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Youtube Parental Controls – Quick and Easy Method

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In these modern times, children have been using all kinds of apps from a very young age. Among those, the YouTube app is a strong favorite and there is rarely any child who is not using it. For that reason, many parents start asking the question of how to put parental control on YouTube app?

We are here to answer that question and show you the best way to ensure that the YouTube app is completely safe. There are several approaches and the easiest would be to activate YouTube’s own parental control. However, this article will also cover an external software that can do a fantastic job as well.

YouTube Parental Controls

For starters, there is a little lock icon on the bottom of every page in the app and you can click it to lock that page. Besides that, you can do several things by tweaking the settings:

  • You can block certain pages and videos
  • You can turn off the search feature. This way your kid will only watch videos on the home screen. There will be videos that are recommended by the app and recommended videos based on the ones that were being watched.
  • Clear search history to reset all videos to the recommended ones.
  • Getting a YouTube Red membership will give you additional parental control options.

How to Put Parental Control on YouTube App on iPad iPhone and Android

Sadly, the safety mode features we mentioned above are not available on the iOS YouTube app. The only thing you can do is activate the safe search option which only helps in giving appropriate results. Even though this feature enables some filtering, it is definitely not enough and it doesn’t answer the question: how to restrict YouTube content on iPad?

The solution is simple: get an external software solution, which is why we strongly recommend mSpy.

mSpy – The Best YouTube App Parental Controls iOS

With mSpy you get a software that offers features that will surely make you a better online parent. It has a user-friendly interface which is simple to use even for the least tech-savvy parent.

Through mSpy, you can monitor a lot of applications, especially if you get the premium package. It’s a fantastic choice for keeping your kid’s smartphones, tablets and computers safe. Keep in mind that all of this can be done remotely, anywhere you are.

When it comes to YouTube parental control, mSpy offers a ton of options, making it a much better choice than simply following YouTube’s own safety features. With over 25 features, mSpy will definitely keep the YouTube app safe, and your kids won’t be able to access bad content.

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YouTube is an app that everyone likes to use. This is even truer when it comes to children, so it’s important to keep the app safe. Above, we could see parental control youtube app methods, and that there are a couple of ways to do it.

Even though the settings offered by YouTube are solid and offer a certain protection. It would still be better to get an external parental control software, which will improve the security even further. One such software is mSpy and we are more than glad to recommend it to anyone who wants to create a safe environment for their children.

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