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Finding The Best Security System For Apartment

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One home’s is one’s palace and you certainly want to keep it safe and secure. If you and your family live in an apartment, it’s almost your duty to make it secure as possible. And the easiest way of doing it is by installing the best apartment alarm system!

Even if you live in a building situated in a peaceful neighborhood where burglaries almost never happen, you still need to think about the security of your apartment. After all, your neighborhood is safe because your neighbors are security-conscious people.

When it comes to security, we believe that you mustn’t risk anything. Even if your apartment is seemingly secure, you could still do well with additional security features. It’s not only because these features will ensure the security of your property, but also because they will ensure you and your loved ones have peace of mind.

Here are some facts that are guaranteed to make you start thinking about your apartment security:

  • Number of burglaries in the United States is over 1.5 million per year, according to the FBI.
  • Percentage of solved burglary cases is only about 13 percent.
  • Number of burglaries followed by violent crimes is pretty high because someone is in the apartment in about 30 percent of burglary cases. 
  • A survey among convicted burglars showed that over 60 percent of them chose to hit only homes without any visible home security systems.
  • The number of apartments with security systems is still at a very low level.

If a burglary happens, not only will you end up losing your valuables but it will have an impact on your emotions as well. You will never feel as safe as secure in your apartment as you did before. So, why not prevent such a scenario in time? 

Features of a Good Apartment Security System

If you’re not sure what kind of devices should be in charge of the security of your apartment, here’s a list you need to take a look at!

  • Door & window sensors – In order to break into your home, the burglars will have to open the apartment doors somehow or get in through the window. To prevent them from doing it, you can put sensors on the apartment doors and windows, especially if your apartment is at ground level. Just turn the sensors on when you’re away (or you want to enhance your own security) and they will alarm you when door/windows are opened. 
  • Siren alarms for apartments – When the sensors are activated, they will make the home security system react. And if a siren is a part of the system, it will start emitting loud noise which should make the burglars run away.  
  • Apartment security camera – Some home security systems also feature a camera, which you can use to see what’s going on in your apartment in real time. And the camera can also be used for recording, which can be helpful to the police if a burglary happens.
  • Motion sensors – Some security systems have motion sensors that turn on the camera as soon as motion is detected. They can also be set to notify you when motion is spotted, usually through your smartphone. 
  • Connectivity – If it’s possible to connect the home security system to your smartphone, you will be able to see what’s going on in the apartment when the alarm is triggered.

If a system has all of these features, you can think of it as the best security camera system for apartment. Unfortunately, systems with all of the components we listed are pretty expensive. Price is another thing you need to pay attention when shopping for these types of systems.

Luckily for you, the fact is that there are some amazing security systems for apartments out there, which do not cost too much. The only problem is how to find them. But, you have us to help you out. And we’re now going to present you with our top 3 picks for the apartment alarm system you can buy in 2019!

Best Apartment Security System 2019

1. SimpliSafe 9 Pieces Home Security System

Probably the Best Wireless Apartment Alarm System You Can Find

There are several reasons why we think this might be the best home security system for apartments. First of all, it’s designed to cover all basis in terms of security of your flat. Its components include motion detectors, door/window sensors, smoke alarm, and even a camera. The system is also designed to be easy to use and considering that it’s made by SimpiSafe, you can be sure it’s gonna work fine for many, many years.


  • Motion detector – This system comes with a PIR detector, the purpose of which is to detect if there’s someone in your apartment.
  • Window/door sensors – The sensors are wireless, meaning that setting them up on your doors and windows is not difficult.
  • Camera – There’s a PIR image camera included in the kit, which will sent you an image of what’s going in your apartment if motion is detected or if window/door sensors are activated. 
  • Smoke detector – Apart from keeping your apartment burglary-free, this system also takes care of your fire safety. 


  • Connectivity – You can connect this system to your smartphone and get all the info you need about what’s going on in your flat in real-time.
  • Customizability – You can make this home security system even larger by adding compatible components, e.g. CCTV cameras.
  • Pet-friendly motion detector – The motion detector will not raise alarm for nothing; if the movement is caused by your pet, the alarm won’t react.


  • Price – This isn’t a cheap alarm system, but considering how good it is, no one can say it’s expensive. Still, if you’re looking for something cheaper, the two systems below are much more affordable options.

2. SimpliSafe 12-Piece Apartment-Friendly Alarm System

Here’s another security system that will take care of all the aspects of your apartment’s security. The kit consists of 12 pieces, including window/door sensors, cameras, and a siren. What really makes it a great choice is that this system is easy to install. You can do it by yourself in only a couple of minutes if you follow the instructions from the manual.


  • Window/door sensors – There are 5 entry sensors, each of which is wireless thus very easy to install.
  • Motion sensors – Two motion sensors are included in the kit, so you can put them in different rooms. 
  • Camera – One wide-angle camera is a part of the system and it can send live footage to your smartphone when an intruder is detected. 
  • Siren – If a break-in is attempted, the alarm sets off its 105db siren, which is guaranteed to alarm everyone in the building.


  • DIY system – Although this is a 12-component security system, it’s strangely very easy to set up.
  • Smartphone connectivity – You can connect this system to your smartphone and get notifications each time something suspicious is going on in your apartment.
  • Police dispatch – When the system detects a burglary it can notify not only you, but the cops as well.


  • Price – Although it is cheaper than Yale’s system we dealt with earlier, its price might still seem high to some people. If you would like something even cheaper, our 3rd review is a must-read.

3. Super-Cheap Alarm System For Apartment by KERUI

You can’t find many other security systems that are as cheap as this one. But, being cheap, in this case, does not mean poor quality. On the contrary, this system is bound to do a good job keeping your apartment secure. 


  • Motion sensor – One of the components in the kit is a battery-powered motion sensor which can work up to 4 months before you will need to replace its battery.
  • Entry sensors – The magnetic sensors for doors and windows are very easy to install and are very reliable. Once the magnetic connection between two parts of a sensor is broken, the alarm goes off, it’s simple as that!
  • Siren – The system features a loud siren, which is guaranteed to wake your neighbors up and scare away the burglars.


  • Very cheap – This system is a proof that you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to enhance the security of your apartment.
  • Expendable – The kit is made of entry sensors, a motion detector, a siren, as well as a remote. But, if you want to expand it, you can add more sensors or even some security cameras. 


  • No smartphone compatibility – You can’t control the system with your smartphone; it’s controlled with the remote that is included in the kit. 

Final Word

You shouldn’t gamble with your apartment’s security. Without an alarm system to keep the burglars away, your flat is vulnerable. And we really see no reason why you wouldn’t buy a security system right away. 

As you’ve seen in our reviews, these days you can find top-class security kits that are easy to install and which do not cost too much. Actually, we’ve even review a budget system for which you won’t have to pay more than you’d pay for a dinner at a restaurant. 

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