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Best Light Bulb Security Camera Reviews

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Home security has always been an important issue for people from all over the world. The best way to ensure the safety of our loved ones used to be to install a complex security system in key points around the building. This process was usually done by specialized companies that would send technicians to configure the surveillance networks.

Nowadays, the best ways to keep an eye on what is happening while you’re away from home is with the help of a modern hidden camera. These devices can monitor your home without anyone knowing and enable you to easily view the live stream using a phone, tablet, or computer. One of the most popular form-factors when it comes to hidden surveillance systems is the light bulb security camera.

These devices are installed just lie normal light bulbs, however, they can connect to the Wi-Fi network of the house and start recording without any additional equipment or services.

Buying Guide – What to look for in a good light bulb hidden camera:

Features – Most products of this type come with WiFi capability, however, depending on how you intend to use it, you may want to get a camera that also comes with motion tracking and night vision systems.  Furthermore, keep in mind that not all products are compatible with Windows, IOS, and Android, and you should make sure that you get one that works with the electronics that you already have;

Sensors – A camera is only as good as its sensor. While any light bulb camera can capture its immediate surroundings with enough detail to distinguish faces, if you need a product for a larger room you should look for a device that can record at least 1080p video;

Additional equipment – Keep in mind that some surveillance devices require additional equipment to work. Light bulb cameras, in particular, will have to connect to an existing WiFi network and may require a microSD card on which to store the video files;

Additional services – Some products may come with the option to pay for various services such as cloud storage for video files. Please keep in mind that there are also products that require paid services in order to enable the owner to store video files for extended periods of time. Always look at the specifications of the products and at various light bulb security camera reviews before making a purchase;

Best Light Bulb Cameras for 2019

BesDerSec 360 Panoramic Light Bulb Spy Camera

A camera that actually works like a light bulb

The BesDerSec Panoramic Light Bulb Camera can record 960p HD video in a 360-degree angle, and also comes with a light function. The device is great for larger rooms and can be installed in a regular light fitting. The camera’s motion detection system can be fine-tuned to ignore smaller objects, preventing accidental triggering. Furthermore, the device comes with high-quality IR LEDs that enable it to record in complete darkness without losing clarity.


  • 360 Degree Panoramic – The camera can record in a 360-degree angle, enabling it to record the whole room at the same time;
  • Real Light function – The device can also be used as a regular light bulb, even while recording;
  • Smart Motion Detection – The motion detection system can be set to distinguish between small shapes such as cats or dogs and humans, enabling the camera to only record when an individual enters the room;
  • Easy installation – The camera does not require separate power connections. It can simply be installed into an E26/E27 light socket and then connected to the WiFi network;
  • 960 HD video and Night Vision – The sensor can record 960 HD regardless of the time of day, with the help of high-quality IR LEDs;


  • Super-wide angle – The ability to record and view everything around it at once means that one device can monitor the entire room;
  • Works as a light bulb – Installing it in a light fitting won’t mean sacrificing the ability to light part of a room;


  • Not 1080p – The camera could have used a slightly better sensor, considering that it records 360 degrees panoramic video;

Tupeya Light Bulb Camera

A discrete camera that can record 1080p HD video

The Tupeya Light Bulb Camera comes with everything needed to work, out of the box, including a 32 GB microSD card. The device can record 1080p video at 24 FPS and includes features such as Night Vision and Motion Detection that enable it to be used round-the-clock.


  • 1080p HD Video – The device can record 1080p HD video, at a framerate of 24 FPS and a resolution of 1920×1080. This makes it ideal for larger rooms and hallways;
  • Motion Detection – The motion detection system automatically notifies the owner through a message when movement is detected, and also record a short clip that can be viewed using the companion app;
  • Remote access – The camera can be controlled using smartphones and computers from anywhere in the world, using an IOS and Android-compatible app or through the official website;
  • Light Function – The device also works as a regular light bulb;
  • Included card – The product comes with a 32 GB microSD card that can be used in order to store video files;


  • Card included – The 32 GB microSD card is more than enough to store a week’s worth of video files;
  • Great night vision capabilities – The video recorder during the night is extremely clear and sharp;


  • Poor detail recording – Distant faces can be difficult to make out;

HIJUNMI Light Bulb Security Camera

A light bulb security camera that supports 128 GB microSD cards for when prolonged surveillance

More than a simple light bulb with camera, this model is designed to store massive amounts of data on 128 GB microSD cards. The device can record 1080p video and comes with both motion detection, as well as a night light, and offers 5 different viewing modes. All the functions of the camera can be controlled using the companion app that is compatible with IOS and Android devices. 


  • 1080p HD video + Night Light – The sensor can record 1080p HD video at 24 FPS, even in complete darkness;
  • 128 GB microSD card compatibility – The camera supports large microSD cards, making it ideal for prolonged use;
  • Motion detection – The device automatically sends a notification to the owner’s smartphone or tablet when it detects motion;
  • 360-degree lens – The camera can record everything around it at the same time and gives the owner the ability to choose between 5 different viewing modes;


  • Great storage capability – The camera is great for store owners who want to keep an eye on their employees and want to keep all the video files;
  • Easy to install – The camera must simply be attached to a light fixture and connected to WiFi;


  • No Night Vision – The camera has no IR LED’s that would allow it to record at night. The night light provides too little light to record details such as faces;

Which is the best outdoor light bulb camera?

Outdoor security cameras need to be more durable than the ones that are designed for indoor use. While they usually come with the same features as regular ones, however, they are waterproof and have different mounting mechanisms. Here is one of the more popular models currently on the market:

Toucan Light Bulb Camera Outdoor Waterproof Security System

An elegant camera that can be used in any setting

The Toucan Light Bulb Camera comes with two-way audio, making it ideal as a front door security system. The device is compatible with virtual assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant, and can easily be connected to an existing outdoor light fixture.


  • WiFi, Motion Tracking, and Prerecorded Greetings – The device connects to the home’s WiFi system and can be set to notify the owner when movement is detected, and to play a Prerecorded Greeting once someone gets close to it;
  • Companion app – The Kuna App can be installed on IOS and Android smartphones and enables the owner to look back at the recordings from the last two hours, and also to access the live feed from the camera, at all times;
  • Durable construction – The camera has been designed to work in temperatures between -40 and 120 degrees Fahrenheit;
  • Alarm function – The device comes with a 100dB siren alarm that can be used to deter potential burglars;


  • Great for a front door – The camera is great for large houses where getting from one room to the front door would take too long. The two-way audio is also great for asking questions without having to actually open the door and expose yourself;


  • Not discreet at all – It is easy to see the camera, which may help some find ways to avoid it;


A great Wi-Fi light bulb camera can help you keep an eye on an entire room without having to worry about cables or how you can hide the device. These devices contain everything needed to connect to an existing WiFi network, to record and transmit the video recordings, and can be installed in ordinary light fixtures.

They are great as nanny cams, as security systems for when you leave town, or simply as a way to monitor the home of elderly members of your family in order to ensure that you have time to act if they ever need urgent help.

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