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How Teddy Bear Camera Can Help You Spy On Your Nanny

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Why Teddy Bear Nanny Camera is Your Number 1 Option

The safety of your young one is paramount, there is nothing that can come before making sure they are okay. Try as hard as you may to be there at every waking moment, the enemies - time and duty will always win. The most natural option that takes over is to get someone to help you look after your growing bundle of joy. 

But a nanny can't watch your baby full time and fill you in on every little thing that they do. Given the latest nannies who are trending on child abuse videos on Youtube lately, it is the nannies we really need to keep a watchful eye over.

There's a video of a nanny who was supposed to be the child's protector, dragging a 3 year old through the living room and tossing them across the room as if they were a rag doll. This was all caught on spy camera that was set up by the mother who was suspicious of the nanny and her discipline tactics.

The child's injuries were mostly internal, they were mostly brain damage from the impact of the child's head hitting the furniture when they were being helplessly flung across the room with total abandon. The nanny is where she is supposed to be, watched over by a prison guard.

How To Be sure That All is Well When You Are Away

Most spy cameras are really hard to hide. Making it easy to the point of effortless, for nannies and other people to pick up on them at a moments notice. So the new way to hide the spy camera is revolutionizing everything you thought about cameras.

The trick is to hide it in plain sight to not be noticed. Blending in with normal things around the room that no one would even care to suspect. The teddy bear nanny camera is a very clever idea. This comes in the form of a cute, harmless teddy bear that no one would pay mind to.

They are more likely to cuddle the teddy bear, giving you more footage to work with and audio that is in a perfect range to hear all the shenanigans that they get up to. You can live stream the picture in real-time, not missing a heartbeat from the record mode that automatically downloads the video. 

Since the teddy bear is every child's fantasy, the toy that never leaves their room. You get to be a high tech spy with this gadget right there at home while you are away without anyone suspecting a thing. Just put this in the most favorable position to give you a clear view of the room. Or you can just put this behind some pillows on the bed to get a better view and audio of the scenario.

Two Teddy Bear Nanny Cameras You Need To Have In Your House

LifeTm Teddy Bear Nanny Cam

The camera is excellent at taking in the whole view, the angle it is able to capture in the room is 140 degrees wide. The footage will be in excellent clarity as the picture quality is 720p of High Definition viewing- with perfect pixelation that is built to ensure quality in your footage. It has 1280x720 video resolution.

This fits on most tv screens. The video is perfect for capturing the moments that are precious. With a very sharp 1/3" digital CMOS Image Sensor with a proficient laser that allows the camera to shoot footage every time an object passes through.

This is from the motion detector feature that records hours of footage straight to the SD Card every time this happens. So you won't miss out on anything that happens in front of the camera. The amount memory in the card is more than sufficient. A very generous 32 GB of storage space that allows you to take HD footage that can take up to 20 hours.

It has the ideal capability that adds more convenience to you, this is the date/time stamp that lets you know exactly when the footage was taken. The live stream can be accessed from anywhere in the world. All you have to do- is have a decent working WIFI or internet connection.

You are able to access this using your mobile- the software is compatible with both Android and IOS devices- making it more easy to catch up with the days activities that have been recorded. You get to zoom in up to 4X the normal size of the view via the mobile APP. This streaming service is completely free for you to use.

The teddy bear with a camera is really cute, people can end up picking it up to play with or admire it. The more they have it in close proximity is the more effective it becomes.

The advice when using this teddy bear to capture the view- is to not place it behind objects or obstructions to get better results. The audio is great in close proximity too. Make sure you have a very good internet connection that can run at least 10 Mbps 

Good news is you can get this teddy camera on Amazon

Secure Shot Teddy Bear Spy Camera

The Secure Shot Teddy Bear Camera DVR is more equipped for capturing your footage when you really need it. The DVR camera is perfectly hidden in the teddy bear, no one else but you and the manufacturer will know it is there. This camera uses a battery to operate, this battery can last up to a full year. 

To make sure that you don't spend time and money replacing the battery, the camera only turns on when the motion sensor picks up something with its laser- enabling the video recording mode. To keep the battery from losing its power, the next step is to conserve energy by shutting off and going to standby mode when there is nothing in front of the camera.

The video footage gets recorded on the SD Card, which has a storage space of 32 GB for your nanny camera. It takes about two to three seconds before this kicks in to start recording the subject in front of the camera, this makes it ideal for capturing the scenario at just the right time.

It is able to record 20 hours of video per charge, which means it can record videos that can be recorded for days on end. The camera is 1080p video resolution, a 720p picture quality that masters quality. The footage on this teddy bear can be accessed by using an A/V cables that can be connected to the TV and the slot on the teddy bear. Or you can just remove the SD Card and add it to a card reader or an SD Card adapter. The RCA cables, 32 SD Card, SD Card reader and an IR remote control.

You can also get this gadget on Amazon

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