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Top 3 Hidden GPS Trackers For Car To Buy in 2019

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Car thefts happen all the time. According to the FBI, a vehicle theft or robbery happens every 6.5 minutes in the United States. The situation is even worse in some other parts of the world. In order not to become a part of the statistic, you need to play your part and ensure the security of your car!

There are several ways to do it, starting with raising the awareness that a vehicle theft is a real possibility. If you and your family keep that in mind, you will never ever forget to lock the car. You also need to pay attention on where and how you park your vehicle.

Apart from the basic stuff, you can also invest some money into security features of your vehicle. Here is a checklist with the things you could do to make your vehicle theft-proof:

  • Have a locksmith test all the door locks on your car
  • Replace old locks with new ones
  • Install break-proof window glass
  • Install window sensors
  • Install a car alarm
  • Buy a steering-wheel lock 

Unfortunately, even if you take care of all of these things, your vehicle will not be 100% secure. The thing is that vehicle thieves are getting better and better all the time. They’re now using sophisticated equipment which allows them to break into a vehicle without getting noticed. 

According to vehicle security experts, instead of spending too much money on anti-theft equipment, a much more sensible solution is to invest in tracking devices. This way, if the bad guys manage to steal your car, they won’t be able to get far – you (and the cops) will be able to locate them with the help of the vehicle tracker!

Why Should You Buy Spy GPS Tracking Device For Car?

Spending thousands of dollars on vehicle security equipment would not be a very good idea unless you won a luxury car. But, it’s not just about the money; anti-theft devices often do not work as well as you expect them to. 

For instance, if you have car alarm, it may go off when the thieves try to break in. But, if they get inside the vehicle quickly, they will be able to turn it off as if nothing had happened. Furthermore, if you buy an expensive steering-wheel lock, the thieves might damage the wheel while trying to unlock the security gadget.

All of this means that you ought to think about the alternatives. And one alternative solution that seems to be the favorite of security experts is the GPS tracking device. What makes these devices so great is not only that they’re much affordable than many other types of car security gear; it’s also because they’re almost impossible to spot.

You just need to take the magnetic GPS tracker and place it somewhere on the car (inside or outside – it doesn’t matter) and you’ll always know where your vehicle is. So, if the thieves steal your car, you will be able to track it. A vehicle GPS tracker will help you get your vehicle back and will also assist the police in catching the criminals who stole it. 

If you’re still not convinced that getting a GPS vehicle tracker is the right thing to do, here’s a recap of all the reasons why you ought to do it.

  • Affordable – Unlike expensive anti-theft equipment, GPS devices do not cost too much. In fact, you can find them at very, very affordable rates these days. 
  • Easy to use – If you’re going to use an immobilizing device, you will have to put it on every time you get out of the car. And setting up such a device can take time. Sure, it may be only a few minutes, but if you’re going to do it several times a day, it’s just too much. On the other hand, setting up a portable GPS tracker takes only a few moments and once you’re done, you don’t have to do anything else.
  • Discreet – Putting a large immobilizing device on your steering wheel would look kind of strange, making your four-wheeler look silly. But, if you use a tracking device, no one will ever see it.
  • Useful for other purposes – Apart from using the locator to ensure your car will not get stolen, you can use these devices for many other purposes. For instance, if you have a teen driver in your family, you can use the item to always know their whereabouts

Other Uses of Real Time GPS Devices

In many cases, people decide to buy vehicle locators in order to use them as spying gadgets. For example, parents of teenagers often use these devices to monitor where their kids go at night. This way, they can get all the information about where their children spend time and with whom they hang out. The same goes for spouses worried that their other half hasn’t been faithful to them. 

On top of that, these devices can be used for tracking the driving habits of new drivers. If you suspect your kid is driving too fast when left alone behind the wheel, a real-time GPS locator will help you find out the truth. 

GPS tracking devices can also be used for navigating. If you don’t have a GPS system in your car, you can connect the item to your smartphone or laptop and use it to find the quickest route to the preferred destination. 

Picking the Best Hidden GPS Tracker for Car

After reading about all the advantages of buying a GPS location device, it’s time to discuss which device deserves your attention. It’s true that there are literally hundreds of different models out there, but the question is: which one is the best?

To help you find the answer, we’ve decided to provide you with three picks for the best vehicle GPS trackers you can buy in 2019. So, here they are!

Spy Tec STI GL300 Mini Portable Hidden Tracker

Two Inches Long Locator with Fantastic Performances

A great thing about this product is that it’s very compact. With just a bit over 2 inches in size, you can easily conceal this device in your car. And apart from using it as a car tracker, you can use it for many other purposes, e.g. tracking your kid, elderly Alzheimer sufferer, pet, and so on.


