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Finding The Best POE Security Camera System in 2019

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Your home is your palace and you need to make sure it’s safe and sound all the time, even when you’re not there. The fact that the number of burglaries in the United States goes over two million every year means that you need to take the security of your house/apartment seriously. The same goes for the security of your business, as well as any other property you might own. 

There are many ways to ensure the security of your property. Unfortunately, not all of them are very affordable. Even worse, many of the security solutions are just not good enough to keep the burglars away. 

The good news is that there are some types of security systems that don’t cost much, but give a lot in return. The first one that comes to mind is the POE Security Camera System. If you would like to learn more about it, make sure to keep on reading!

What is the POE Security Camera System?

POE stands for Power over Ethernet and as its name suggests, this is a technology that uses network cables to transport electricity. Therefore, POE security cameras get their electrical power through Ethernet cables. This means that instead of using two cable connections (one for power, one for data), these cameras only need one. 

The cable needed for this purpose is Cat 5, Cat 5e, or Cat 6 Ethernet cable. And because only one cable is necessary for these systems to work properly, installing it is not too difficult. Apart from being easy to install, these systems are also very reliable and provide a really good video quality. Finally, POE security camera systems also allow users to use them in combination with other security features, including some really advanced features like face recognition, for example.

Are POE Security Cameras Better Than The Rest?

Even though POE security cameras have been around for years, they’re still not as popular as analog surveillance systems. But, that’s something that’s bound to change in the near future. POE cameras are expected to take over the place of analog systems very soon. The reason is that they’re just much better.

If you’re wondering why analog systems are still more commonly used than POE cameras, it’s because they’re the cheapest option. Unfortunately, being cheap also means that these cameras do not offer a high level of security. The thing is that their resolution is very low, especially when compared to POE cameras.

The highest resolution analog security cameras can have is 960×480, which often isn’t enough to provide a clear image of the face of the burglars. Actually, that’s one of the main reasons why the number of arrests is not as high as it should be. Another reason why analog camera systems aren’t a very good choice is that they’re not easy to install as each camera needs to be connected to the system core with at least two cables.

Speaking of cables, you might wonder about Wi-Fi cameras. Are they a better choice than POE cameras? They surely are convenient to use, as installing them is pretty easy. However, they just can’t compare to POE cameras in terms of security. The thing is that these cameras can be hacked by the criminals, who would then have no problems burgling inside your home.

On top of everything, these surveillance systems are also pretty expensive. In fact, their price can be even several times higher than the price of POE systems. Finally, wireless camera systems are also problematic for the fact that their video quality often isn’t too great. If you’re looking for a surveillance system that provides a superb video quality, POE cameras are the ones to go with. 

Choosing the Best POE Security Camera System

Surveillance systems are not something you buy every month. This is a purchase you need to make once every several years. And if you buy a really good one, you’re not going to have to replace it for decades. The obvious question is how to find such a surveillance system?

That’s exactly what we’re now going to help you find out. In order to be able to find the best POE surveillance system among hundreds of different choices, you need to learn more about the most important features of these systems. 

Most Important Features of Best POE Security Camera System 2019

  • Resolution – Arguably the most important thing to pay attention to when shopping for POE security systems is the resolution of the cameras. After all, the higher the resolution, the better picture you’ll get about what’s going on in your property. If the camera has a good resolution, let’s say at least 1080p, you will be able even to see the face of the person in the video. Therefore, a POE security camera system 1080p is a really good choice for face recognition.
  • Viewing angle – This is something you need to check in order to make sure the camera will be able to cover enough area to make your property more secure. Those cameras with wider lenses can cover a much larger area, which means that with only a few cameras you can do surveillance of your entire property. 
  • Recording capacity – It’s always a plus if a surveillance system can record videos. This way, if a burglary happens, you will be able to use the playback to see exactly what was going on while you were away. Furthermore, the playback can help the police identify the perpetrators.  
  • Night vision – It’s a common fact that most burglaries happen at night, which is why it’s important to check whether the surveillance system you wish to buy has night vision. This is a feature that can mean a lot for your security and can help the police with catching the burglar. The thing is that when this feature is on, there’s no need to keep the lights on. And that means that the burglars will have no idea they’re being filmed, so the police can catch them red-handed.

Apart from the things in the list, there are a few other stuff you need to take a look at when choosing a surveillance system. One of those is the design of the cameras. You can choose from either bullet or dome cameras, both of which has its pros and cons. In a nutshell, dome-style cams are better to deter the burglars away, as it’s difficult to tell which way they’re facing. But, if you would like to catch them in the act, bullet-style cameras are for you.

