GPS trackers available on Amazon, some of which are as cheap as 20-30 dollars. Still, the cheap ones are usually not as good as those who are only a bit more expensive. That’s why instead of looking at the price tag, it’s much better to look at the list of specs. 

Here are some of the specifications you should be interested in when shopping for a GPS tracker:

  • Size – The smaller the device is, the more convenient it is. If it’s tiny, it can fit in a pocket, wallet, or it can even be attached to a keychain. 
  • Accuracy and reporting times – In order to provide you with a precise location, the device needs to be able to update its data at least every couple of minutes. 
  • Battery life – It’s extremely important for the tracker to have a good battery life. Otherwise, if the battery runs out too soon, you won’t be able to use the device for tracking.
  • Advanced features – Some of these devices come with super-useful features like SOS button, two-way communication, fall detection, and so on.
  • Service subscription – The Global Positioning System is owned by the government of the United States and operated by the US Air Force, who are not letting everyone use it for free. In order to be able to use the GPS device for geolocation, you will need to pay for the service. And that’s done via subscription, for which you will need a SIM card. Speaking of which, some of these devices come with installed SIM cards, which have some credit on them. 

On top of everything, when picking a GPS locator, you also need to pay attention to its built quality. After all, you surely want it to serve you well for ages. Unfortunately, there isn’t a specification that you can tell you exactly how long the device is going to last without any problems.

Reliable Brands of GPS Trackers

There is a way to tell which device is good and which one isn’t. You need to pay attention to who’s made it. If a GPS tracker is made by a reputable manufacturer, the chances are it’s going to work well for many years.

The problem here is that GPS trackers aren’t made by big-name tech companies like Samsung or Panasonic. In fact, you’ve probably never heard about most of the brands that make these kinds of gadgets. 

But, we’re here to help you! Here’s a list of GPS tracker manufacturers you can trust:

  • Yepzon
  • Tile
  • Americaloc
  • Wireless Tracking Ltd
  • Cube 
  • Spy Tec

Focus on the products made by these companies and you won’t make a bad choice!

Best Personal GPS Tracking Devices You Can Buy in 2019

Americaloc 300 Mini

There are so many great things about this tracker, starting with the fact that it’s tiny. With the dimensions of only 47mm x 24mm x 18mm, this device can be used not just a personal tracker, but also as a spying tracker. You can put it in a car without anyone noticing it. Of course, apart from being small, this tracker is great for a number of other reasons. Take a look at its features to see what we’re talking about!


  • 5-meter accuracy – This tracker is very precise, so if you use it to track your loved one (e.g. an elderly dementia suffer or a small child), you will be able to locate them easily.
  • 5000 mAh battery – Thanks to its amazing battery, the device can stay on stand-by for up to 90 days. 
  • Geo-fencing – This feature enables you to pick the area in which the device is automatically turned on or off. For instance, the tracker doesn’t have to be switched on when it’s inside your home.
  • 6-month data history – The device will record its location data and keep it for up to 6 months.
  • Waterproof design – This device is built to last even in bad weather conditions. 


  • Precise geo-locating – With the accuracy of 5 meters, this tracker is among the most precise ones you can find.
  • Amazing battery – You can’t find many other devices that have a battery with such large capacity.


  • No SIM card – The device doesn’t come with a pre-installed SIM card.

Yepzon Freedom

Its keyring design makes it very convenient. You can attach it to keys, but also to bags, suitcases, and even items of clothes. Apart from its design, the tracker is great for many other things, including these ones below!


  • 5-meter GPS accuracy – The tracker is very precise, no matter where the tracker might be. 
  • SOS panic button – This feature is great if the tracker is used for geolocation of kids and seniors suffering from dementia. If they get lost, they can just press the SOS button and you’ll receive a notification on your smartphone.
  • Two-way communication – The tracker has a built-in microphone, as well as a speaker, which enables two-way communication. 


  • Keychain design – Because it can be used as a real keychain, this device is pretty convenient. 
  • Advanced features – Features like SOS panic button and two-way communication make the tracker great for tracking lost children or seniors suffering from dementia and similar issues.


  • No SIM card – In order to be able to use this device, you will need to buy a GSM SIM card.

Spy Tec STI GL300 – Tiny GPS Tracker with Pre-Installed SIM

This isn’t the cheapest tracker on our list, but we believe it’s worth buying. The reasons are numerous, starting with the fact that it’s small and convenient to use. It’s also very precise, comes with all sorts of amazing features, and even has a pre-installed SIM card.


  • SOS call button – By pressing the panic button, the device will send an SMS to one of the three numbers you’ve picked.
  • Motion activation – If the device detects that the wearer is moving, you will receive an SMS. This is very useful if you’re planning to use it to keep an eye on your senior Alzheimer’s patient or a child whom you fear might wander off.
  • Pre-installed SIM card – This GPS tracker comes with a pre-installed SIM card with free credit, meaning that you can start using it right away.


  • SIM card included – The device comes with a pre-installed SIM card, meaning that you won’t have to pay for a new one.
  • Advanced features – It has some very advanced features like motion activation and SOS button, which make it great for tracking of children and seniors.
  • Design – It’s small and lightweight, which makes it difficult to detect, hence it can be sued for spying purposes. Furthermore, it comes with a magnetic case that’s waterproof, so you can attach it to someone’s car.


  • Price – It’s not expensive, but if its price were only slightly lower, this device would be the best GPS tracker on the planet.

Final Word

There you have it – our guide on how to find the best GPS tracking device. We’re sure you will be able to use the info we’ve provided to find the best device for the person you want to keep a track of. And if you don’t want to risk anything, our advice is to simply pick one of the three trackers we reviewed.

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