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Parental Controls For Your Mac

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When we talk about parental control, we mean protecting our children from bad online content. This is done by applying parental control to their devices and even though it’s uncommon, sometimes you should do this for their Mac devices as well.

This article will cover applying parental controls through the settings offered by the Mac OS. However, we will also mention few free parental control mac apps that can do an excellent job of protecting your children’s Mac device.

Parental Controls Mac

If you have just bought yourself a new Mac or you upgraded to the OS X El Capitan or higher, it’s time to set up the new parental controls delivered by the new OS upgrade. You will need parental controls if you have guests coming over, and of course, for your children.

You will find these parental controls under “System Preferences”. They will allow you to create restrictions for any non-admin users that will use your Mac. The first thing you need to do is create new users by using the “Users & Groups” feature. You will see a little plus button in the lower-left corner. Click it and create a new user. Once you do this, click on the user and make sure you check the box that reads “Enable parental controls”.

When you do that, the option “Open Parental Controls” will appear and it will take you to the parental control section where you can tweak all the settings aimed at user’s restrictions. Keep reading to see which parental controls are available:

1. APPS – In this tab, you will be able to set restrictions for the built-in camera, the game center, approved email contacts, and of course, pick the apps that you want your children to access. If they try to open an app that’s not approved by you, they would have to enter the Admin’s username and password to be able to proceed.

2. WEB – We all know that most devices these days are specifically built to access the internet. Your children are browsing the internet all the time, so it’s important to make certain restrictions to limit the online content they can access. This Mac OS feature has three options:

– Unrestricted access
– Allowing access to only specific websites that you can control
– Automatically limit adult content

3. STORES – This feature gives you the option to disable access to the iTunes Store, iBooks store, and the iTunes U. Once you activate this, your child won’t be able to download any app to the device.

4. TIME – Through this tab, you will be able to set the specific time when you want your child to be able to access the computer. This is usually used to set a bedtime for your children during a school night. You can limit their computer use during the weekends as well, so they can participate in some outdoor activities instead of sitting in front of the computer all the time.

5. PRIVACY – This tab puts a limit on the information that the downloaded apps have access to. This means that the apps won’t be able to take advantage of the location services, the contacts list, calendar, reminders and much more.

As we can see, the new OS upgrade has quite a bit options for parental controls. However, to ensure maximum protection it’s always best to get a third-party software app. You will need one because they tend to offer features that the OS can’t give you. Below you will see a couple of free parental control review on some parental control apps for Mac.


This tool is quite known and it has been around for a long time. It will make it easy for you to block, keep track and receive notifications about the online activities of your children. Norton is the perfect option when your intention is to teach your child how to approach the internet safely. It keeps track of the websites that your child tried to access and it gives you a report, so later you can limit or block access to some of those websites. Additionally, you can set time limits so your kid won’t be able to sit in front of the computer the whole day.


A very popular software package because it works as an activity monitor, keylogger and an automatic screen capture, all in one. KidLogger will keep track of every keystroke typed by your child, all the applications he opened and the whole website history.

On top of that, you can use it to capture screenshots of the desktop every couple of minutes so you can remotely track what your kid is doing at the moment.


The above-mentioned apps will do a great job of protecting your children from bad content when they are using your Mac device. However, we believe that the mSpy package can offer you the best solution because besides keeping your Mac safe, it will also work great with any other device you have in your house.

MSpy will allow you to track all the messaging apps like Snapchat, WhatsApp, Tinder, FB messenger and others. With it, you can limit access to certain websites and you can also use it as a parental wifi control app. You will not make a mistake with whichever software you pick, however, mSpy will surely get the job done.


As we could see above, the new OS upgrade for Macs has a large number of features when it comes to parental controls. For most people that will be enough to keep their children safe from any bad online content. However, some people won’t find that enough which is why getting a free parental control Mac app is a great idea.

There are tons of those available online and we reviewed a couple of them for you in this article. All of them will do a great job. However, we strongly recommend getting the mSpy application. It has tons of features and right now it’s the number one parental control solution. So, if you want to keep your Mac safe don’t wait and get yourself a mSpy subscription.

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