POE Security Camera System Reviews

To help you out with finding the best surveillance system, we’ve decided to go one step further Instead of simply providing you info about the features and options each system needs to have in order to be considered good, we’ve decided to actually give you some information.

Here are some POE surveillance systems that we believe are the best the current 2019 market can offer!

Reolink 5MB 8 Channel NVR IP Camera System

5MP Cams with 2TB Recording Capacity

The kit is made of four 5MP cameras that can record high-quality video and record it on the NVR that comes with a 2TB memory capacity. Apart from being able to record hours-long surveillance videos in high quality, the system is also great for the fact that it’s very easy to set-up.


  • 4 x 5MP dome cameras – The system features four dome cameras, each with a very wide angle. The cameras can shoot videos in 5MP resolution as well as take photos if you want them to. You can install them anywhere you like, both inside and outside your home, as they’re waterproof.2
  • 2TB memory – The footage recorded with those 4 cameras is recorded on a 2TB HDD. Such memory capacity is enough to record days of footage before overwriting it.
  • Night vision – The cameras have night vision, so there’s no need of keeping the lights on all the time. And the footage made in low-light conditions is pretty impressive.


  • Built quality – The system is made by Reolink, a company with a really impressive portfolio. Some of the products manufactured by this company were used for surveillance purposes at the Beijing Olympics, which is a proof of their quality. Therefore, you got nothing to be worried about the sturdiness and longevity of this surveillance system.
  • Large recording capacity – With 2TB capacity, you can be sure the system will record days if not weeks of footage.
  • Waterproof cameras – You can install the cameras outside your property and not worry that they would get damaged due to rain.


  • Recording capacity – Everything about this system seems great; not just its features but its reasonable price as well. Still, if we had to pick one thing that could do with an improvement, it would be its HDD. 2 terabyte does not seem too much.

Smonet 8CH 5MB Home Security Camera System

Surveillance System with 8 Outdoor Cameras

Similarly to the previous security cam system we reviewed, this one too is great in terms of recording quality, recording capacity, and the ease of installation. But, unlike the previous system, this one comes with 8 surveillance cameras.


  • 8 cameras – Three are 8 bullet-style cameras in this system, each of which can record videos in 5MP resolution.
  • 2TB HDD – The built-in storage capacity is 2TB, which is enough to record video for about a week without overwriting the old recordings.  
  • Mobile-friendly – You can connect this system to your smartphone by using the app. The app has a version for Android devices, as well as one version for iPhones. Once you install it, you will be able to get notifications from the system every time movement is detected by the cameras.


  • Recording capacity – With 2TB of integrated memory storage, the system can record almost a whole week of footage without any overwriting. If that’s not enough for you, you can upgrade it to a maximum of 4TB HDD.
  • Advanced options – The surveillance system comes with all sorts of advanced features, including night vision, smart recording, email notifications, and so on.


  • Price – It’s not too expensive, but it would be nice if the system was slightly cheaper.

Laview 16CH POE 4K

12 4MB Camera Security System with 4TB hard drives

The final review is dealing with a 16-channel surveillance system that comes with a total of twelve 4MP cameras. Unfortunately, this is the priciest system of all three, but if you take a look at its specs and features, you will see that it’s worth every cent.


  • 4MP cameras – There are 12 cameras in the system and they can shoot video of really impressive quality. These are bullet-style cams with the viewing angle of 82 degrees, which is also pretty impressive.
  • Night vision – Although many surveillance cameras these days do feature night vision, the one these use is really great at its job. You will be able to recognize a person’s face from a distance of up to 130 feet in pitch dark.  
  • Thermal sensing – The cameras do not need to work all the time. You can use the thermal sensing feature, which will turn the system on only when someone is there.  
  • Pre-installed (2x) 2TB hard drives


  • High-quality video – The 4MP cameras can shoot top-quality videos, so you will have no problems recognizing someone’s face by reviewing the playback.
  • Advanced features – The system packs all sorts of advanced features, including night-vision, thermal sensing, and so on.


  • Price – This is the most expensive surveillance system on our list, but we really do believe that it’s worth its price. 

Final Word

Now that you’ve learned more about surveillance systems, you know that getting such a system can mean a complete security of your property. Instead of hoping for the best, our advice is to get your home or business property protected. Get yourself a POE security cameras system straight away!

The best thing is that you don’t have to spend your time, money, and your nerves on finding the right system. Just pick one from our reviews and you’ve solved the problem!

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