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Choosing the Best Tiny Spy Camera For 2019

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Modern surveillance systems are extremely advanced and can easily monitor a whole building, however, they are not actually designed to tell you if someone is trustworthy or not, rather deter individuals from breaking the law.

Spy cameras, on the other hand, are extremely difficult to notice and can record everything happening in a room without anyone knowing. In terms of functionality, most spy cameras can record HD video, take photos, and some even have night detection systems and motion sensors, so that they will only become active when they detect movement.

There have been countless cases where employees would steal money and items from their offices after their superiors left or even situations in which the babysitter or maid would steal money and jewelry from the home of the family she was employed by. Tiny hidden spy cameras can record these individuals without them knowing that they are being watched.

However, while traditional security cameras are sold and installed by specialized companies, these spy devices must be ordered from online stores and installed manually. The fact that they can be found online have also made it easy to accidentally order fake or low-quality products, especially when considering that most individuals do not exactly know what to look for in one of these cameras.

Buying Guide – What to look for in a hidden mini spy camera?

  • Design – Spy camera manufacturers create and sell products of various shapes and sizes. Think about where you want to place it and how you intend to hide a spy camera before buying it. Some are disguised as wall chargers, others as alarm clocks, and their effectiveness depends on how well they can blend in with the existing décor;
  • Features – If you want to be able to log into your cameras in order to watch the live stream on your phone, then you should consider getting a model with Wi-Fi. On the other hand, if online connectivity is not extremely important to you, however, you want to be able to leave it running overnight, then you may want to get a device that has night vision;
  • Additional equipment – Some spy cameras only work with a microSD card, and you may be required to purchase it separately. Alternatively, there are also manufacturers that include a card with the package. Always look at what you’re getting with a product, and if there is anything else required in order to use it or to install it;
  • Battery life – Small devices usually have small batteries. Keep that in mind when choosing one, and consider also getting a small, discrete power bank as a way to extend the internal power supply. Most models can be charged with either a power brick, from a wall outlet, or with a basic power bank. Most spycam batteries are under 1000mAh and power the systems for around 90 minutes. A 5000-6000mAh power bank will be more than enough to keep the devices running for around 8 hours;

The Best Mini Spy Cameras 2019 Reviews

ELValey Hidden Mini Spy Camera

A modular, discrete spy camera that’s easy to hide in furniture

ELValey has taken a different approach with its Hidden Mini Spy Camera. This tiny Wi-Fi spy camera is modular, meaning that the camera itself, the Wi-Fi antenna, and the battery are not in one case. This enables the owner to more easily hide each of the elements in furniture, clothes, or among various decorative objects. The modular design has also allowed the manufacturer to use a larger battery than that of other products in the same class.


  • 1080p HD video recording – The camera can record 1080p HD video at a resolution of 1920×1080;
  • Small, modular form factor – The modular design of the products allows the owner to hide its different components in different places. The cables that connect them are extremely difficult to notice;
  • Motion detection – The camera comes with a motion detection system that takes a picture and starts recording once the camera senses movement. A companion app for the camera can also be connected to the device in order to receive alarms and notifications when movement is detected;
  • Live stream – Once the camera detects motion, it sends a push notification to the owner’s phone, enabling him to log in and watch a live stream from the device;
  • Large battery – The 2500mAh battery can be charged in under 6 hours, while the camera is working, and will last for around 3.5 hours. The battery can be charged using a wall socket, a car charging adapter, and a power bank;
  • Max 64GB – The camera is compatible with microSD cards of up to 64G;


  • Easy to hide – Each of the components can be hidden separately;
  • Extremely small – The camera itself is extremely small and thin;


  • Gets hot – The camera can get quite hot while charging, however, it does not reach the point where it would burn skin;
  • No microphone – There is no way to record audio;

Ztour Hidden Spy Camera

A 1080p HD camera the size of a coin, that’s perfect to hide in small spaces;

Ztour has succeeded in creating one of the smallest cameras in the world. While it does not have an integrated battery, it is able to record 1080p HD video and has night vision and motion detection. The files can be stored on a microSD card of up to 32GB and can record round-the-clock. This having been said, it must be powered using an external source, such as a power bank or a wall power outlet.


  • 1080p HD video and night vision – The camera can record 1080p video and comes with IR LEDs that allow it to see in complete darkness up to a distance of 5 meters;
  • Extremely small – The camera measures only 1.1 x 0.4 x 1.1 inches, being slightly larger than a coin;
  • Easy to use – The model is controlled with two buttons, one of which controls the motion detection system, and one activates continuous recording;
  • Continuous detection – The camera can use a microSD card of up to 32GB in order to store video, and comes with a motion detection system that only starts recording when it senses movement, as well as with a Loop function that overwrites older files when the card is full;
  • High compatibility – The camera can be powered using a wall adapter or a power bank;


  • Easy to hide – The camera is small enough to place virtually anywhere, and it is then easy to connect it, using a long USB cable, to a power bank;
  • Auto timestamp – The camera automatically marks the time and date on both motion detection videos as well as the continuous record ones;


  • No battery – The lack of a battery may limit its usability, to a degree;

TusionWin Wall Charger Hidden Spy Camera

A 1080p HD spy camera that can be hidden in plain sight

The Wall Charger from TusionWin forgoes the micro design of most products of its class and manages to hide an HD camera in plain sight. The sensor that captures the images is hidden in a fully functional wall charger. There is no indication that a camera is hidden inside, other than a small, circular opening that looks identical to the status LED light that can be found on most chargers;


  • 1080p HD video – the camera records 1080p HD with great accuracy;
  • Easy installation – The camera comes with a 32GB microSD card. Insert it into the device, plug the device into a wall socket and it will become active. No further setup is needed;
  • Motion detection – The camera only records when it detects movement in the room, in order to save space on the microSD card;
  • Loop recording – The camera automatically overwrites older files when the microSD card has been filled;


  • Indistinguishable from a normal charger – There is no way to tell that the charger contains a spy camera. The device can actually charge electronic devices, so it is extremely easy to hide it in plain sight. People will use it as a charger without realizing that they are being recorded;
  • Great motion sensor – The motion detection technology in the device does not skip a beat, and can detect even the slightest movement;


  • No Live streaming – The tiny spy camera wireless connection is not existent. There is no way to look at the live stream;
  • Needs to be connected – The device needs to be plugged into an outlet in order to work. This makes it impractical for those who need a greater degree of flexibility from a spy camera;


Whether you’re looking for a tiny wireless pinhole spy camera with motion activated DVR connection, and other features, to keep an eye on what’s happening at the office after you leave, or just want to get a more basic model to monitor your kids and the babysitter or maid, these devices are essential.

They are easy to hide, easy to use, and can be moved from one spot to another in the blink of an eye. Moreover, some models can be interconnected in order to monitor the entire home. Regardless of the reason for their purchase, keep in mind that it is always better to be safe than sorry.

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