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Finding The Very Best Business Security Camera System in 2019

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Here you can find the best security camera systems for small business in 2019. These are the top surveillance cameras for outdoor and indoor use

We live in the 21st century and there really is no reason not to take advantage of the perks that the modern tech has to offer. There are all sorts of gadgets you can use to ensure your personal security as well as the security of your business. 

One of those is the business camera system, which is designed to not just to catch burglars in the act, but also to warn them to stay away from your property. You can be sure that the criminals will think twice whether to break in your business property when they spot that it’s secured with surveillance cameras

And even if the burglars get in, the cameras will film them, which can mean a lot to the police when trying to catch them. Believe it or not, these small business security cameras really do help the law enforcement with finding the culprits. 

Unfortunately, many business owners don’t think that’s the case. Instead of playing safe and securing their business property with surveillance systems, they decide to rely on luck. The result of that is that there are thousands of burglaries happening in the US every year. In some parts of the county, as much as 10% of all business get burgled at one point.

Even if you keep your cash and classified company data in a safe, it doesn’t mean that burglars can’t hurt your business. By burgling in, they can damage your doors and windows, destroy office equipment, etc. The worst of all is that commercial burglary is bound to ruin the harmony and sense of security in your office. And the employees who don’t feel safe are not productive employees.  

Other Uses for Business Security Camera Systems

Apart from ensuring the security of your commercial property, these small business security cameras are designed to be used for all sorts of other purposes. 

Some of those include the following:

  • Preventing office theft
  • Preventing industrial espionage
  • Keeping an eye on the productivity of your employees
  • Getting an insight into the staff happiness
  • Solving disputes among employees
  • Increasing the feeling of safety and security among your staff

Whatever the reason might be why you’re considering buying a security system of business security cameras, you need to make sure you’re going to buy the best one. And we’re now going to help you find it!

Finding the Best Security Camera Systems for Small Business

It’s not an easy task to find a good security system of surveillance systems that will keep your business protected. The fact is that there are hundreds of different systems on sale, so finding the best one is tricky. 

But, with a little bit of research, you can find the very best security camera system for business. Here are the features you need to pay attention to during your quest:

  • Resolution – In order to be able to identify the people in the video recorded by the security camera, the camera needs to have a high resolution. Our advice is to look for cams with at least 1080p HD resolution.
  • Night-vision – Most burglaries happen at night, which is why it’s essential for the security camera to have a night vision feature.
  • Microphone – If there’s a built-in microphone, the camera will be able to record audio as well, not just video.
  • Motion & sound detection – Instead of keeping the camera rolling non-stop, these features will turn it on only when there’s someone present in the area it covers.
  • Connectivity – Some cameras are connected to the video recorder with wires, others use a wireless security. If the latter is your choice, you also need to check how good the battery of the camera is. 

A great thing is that you can find many camera systems that have all of the aforementioned features. The trick is in knowing where to look for them. Our advice is Amazon. That’s where you can find dozens of top-quality surveillance cameras for businesses. And if you want the very best ones, you need to take a look at the reviews below! 

Best Security Cameras For Small Business Reviews

Arlo Q: Top-Rated Business Security Camera

Among the main things we like about this camera is the fact that it can record video as well as broadcast it live. Take a look at Arlo Q features to learn about other things we love about this product!


  • HD resolution – The video resolution of this camera is 1080p, which means that you will be able to clearly see the faces of people in your office.
  • Night vision – This feature enables you to see the faces of people even if they’re in total darkness. 
  • Motion detector – The camera has a motion detection range of up to 50 meters (164 feet).
  • AC power, Wi-Fi data transfer – There’s no need for batteries; you just need to plug it into an AC power outlet. And when it comes to data recording, it’s done via Wi-Fi, which has a range of up to 300 feet.
  • 24/7 cloud recording – You can connect the camera to your computer and record video there. But, you can also use Arlo’s cloud for storing the recordings. It’s free of charge for the first 7 days.
  • 2-way audio – The camera has a microphone that records sounds. It also has a loudspeaker, which enables you to establish a 2-way communication with people inside your property.


  • Superb video quality – This camera records video in a very high resolution, so you’re certainly going to be able to see the faces of people in the footage.
  • Easy to install – You just need to mount it onto a wall, plug it to a power source, and wirelessly connect it to your computer.
  • All sorts of advanced features – The camera comes with features like night vision, motion detector, microphone, speaker, and many others.
  • Reasonable price – With the price of just over a hundred dollars, this is one very reasonably priced camera. 


  • Indoor use only – The camera is not designed for outdoor use and weather conditions can harm it.

Logitech Circle 2: An Indoor/Outdoor Business Security Camera

The first thing you’ll notice about this camera is that it looks really awesome. And if the design of your office is a high-tech style, this camera will fit in nicely. Of course, that’s far from being the main reason why this camera is a good choice for security-conscious business owners. Some of the main reasons why Logitech Circle 2 is your good pick are listed below!


  • Full-HD wide-angle camera – The camera records video in the 1080p resolution. 
  • 2-way communication – The cam has a mic and a speaker, which means that you can have 2-way communication with the people in the office.
  • 24/7 cloud recording – You can set the camera to record the video on Logitech cloud, which owners of Circle 2 can use for free. 
  • Waterproof – The camera can be used both indoors and outdoors. 


  • Video recording – Not only does it record video in 1080p HD but it also has a very wide angle, which makes it suitable for large rooms.
  • Free cloud recording – Instead of using your computer’s HDD to store video, you can use Logitech cloud for free.


  • Night vision – The camera does have night vision, but its range is only 15 feet. 

Blink XT Business Security Camera System with 5 HD Cameras

Owning a small business does not always mean that your office or business property is small. And if you have a lot of space the home security camera needs to cover, a single camera won’t do you any good. Instead, you need a security system with at least 5 security cameras in it. And one of the best 5-camera systems you can find is Blink XT!


  • 5 wireless security HD cameras – Each of the cameras in the system uses batteries to get energy and Wi-Fi to send the data. 
  • Cloud storage – The data recorded by the cameras can be recorded on a cloud that’s free to use. 
  • Motion detector – In order to save battery life, the cameras won’t work until motion is recorded.
  • Waterproof case – These cameras can be used both inside and outside your office.


  • Large coverage – Considering that there are 5 cameras in the system, you will probably be able to use them to monitor your entire business property. 
  • Easy to install – Because there are no wires, you just need to mouth the cameras (by using wall mounts included in the package) and connect them to the control unit. 


  • Non-rechargeable batteries – The cameras are powered by Lithium batteries, which cannot be recharged. 

One Last Thing to Remember

You can’t put a price on your home security, so our advice is not to try to save your money on security systems. Installing security cameras for your business property is a must, but you also need to think about other security features, including break-in alarms, GPS trackers for important tools and equipment, and so on. 

You can find all of those things on our website, together with all the information you need to keep your business, your home security, and yourself completely safe.  

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