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How To Transform Your Phone Into a Spy Camera

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Whether it is for parental control, or just for surveillance, sometimes people want to get a spy camera. In many cases, they can’t afford one, or they simply don’t want to spend a lot of money on something that won’t be used more than a couple of times. However, there is no need to worry because most smartphones can be as good as any high-profile spy camera.

All you need is the right application and you are ready to go. This article will cover the best ways to use your phone as a spy camera and also one of the best apps to help you do that. Keep reading to find out how to spy on Android phone, as well as on iPhone.

Turning your Android Device into a Hidden Camera

A spy camera is really not a thing that a lot of people use every day. However, there are situations where they come in handy. For instance, items start disappearing from your apartment and you believe one of your roommates might be the culprit, or you don’t trust the babysitter and want to see what she is up to. Whatever the case is, instead of spending a lot of money on a spy camera, you can download a great app that will be just like a spy camera for the phone.

There are several apps that can be very helpful and most of them won’t cost a dime. They will offer different options, but the most important one anyone should look for is to be able to schedule a recording. That way you can place your phone where it will have a good angle, schedule a recording for a specific date and time and then just let it do its magic.

Not to be misleading, an iPhone can also play the role of a spy camera and below you will read about how to spy on iPhone as well.

An iPhone can be a perfect secret spy camera

The principle of turning your iPhone into a spy camera is pretty much the same as with an Android phone. There are several apps that can help you do that, and considering the high-quality cameras that iPhones have, they would do a fantastic job. There is also a project going on at the moment, where the videos recorded with your iPhone get uploaded to an online website instantly.

Then you can just download them and use them, or if you were filming something that you want to share with the world, the videos could be brought to your YouTube account in a matter of minutes.

Nevertheless, there is one app which stands as one of the best, when it comes to turning phones into spy cameras, and it can be downloaded on both Android and iOS platforms.


This app will give its user much more than a simple spy camera. It’s a single monitoring solution that will ensure you have all the necessary information. Here are some of the advantages that this app offers:

  • Tracking phone calls, messages, location, browsing history, and much more
  • Almost all Android and iOS devices are supported
  • You can access it through the app, or the web browser at any time and place
  • Safe monitoring services that guarantee maximum privacy

To repeat once again, mSpy works well on both Android and iOS and so far it has more than 1 million satisfied users. Besides being a great spy camera for iPhone, mSpy offers a whole range of fantastic functionalities whose purpose is to protect your children.

  • App Blocker – It allows you to block certain apps, so you can protect your children from looking at things that they shouldn’t be.
  • Phone Restriction – This feature means that you can restrict phone usage for your kids. For example, if 9 pm is their bedtime, you can set the phone to stop working for them as soon as the clock says 9.
  • Track activities – With mSpy, you will know what your children are up to at any time. You can check the call log, the messages, app activity, view photos and videos and much more.
  • Track social media – This will allow you to see where your kids are connected. You can monitor anything from Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp to Line, Kik, and Wechat.

On top of all of this, mSpy also allows you to know where your kids are. There is a GPS tracker that will show you their location and if you activate geofencing, you will always know if your kids are coming close to where you are. So far, mSpy has proven to be one of the best apps in this area and it makes for a fantastic spy camera for mobile.

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The article above clearly shows that you don’t need to spend a lot of money on spying equipment because your phone can be used as a spy camera any day of the week. Of course, it depends what kind of result you want to see, but at the end of the day, when it comes to commercial use, your phone is just enough.

There are hundreds of apps out there, that offer some kind of surveillance features. As we concluded before, the best apps are the ones that allow you to set up remote recordings on a specific date and time. That way you can set up the phone on a great location within the room, type in the recording time and then just wait.

This task can be accomplished on most phones and it will take you just a couple of minutes for the app to become a spy camera for Android or for any iOS device. Most apps are free so you won’t have to spend anything extra. This article has shown that it’s very simple for anyone to turn his phone into a spy camera.

All you need to do is decide where and for what you will use it, download an app that has all the features you need and put your plan into action. At the end of the day, you will save a lot of money and still get the job done.

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