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Great Bluetooth Spy Camera Speakers for 2019

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Spy cameras come in all shapes and sizes, and part of the key to successfully using them in order to monitor someone or something is hiding them in plain sight. While more unique objects may draw unwanted attention, and this includes cameras that can be hidden in various pieces of furniture or objects, having a Bluetooth speaker on the desk is quite common.

It is unlikely that the individuals that you are hoping to record will ever think that a Bluetooth speaker could hide a spy camera, and if the device is well-built, it is even more unlikely that they would be able to find indications that they are being recorded even when holding the device in their hands.

This is where build quality becomes extremely important. In order to be convincing, the camera doesn’t have to simply look like a speaker, but it must function like one as well.

Buying guide – What to look for in a great Bluetooth speaker spy camera

As with any device designed to play music, a Bluetooth Spy Camera Speaker needs to produce great sound in order to be convincing. This having been said, here is what to look for in a Bluetooth speaker spy camera, in order to successfully hide the device in plain sight without raising suspicions. 

  • Appearance – Obviously, it is important that the device actually looks like a Bluetooth speaker. Some models have the shape of an upright cylinder, while others have the appearance of a capsule. In the end, it doesn’t really matter how it looks, as long as it resembles a Bluetooth speaker and it does not have any tags or marks that may give it away;
  • Features – Focus on the features that are important to you. Most products in this category have considerable battery life due to the fact that the camera can use the power that would normally have been spent playing music. However, consider getting a model that comes with motion detection in order to reduce the number of files and their size. Night vision is also a good feature to look for if you intend to use the camera round-the-clock or during nighttime;
  • Connectivity – The speakers may be Bluetooth, but keep in mind that you will need another type of connection in order to see the live stream. There are spy cameras that come with the ability to connect to Wi-Fi and to link to a companion app for IOS and Android devices;
  • Additional Equipment – Some cameras come with integrated storage, while others require the owner to supply his own microSD card. Look at the  specs of the product in order to determine if you will have to spend extra money on a card, and to learn what its maximum capacity can be;
  • Audio recording – Most spy cameras do not usually record audio. If this is important to you, consider looking for a model that can also record audio, however, this means that the file size will grow;

SpyGadgets Wi-Fi Bluetooth Spy Camera

An affordable, fairly basic spy camera disguised as a Bluetooth speaker

If you do not need any bells and whistles, then the camera from SpyGadgets may be a good choice for you. While it does not have amazing sound, it does have Wi-Fi in order to enable the owner to see the live stream, as well as a motion detection system that will start recording only when it detects movement in front of the sensor.


  • High resolution – The device uses a 5MP sensor in order to record 640×480 video at a framerate of 30 FPS;
  • Motion detection – The camera can be set to record only when it detects movement, in order to save up storage;
  • Wi-Fi live feed – The device can be connected to a Wi-Fi network, enabling the owner to log into it and watch the live feed using a phone or a tablet using a companion app. Multiple cameras can be connected together in order to monitor multiple locations or an entire house;
  • Convincing design – The device looks like a regular Bluetooth speaker, and the pinhole camera is almost impossible to notice with the naked eye;


  • Affordable – The camera may not have a lot of features, or record at 1080P, however, it is one of the more affordable models on the market;


  • No default audio recording – While the camera does come with a microphone, it is disabled by default, requiring a firmware update in order to enable it. The ability to enable it varies from country to country, according to the law;
  • Few features – While cheap, the recording resolution of the camera is not great and it lacks many features that other products have;

CAMXSW HD 1080p Wi-Fi Spy Camera Speaker

A modern Bluetooth speaker with an HD camera and a lot of features

This model from CAMXSW is a premium device both as a speaker, as well as a hidden camera. The high definition camera records even the smallest details, and the long-lasting battery life is enough for several hours of continuous surveillance. Unfortunately, it does not have any audio recording capabilities.

For the Bluetooth speaker side, music played through it sounds great. Everything is crisp and responsive, making its disguise extremely convincing.


  • 1080p HD Video – The camera records highly detailed video;
  • Night Vision – The camera can see up to 10 feet in complete darkness, making it ideal for nighttime surveillance, or to use as a home security camera;
  • Live stream – Once the camera has been connected to a Wi-Fi network, the owner can use the companion app in order to watch the live stream from the device;
  • Long battery-life – The integrated battery is shared by the two functions of the device. One charge can last for several hours of playing music;
  • Motion Detection – The camera notifies the owner through the companion app when it detects movement, by taking 3 photos and sending them to the phone;
  • 128 GB Card + Loop – The device supports microTF cards of up to 128GB, however, the camera will overwrite older files when there is no more free space to store new videos;


  • Great overall quality – The speaker sounds decent, and the video recorder is crystal clear;
  • Long battery life – 3-4 hours of video recording is more than enough for most scenarios;


  • Lengthy charging time – it takes around 6 hours to fully charge the battery, making it impractical if you need to carry it with you and use it often;

PANNOVO Wi-Fi Bluetooth Spy Camera

A high-tech camera hidden in a high-quality Bluetooth speaker

Most spy cameras have one big flaw. They are immobile. Most manufacturers have worked around this problem by equipping their products with the wide-view lens, however, the engineers at PANNOVO have managed to create a Bluetooth Speaker Spy Camera that can rotate in a 180-degree arc. The motor that rotates the camera is controlled using the same smartphone app that allows the owner to see a live stream from the device.


  • 1080P HD Video – The device comes with a high-quality camera that records even the smallest details;
  • Motion detection – The camera comes with a motion detection system that can notify the owner when movement is detected by taking a photo and sending it to the companion app that comes with the device;
  • Live stream – The owner can use the companion app(IOS and Android) in order to log into the camera and watch the live stream from the device;
  • Rotating camera – The camera can rotate in an 180-degree angle. This can be controlled using the companion app;
  • 128 GB Max Storage + Loop Recording – The device supports microTF cards of up to 128GB, and can also overwrite older files once there is no more free space;
  • Great Battery Life – The battery of the camera charges completely in 5-6 hours and is enough to play music for 460 minutes, to record continuously for 360 minutes, or to do both for 300 minutes;


  • High quality build – The speaker sounds great, and even when listening to bass-boosted songs, the image will not tremble;
  • Long battery life – The device can record for 6 hours, however, this time is prolonged when pairing it with the motion detection system;


  • On the expensive side – For all the features and the build quality of the product, it is one of the more expensive models;


Bluetooth spy cameras are extremely useful simply because one does not need to hide them. Unless the sensor is actually market or has a large insert that may give it away, there is no way to knowing that the device is actually recording someone or something.

Overall, always keep in mind that these devices share the same battery. So if you listen to music, you will actually be draining the power that could be used to record video. As a word of advice, even if a manufacturer does not specify that a camera has audio recording capabilities, it is worth a shot to send an email and ask it actually does have a microphone and what it would take to activate it.

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