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How Spy Camera Works – Its Purpose Explained

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The technology behind hidden spy cameras can often be confusing and quite overwhelming which is why people usually don’t even try to understand it. However, if you break it down, it’s very easy to understand. By following the basics, you will be able to grasp the concept of spy cameras fully.

This article will cover everything you need to know about how spy camera works, including all the background you will ever need on how to hide spy camera.

What You Need To Know About Spy Cameras

If you take a hidden camera to its basics, you will notice that it is nothing more than a small board camera which can be implanted into everyday items. Your living room clock, the radio in the bedroom, or just about any toy around the house can be the right places to put a hidden camera. Basically, anything that blends in nicely with your home, or office can be a perfect location for a spy camera.

Any proper board camera has a small but highly influential lens called a pinhole lens. Since the lens is tiny, it allows the camera to be easily hidden within almost any everyday item. However, before purchasing a spy camera, you need to think about the environment in which you plan to use it. For instance, if you want to record something outside, getting a camera with high-quality CCD lenses, which have higher resolution sensitivity to light would be a fantastic choice.

There are hundreds of different hidden spy cameras out there; however, they are all pretty much divided into the following three categories:

  • 1.  Wired Cameras

This is a camera in which the board is physically connected with wires to a recording or a remote viewing device. It can be connected to VCR’s, TV’s, monitors, and even embedded DVR’s.

Out of all three, this solution is the cheapest one. A wired spy camera will still do a perfectly good job, of course, if you have a way to hide all the wires. You can set it up within objects that already have wires like speakers which will make it much harder to detect it. Also, items that are attached to walls, like emergency lights or clocks, where the wires can be hidden in the wall are perfectly fine options as well.

  • 2. Built-in DVR Cameras

More expensive than the first option, but miles ahead when it comes to success rate. These spy cameras have a built-in DVR which means that the camera has its own micro-sized video recorder. The DVR within the camera will record everything and save it directly to a small chip or a memory card. Once you are done with the recording, you can remove the memory card and put it into your laptop to watch it.

Because of this hardware, these types of cameras cost way more. However, you won’t need to worry about hiding the wires, distance or setting up the proper frequency. Built-in DVR cameras are an excellent choice for monitoring something in a remote or highly isolated location.

  • 3. Wireless Cameras

More expensive than a wired camera, but still cheaper than the DVR ones. With them, the board is connected to a wireless transmitter that transfers the video signal to a nearby receiver. You connect the receiver to a TV, DVR or VCR unit and you can watch the video feed from the camera.

These cameras are a good option since there are no wires which make them easier to hide within everyday objects. However, the quality of the recording will depend on the strength of the receiver, which limits its use a bit.

The best locations for hiding your spy camera

Hidden spy cameras are mostly used by regular people who just want to know what’s going on around their house when they are not there. In most cases, these cameras are used for security purposes like checking up on the babysitter while both parents are not around, catching an unfaithful spouse and much more.

However, considering that 95% of people who use a hidden camera are not experts in the field so they often get confused and don’t know where to place the camera. Here we will cover locations and rooms around the house and explain how to hide spy camera.

  • Living Room

If you want to be watching how the babysitter does her job, the best decision is to put the camera in the living room.  Kids have a lot of teddy bears or other plush toys where the camera can be inserted. Putting it inside a toy car is also a good idea. Another excellent option is to put get a mirror which has a built-in camera or a two-sided mirror and just implant the camera behind it.

  • Bedroom

The mirror thing can also be done in the bedroom. There is undoubtedly a nightstand in every bedroom, so putting the camera there, behind a picture frame, or a clock is a great idea. An even better solution is to implant a camera within the clock or any other object around the bedroom. If you have a computer in the bedroom, it could be a fantastic solution to replace the speakers with new ones that have a spy camera installed in them.

  • Kitchen

A lot of houses have their kitchen directly connected to the yard. Because of this, when burglars strike, they tend to break in through there, so getting a hidden camera there could come in handy. Some cameras are specifically designed to look like regular coffee mugs so that you can put it with the rest of your mugs and no one will notice a thing.

Nevertheless, a spy camera can be placed anywhere around the household, in almost all everyday items. The only thing you need to worry about is putting it in a proper place so that no one will notice it.


All in all, we can see that hidden spy cameras are not as complicated as they seem. This article explains in a straightforward way how spy camera works, and where to put it to avoid detection. First, you need to know the location where you are going to put the camera, and then you need to decide the type of spy camera you are going to get.

All of the camera types mentioned above will do a stable job, and the decision falls mainly on preferences and on the kind of outcome you are expecting. Moreover, it doesn’t matter what kind of camera you get, what matters is that you get the desired outcome.

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