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The Best Security Cameras Without Wifi For 2019

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When you saw the security camera without Wi-Fi in the title most of you believed that these are low-end models that are designed for basic purposes. Actually, you are wrong! As a matter of fact, some of the best and the most expensive models don’t have Wi-Fi option. The reason is in the safety. Wi-Fi models can be hacked (by professional hackers only) and they offer this feature just so the installation and the use is easier.

Security cameras that don’t require internet are still considered as the best of the best and they are used for most demanding operations, for purposes when the safety is absolutely mandatory. Most models of this kind require Ethernet cable to be linked with the control unit and with other cameras, but some have other methods.

This type of security cameras also has another advantage. They are capable of recording more frames per second than Wi-Fi models. In general, this makes them better for recording more details and for providing more accurate surveillance.

The last but not least important, it is almost impossible to bypass the security of these cameras. As we have mentioned, they use cables which are inside a home, meaning that a potential burglar will have to enter a home in order to cut the cables and stop surveillance. For most burglars, this isn’t an easy task and most of them will simply switch to another target.

The Best Security Camera Without Wi-Fi 2019 Reviews

Now we will take a closer look at the 3 best cameras for surveillance that run without Wi-Fi. All of them are very popular at the moment and they have advanced features. The safety they provide is also at the highest level possible. 

Security Camera System Wired, SMONET 8CH 1080P Surveillance Camera System

Sophisticated system with 8 cameras included

The tested model is a security camera without internet system that includes all you are going to need in order to add protection to your home. It is also one of the most popular systems of this kind and definitely deserves your full attention.


  • 1080p resolution: The cameras will record in 1080p resolution, which means you will always have decent quality recordings within your reach. 
  • 8 cameras included: The thing we liked the most is the number of cameras. There are 8 in the package. 4 of them are bullet and 4 are dome-looking units.
  • Night Vision: Thanks to the IR-LED the cameras can record at night with a distance of up to 65 feet. 
  • 2TB of hard drive: A drive is mandatory for all surveillance cameras. It is basically storage for the recordings. In this case scenario, you are looking at 2TB of space.
  • Plug and play: The installation is super-easy and you will need around 30 minutes to link and connect all the pieces.


  • 8 surveillance cameras: Basically you will have 8 cameras for your surveillance. Different designs make them suitable for different locations.
  • Storage space: 2TB of storage space is more than similar models have to offer.
  • Night Vision: The cameras will be fully operational at night.


  • Expensive: This is one of the best and therefore the most expensive systems of this kind.
  • Computer mouse: Yes, it is included in the package but it isn’t very good.

Tonton 8CH Full HD 1080P Security Camera System

Advanced model with Face Detection feature

The Tonton 8CH is one of the most popular choices for homeowners who want the ultimate protection and the latest features available in the world of surveillance. The set comes with 4 cameras with a modern design and advanced features.


  • Face detection: The cameras and the system, in general, will automatically detect a face of all individuals included in the recording feed.
  • Completely waterproof: The cameras are waterproof and they are specifically designed for outdoor use. Of course, they can be used indoors as well.
  • 65 feet of night vision: The system is fully operational at night. The visibility is up to 65 feet.
  • Motion sensor: You will be notified once the system detects any kind of movement in the specific area.


  • Face detection– It is a very desirable and useful feature.
  • Easy to connect and install– The system is very easy to connect and use. It comes with the adaptive self-connect interface.
  • Motion detection– You will get notifications once the system detects movement.
  • Lifetime support– These no Wi-Fi security cameras come with 2-year warranty and lifetime tech support.


  • 1TB of HDD– It includes 1TB of space for storage of recordings, which isn’t much.
  • Poor instructions– We believe that instructions should be more detailed and better in general.

SANSCO Pro CCTV Security Camera System

Good looking unit with a great value for money 

Can wireless cameras work without internet? The SANSCO Pro CCTV Security Camera System is an obvious answer. They are probably some of the best-looking cameras of this kind and they are very desirable at the moment.


  • All in one kit– All you are going to need for surveillance is included in the package. Your only missions to install it.
  • 1080p or 720p resolution– The system is available with 1080p and with 720p resolution cameras. Besides quality, the main difference is the price. 
  • Motion recording– Cameras will be activated once motion is detected.
  • 1TB of space– You get 1TB of storage to store your recordings.


  • Great looking system– For most homeowners the look of the cameras is important. We believe that these ones are very beautiful.
  • Available in two versions– Choose between better video quality and more affordable option.
  • Full package– All the essentials are included, even a computer mouse.
  • Value for money– The system is generally affordable.


  • Customer support– It is far from ideal and it should be better.
  • Lack of advanced features– There is no face detection feature here. 


We already know that the best security camera without internet is one of the models mentioned on the list. Now is your turn to decide which model is the most suitable for your purpose and which one will meet all your requirements. Let’s just say that burglars won’t target your home if you have any of these systems.

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