  • 5-second updates – The device updates every 5 seconds, meaning that it provides real-time monitoring. You will always know where the vehicle (or person) you’re monitoring is. 
  • 2-week battery – The battery on this device works really fine. In fact, on one charge, it can provide enough energy to keep it going for as much as 14 days.
  • Magnetic case – If you wish to use this device for tracking a car, you can put the model inside the magnetic case, which is included in the package. And all that’s left is to attach it to the vehicle. The best thing about this case is that it’s completely waterproof.
  • Android & iOS compatible – You can connect this item to your smartphone, regardless of which operating system it uses. To do that, all you need to do is download the SpyTech app at spytecgps.io. 


  • Compact size – Spy Tec STI GL300 is one of the smallest GPS devices you can find.
  • Long-lasting battery – The Lithium-ion battery is included in the package and it has enough capacity to keep the locator working for up to two weeks.
  • Accurate monitoring – This device is very precise and because it updates information every 5 seconds, you can be sure the monitoring will take place in real-time.


None – There are absolutely no bad things about this device, so it’s fair to say that this is the best GPS vehicle tracker you can find on the current market.


Amazing Model Offering Lots of Possibilities

A great thing about this product is that you can connect it to a number of different devices, including your smartphone, laptop, and even Alexa. The device comes with an international SIM card, meaning that you can use it not only in the US and Canada, but Europe as well.


  • Rechargeable battery – The battery recharges pretty quickly and once fully charged it can provide enough energy to keep the device working for more than a week.
  • GPS tracker no monthly fee – The Company offers a variety of additional subscription packages, depending on your tracking needs. But, the basic package is free of charge for the first two months
  • Adjustable updating time – By default, the device updates its location every minute. However, if you want to track in more precisely, you can reduce the updating time.
  • 1-year tracking history – AMERICALOC GL300W saves its tracking history for up to one year. 


  • Precision – There aren’t too many products out there that are as precise as this one.
  • Variety of options – This model allows you to make all sorts of adjustments in order to get the most out of your tracking project.


  • Price – with the price of over a hundred bucks, AMERICALOC GL300W is not among the cheapest GPS tracking device you can find.

Optimus 2.0 Tracker

Vehicle GPS Device with Speeding Alert

Here’s a vehicle product that seems perfect for parents of teenagers who’ve just got their driver’s license. This model not only provides the location of the car but it also gives out alerts when the car is going over the speed limit.


  • 30-second update – The device updates its location every half a minute. You can reduce it to 10 seconds if you upgrade your subscription.
  • 2-week battery life – The rechargeable battery has enough capacity to keep the item working for more than two weeks.
  • Advanced features – You can use this product not just to monitor the location of a vehicle but also to get info about its speed. There’s also the Geofence option, which turns on the tracking recording once the device gets into pre-determined area.
  • Unlimited tracking history – Optimus 2.0 will record and save your tracking data forever.


  • Variety of useful options – This device offers you a number of advanced feature, which you can’t find in many other products. 
  • Impressive battery – The Lithium-ion battery can provide enough energy to keep the item working properly for more than 14 days.


  • No magnetic case included – If you would like to track the vehicle by attaching the item onto it, you will have to buy a magnetic case, as one is not included in the package.

Things to Keep In Mind When Shopping for a GPS Tracker

  • Real-Time Tracking – The shorter the updating time, the more precise location info you will get. Usually, GPS tracking product update their location every couple of minutes, but if you can get yourself a device that updates every few seconds, go for it!
  • Size – Size does matter when it comes to GPS tracking device. In this case, the rule is the smaller the better.
  • Compatibility – The item you buy needs to be compatible with the device you’re gonna use to monitor it. The best trackers can work both on Android and iOS device. 
  • Advanced Features – Some products come with features that you could find very useful, e.g. tracking history recording, geo-fencing, speeding alert, and so on.
  • Price – You can find hundreds of different models on Amazon, some of which have a pretty attractive price tag. Still, if a tracker is too cheap, it’s probably cheaply-made. Generally speaking, a quality tracking device costs somewhere in the range between 50 and 150 dollars.

There you have it – all the reasons why you should consider buying a GPS tracking device, as well as a short guide on how to find the best one. We hope that after reading this article you will be able to find the one that suits your needs and preferences the most. 

If you don’t want to leave anything to chance, the best thing you can do is buy one of the trackers that we reviewed above. And if you want the very best one, our advice is to choose Spy Tec STI GL300.

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