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Finding Your Ideal Front Door Security Camera

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In order to enhance the security of your home, you need to understand how the criminal mind works. Their goal is to get in and your house/apartment without anyone noticing it. Therefore, they’ll pick a time to do a break-in when you’re not home. And most people aren’t home during the standard working hours, so it’s not surprising that more than 30% of all burglaries happen between 9 AM and 5 PM.

Getting caught is the worst nightmare of burglars, especially repeat offender who could get a really long jail sentence if busted. That’s why they try to get in people’s homes without making any noise. So, smashing the windows in is out of question.

Instead, they prefer picking the locks on the doors and getting in without making any big damage. And because these days there are some sophisticated tools that enable them to pick almost any kind of lock, the burglars can get inside your home without too much hassle. 

If your door locks fails you, there needs to be another security feature that will deter the burglars away. One device that comes to mind is the front door security camera!

Why Everyone Needs a Front Door Camera?

If you’re wondering why we believe that every house and every apartment should have a security camera for front door, it’s because every home has a front door. You may live in an apartment on the twentieth floor, so the burglars can’t get in through the windows. But, they certainly can get through the front door.

Even if you’re living in a house, it doesn’t mean you wouldn’t do good with a front door surveillance camera. Apart from using it to improve the security of your house, you can use it for many other purposes as well.

For example, this kind of camera will allow you to see the face of everyone coming in and out of your home. So, if you suspect your kids are hanging out with risky crowd, this camera will take away any doubts. You can also use it to see when your teenage children get home after a night out, as well as monitor what your spouse does when you’re not around.

Finding the Best Security Camera for the Front Door

If you’ve decided that a front door security camera is what you need, it’s time to learn how to find one that’s going to serve you well for a long time. To help you out with your quest, we’ve decided to make a list of the most important features of these types of cameras. So, here they are!

  • Monitor – In most cases, the camera that’s installed on the front door also comes with a wireless monitor that you can keep with you, no matter in which room you are. This means that you will be able to see who’s in front of your door without a need of getting up to look through the peephole.
  • Recording capacity – If the camera doesn’t have a memory card, it needs to be compatible with devices where you could record the video. Otherwise, the front door camera would be nothing else but a high-tech version of the peephole.
  • Video quality – It’s very important that the camera has high resolution, because otherwise, you won’t be able to see the face of the person getting inside your home.  
  • Weatherproof casing – If you’re going to use the camera outside, which most house owners do, the camera will have to be resistant to rain, snow, cold and hot weather.
  • Night vision – When someone rings your doorbell in the middle of the night, you surely want to know who they were before letting them in. But, what if it’s dark in front of the door? If you have a front door cam with a night vision, there’s no problem!
  • Motion detector – Some of these cameras come with motion detectors that will alarm you every time someone is standing in front of your door. 
  • Smartphone compatibility – If you can connect the camera to your smartphone, you will be able to set it to send you notifications every time there’s someone standing in front of the door or when someone rings the doorbell.

On top of everything, you also need to pay attention to the price of the camera. If it’s too high, there’s no point buying it because there are many devices out there with pretty attractive price tags. Still, if the camera is too cheap, it probably means that it’s also cheaply made. So, better stay away from such a product.

Top 3 Picks for the Best Front Door Security Camera

1. Yale Security AYRD-DDV8032-619

A Top-Rated Wireless Front Door Camera

What makes this front door camera so good is that it’s the size of a standard peephole. And you can install it there to be able to see who’s in front of your door without a need to get up from your bed. You will see it on the LCD monitor that’s included in the package. 


  • Wide-angle camera – The camera fits standard peepholes and is very easy to install. And once you install it, the wide-angle cam will capture everything that’s going on in front of your door. 
  • Memory – The camera can store up to 50 images, but if you want to store more images and even record video, you can get a micro SD card and put it in.
  • Integrated doorbell – There’s a built-in doorbell just below the sensor of the camera. 


  • 3-in-1 product – This isn’t just a security camera for your front door, but also a better alternative to the peephole, as well as a doorbell.
  • Easy to install – The camera fits most peepholes and comes with all the mounting hardware you need. 


  • Not smartphone-compatible – Even though the LCD monitor that’s included in the package is really good, we still believe it would be better if you could connect the camera to your smartphone as well. Unfortunately, that’s not possible with Yale’s peephole cam.

2. Top-Rated Wi-Fi Enabled Front Door Camera Made by Ring

Similarly to the first item on our list, this device too serves as a security camera, a peephole, and a doorbell. What’s the main advantage of this device is that you can wirelessly connect it to your smartphone, but also Alexa and Echo devices.


  • HD camera – The 720p camera records high quality video, which will let you see the face of the person in front of your door clearly.
  • Motion sensor – The camera has a motion sensor that will notify you if there’s someone standing in front of your door.
  • Microphone & speaker – This device allows two-way communication as well. 
  • Wi-Fi – You can connect this camera to a variety of different devices, including smartphones, laptops, Alexa, and Echo devices.


  • Advanced features – This camera comes with some really amazing features, including the motion sensor, microphone, speaker, and so on.
  • Connectivity – You can view video and control the camera from your phone, computer, etc.


  • No internal memory – You can record videos only on Ring’s cloud storage, for which you’re required to pay a monthly subscription.

3. Digitharbor’s Peephole Camera with 4GB SD Memory

The camera is tiny and it can fit inside the peephole. Once you install it, you will be able to use the wireless monitor to see what’s going on in front of your door at any given moment.


  • Wide-angle camera – The camera has a view of 150-degrees, which is more than enough to cover everything that’s going on in front of your home. 
  • 4GB micro SD – The camera saves its videos on a micro SD card that’s included in the package. Its capacity is 4GB.


  • Easy to install – The size and design of this camera make it very easy to install in a peephole. Plus, all the mount hardware you need comes with the package. 
  • Memory card included – There’s a 4GB memory SD card included, so you don’t need to buy one.
  • Affordable price – This is the cheapest camera of all thee we reviewed. Its price tag is really impressive particularly because a memory card is included.


  • Not compatible with smartphones – Unfortunately, you can review the camera’s footage only on its LCD monitor, not on a smartphone or some other device.

Final Word

Keeping your home secure is of utmost importance. And a front door camera will certainly increase it. But, buying a regular surveillance cam and placing it above the front door might not be the best possible solution. Instead, our advice is to go with a peephole camera that you can use for many other purposes, apart security.

As you’ve seen in our reviews, these cameras can make your life much more convenient. You will be able to use them to see who’s in front of your door. Some of them come with built-in doorbells, some enable two-way communication, some allow you to control them via mobile devices.

So, make sure to read our reviews thoroughly to be able to decide which one’s the best for you. Still, one thing is certain, if you do pick one of these three, you won’t make a mistake!

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