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How To Buy a Small Wifi Security Camera Without Spending a Lot

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Small Wi-Fi cameras are extremely useful to those who are worried that individuals who have access to their home or their things might be stealing from them. They are easy to hide, relatively cheap, and equipped with a large number of features designed around the idea that the owner should always be able to access the live feed from the camera.

This having been said, there aren’t many spy cameras designed by big-name-brands, so choosing a quality one can be a trial and error process for those who have never owned one before. However, there are a few products that have become extremely popular in the last few months, due to their durability and their reliability.

While products in this class do not offer all the features that one would expect from a traditional security and surveillance system, they do come with a variety of functions that enable the owner to monitor his belongings, his loved ones, and his valuables, without anyone knowing. We will look at what each of these models has to offer and determine who will find them the most useful. 

Buying Guide – Choosing the Best Small Wi-Fi Camera for you

Small security cameras aren’t extremely expensive, however, you could still easily waste money on features that are not useful to you, or on low-quality products that break a few weeks after getting them. This having been said, here is what you should look for when choosing a product to buy:

Size – If you want to be able to camouflage the camera using your existing furniture, you should look for the smallest camera that you can find. This will make it much more difficult to notice;

Color – Again, if you want to be able to hide the camera, then a darker color will be preferable.;

Internal FeaturesSmall Wi-Fi Cameras can come with a wide variety of features, however, not all of them are useful to everyone. For example, it’s not a good idea to get a product with night vision if you intend to use it only to supervise your children while you’re away during the day;

Additional costs – Most products in this class also require that you buy a micro SD card in order to store videos. Depending on the maximum capacity supported by your chosen model, and on the card, you may be required to spend extra money in order to use the camera;

Faleemi HD Pan/Tilt Wireless Camera

An affordable, two-way audio camera designed for those who want more control

The Faleemi HD Pan/Tilt Wireless Camera is one of the more advanced products of its type. While it does come with all the amenities that one would expect from a small Wi-Fi Camera, it does only record 720p. It is also important to mention that the app that enables the owner to control the camera is extremely simple and easy to use.


  • 720p HD Recording – The camera records 720p HD video at 30 FPS and stores it on a microSD card of up to 128GB;
  • Simple setup – The camera can be set up using a simple process that uses QR codes to connect to a smartphone. Connecting it to Wi-Fi is equally easy and video can be streamed in a matter of minutes;
  • Versatile software – Users can stream video from the camera to Android, Apple, and Windows devices, and can also access the camera using a regular internet browser such as Chrome;
  • Wide viewing angle and Night Vision – The camera comes with a lens that records at a 270-degree angle and IR capabilities that enable it to see up to 16 feet in complete darkness;
  • Two-way audio – The model comes with both a microphone as well as a speaker, enabling the owner to communicate with the one on the other side;
  • Smart Programming – Motion detection triggers notify the owner when anything moves in front of the camera;


  • Great night vision – The camera records great videos in low light conditions or during the night;
  • Great storage capabilities – The maximum 128 GB microSD compatibility makes it great for those who want to keep an archive of past recordings;


  • Restrictive design – The status LED gives away the fact that the camera is currently recording, which may make using it as a hidden security solution difficult;

Wyze Indoor Wireless Smart Camera

A feature-filled monitoring camera that’s compatible with Alexa

The Indoor Wireless Smart Camera from Wyze may not be suited for any scenario, however, it does what it claims, extremely well. The manufacturer has built it with Smart Home Integration in mind, enabling it to connect to Alexa and to use advanced tracking algorithms in order to detect shapes and outlines.


  • 1080p HD video recording – The camera records at 108p, enabling the owner to pay special attention to even the smallest details;
  • Advanced motion tagging – The motion detection system of the camera can recognize and follow shapes and outlines;
  • Multiple streams – the Wyze app can interconnect several cameras, and works with both IOS and Android devices;
  • Alexa integration – The camera can be connected to Alexa in order to control it using only voice;
  • Easy to install – The base of the camera is magnetic and can be easily attached to an adhesive magnetic plate included with the product. The plate can be mounted on any kind of surface, without using screws or nails; 
  • Night vision – the camera can record video in complete darkness from up to 30ft.;


  • Great product design – The camera is easy to install, easy to connect to the app, and can be controlled through Alexa. 
  • Useful in a network – The low price of the cameras make them useful for monitoring the whole house, especially when considering that all the streams can be accessed using a single phone or tablet;


  • Wall mounting system not included – While the model does come with an adhesive metal plate, those looking to permanently install it using screws will have to purchase the wall mount that is being sold separately;

Arebi Hidden WiFi Spy Camera

An advanced, extremely compact spy camera for those who need to secretly monitor their home

Arebi has specifically built this model to serve as a hidden spy camera. Its small size and circular shape make it extremely easy to hide, enabling the owner to monitor a room without anyone knowing. Feature-wise, the camera can record 1080p HD video, it has night vision, and comes with a motion detection feature designed to prolong the life of the built-in rechargeable battery.


  • 1080p HD video recording – The camera can record wide-angle(150-degree) HD video and comes with 6 IR LEDs that enable it to see in the dark up to a distance of 5 meters;
  • Live stream function – The camera comes with a smartphone/tablet app that enables the owner to access it and view its live stream, allowing for 24-hour surveillance. The app is compatible with both IOS and Android devices;
  • Motion detection – The motion detection system notifies the owner whenever the camera detects motion and takes a photo;
  • Easy setup – The camera can be easily connected to Wi-Fi using the Arebi Wi-Fi Hidden Camera app without requiring owners to go through a lengthy setup procedure;
  • Easy mounting – The camera comes with a stand, as well as with a metal disc that makes installation easy. The adhesive disc can be attached to any surface, and the camera can be fixed on it using integrated magnets;


  • Perfect for spying – The camera is small enough to go unnoticed on almost any décor, making it ideal for those who need to monitor a room without anyone knowing;
  • Easy to charge – The internal battery can be charged directly from an outlet, as well as using a power bank;
  • Useful without Wi-Fi – The camera can record video to a microSD card if a Wi-Fi connection is not available;


  • Short battery life – The size of the camera also restricts the size of the battery. The camera can function for 60 minutes on a full charge, making it impractical for long-term use unless it is connected to a power source.


Whether you’re worried that someone who has access to your home may be stealing from you, or simply want to keep an eye on your loved ones, small Wi-Fi security cameras are great tools to have. Depending on what you need them for, they can be connected to a smart assistant, and become part of your home automation system, or they can record everything that happens in a room without anyone knowing.

This having been said, keep in mind that these cameras do not usually come with storage devices, which means that you will also have to add the cost of a microSD card to the price of the camera. Furthermore, some products require a certain version of IOS or Android, and it is important to check the manufacturer’s website in order to ensure that your devices are compatible and can use the apps.

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