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Best Budget Security Camera System Right Now

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Some of you believe that home security cameras are more than just expensive. You are partially right. There are a lot of models available on the market that are really expensive, which makes them unavailable for a high number of potential homeowners. Luckily, there security cameras or better said systems that are not a massive investment.

Thanks to the technological advance, we will see more and more of affordable security cameras on the market. Just because they are affordable, it doesn’t mean they are cheap! All of the security cameras we will present you in a minute are accurate, safe and reliable.

 A great advantage of these home security cameras is the freedom of upgrade. Basically, you can start with a base system with one or two cameras and add them when needed. Eventually, you will end up with a system with 10 or even more cameras. Cheap wireless security cameras can be easily added to the setup, without any, special knowledge.

You will be surprised with the features the cheapest wireless home security cameras have to offer. New models are truly remarkable and they are something millions of people have been using specifically due to their reliability, list of features and more. Don’t think that the resolution will be an issue. As you shall see, most of the setups on the list have a resolution of 1080p which is standard at the moment and the same one is used on more expensive sets. 

Checking out the best budget security cameras to buy

As we have mentioned, there are a lot of options on the market. But, we discovered that these 4 work exceptionally well and they are very reliable. Obviously, they are affordable as well, so adding a surveillance system to your home won’t be a major investment.

Make sure to pay close attention to all the features each set has to offer and try to find the one that meets your requirements perfectly. After all, you will get better protection, overall safety and you will be able to install each of these setups all by yourself. 

Wireless Security Camera JOOAN

Affordable system with great night vision feature

If you take a closer look at the Wireless Security Camera, JOOAN set you will see that the price is more than just affordable and the features are surprisingly sophisticated. All we can add is the fact this is one of the most desirable setup in the price range and definitely should be considered.

Features of Wireless Security Camera, JOOAN:

  • 2MP resolution– The cameras will record in 1080p resolution, more accurately 1920×1080 pixel resolution.
  • 4 cameras– The setup consists of 4 Wi-Fi cameras.
  • Night vision– Night vision is more sophisticated than we expected. The visibility is fully usable up to 100 feet.
  • Motion detection– The system can detect motion and activate the cameras when needed.
  • Free app– Users can download an app and use the surveillance from anywhere on the planet.


  • Value for money– You get 4 cameras, free app, great night vision and a lot more for your money.
  • Night vision– Most cameras of this kind offer night vision effective up to 65 feet. This system increases it up to 100 feet.
  • Plug and play– You can easily install it within minutes.
  • Support HDD up to 4 TB– You can use maximum HDD with a capacity of 4TB. 


  • Expensive variations– Some versions of the set are expensive.
  • App– App isn’t very stable and has a complicated user interface.

Security Cameras System Wireless -4CH 1080P

Waterproof, reliable and advanced surveillance set

For most of you, this is going to be the best cheap home security camera system of all times. The field of view is above the average and the installation is simple. The package includes all you are going to need to get a working surveillance set within minutes.

Features of Security Cameras Wireless -4CH 1080P:

  • 4 cameras– All future owners will get 4 cameras that use Wi-Fi in the package.
  • Night vision– Night vision mode is effective up to 100 feet.
  • 2400 feet of range– Cameras can be used for a distance of 2400 feet. This refers to the open area.
  • CORSEE app– Users will be notified when cameras detect motion. 
  • Plug and play– Simple installation that can be completed in under 30 minutes.
  • 1080P resolution– Standard resolution for systems of this price range.


  • Great app– App is stable and very functional.
  • Installation– The package includes all you are going to need to install it all by yourself. Cheap home security cameras we have here are reliable and durable. 
  • Notifications– App will notify you once motion is detected by a camera.
  • Nigh vision– It is identical like with the first product on the list. The visibility is 100 feet.


  • Customer support– It requires a lot of time to contact and get the answer from the customer support.
  • Works on 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi only– Cameras won’t work on faster networks.

Zmodo 8CH Wireless Smart Home Security Camera System

Very popular set with great-looking cameras

We believe that the Zmodo 8CH Wireless Security Camera set is one of the best-looking models on the market. The prices slightly higher than other versions on the list have, but you get several advantages. All future owners will get lifetime tech supported located in the United States. In essence, you get best budget IP camera.

Features of the Zmodo 8CH Smart Wireless Security Cameras:

  • 4 cameras– The system is standard, meaning it comes with 4 cameras.
  • Intelligent mode– Cameras will record fewer frames per second in general, but once motion is detected, they will increase to the maximum recording capability.
  • 81 degree of field of view– These cameras are rated as wide angle models.
  • Preferable motion detection area– Users can set a specific area which will be targeted for the motion.
  • 720p resolution– Keep in mind that the camera resolution is 720p while the NVR resolution is 1080p.


  • Good-looking cameras– The entire system look more expensive than it actually is and cameras are based on the latest technology.
  • Intelligent features– Cameras record in decreased frame rate until motion is detected.
  • Hassle free installation– You will need 30 minutes to install the system.
  • Tech support– All owners get lifetime free support.


  • 720p resolutions– We prefer 1080p resolution of the cameras. It is much better.
  • Night vision– It is standard, meaning that you get clear visibility up to 65 feet. 

xmartO 1080p HD Wireless Security Camera set

Modern product with audio feature

It is the best affordable security camera system based on modern technology, with 1080p resolution and with several, additional features which will be mentioned below. We must add that the entire setup looks great and it looks stunning in the lack of a better word. Keep in mind that it comes in black color only, so there is no white version.

Features of xmartO 1080p HD Wireless Security Camera:

  • 2MP resolutions– 1920×1080 pixel resolution is provided by all the cameras.
  • 1TB of HDD– The recordings will be stored on 1TB of hard drive included in the package.
  • Audio compatible– Owners can add a microphone to the cameras, without having to install additional wires or etc.
  • 80 feet of night vision– All cameras will be effective at night up to 80 feet.
  • Dual-antenna system– On the NVR you can see 2 antennas. They form a unique and reliable signal area which is effective up to 1000 feet when there are no obstacles. In a case obstacles are present, the maximum distance is 200 feet.
  • Auto-pair– The cameras will be automatically paired with the NVR, which makes installation easier.


  • Dual-antenna system– Thanks to 2 antennas present on the NVR, the entire set is more reliable and works well when the obstacles are present.
  • 1TB of HDD– In the package you get 1TB of hard drive storage which is used to store recordings.
  • Audio compatibility– It is very easy and cheap to add a mic to the cameras and be able to see and hear what the cameras are recording.
  • Professional set– It is more expensive than other models from the list, but it looks great and the NVR is actually a professional unit.


  • Price– It is more expensive than you would like, probably because of advanced features presence.
  • Range of the NVR– The range isn’t great when there are no obstacles, but it is better than similar models have in a case obstacles are detected.


Today you were able to see the best affordable home security cameras or better said 4 systems that are simply stunning for the price they have. We compared them in the real world and with real obstacles in order to be able to provide you the most accurate rank of each model. Now is your turn to choose the one that will be just perfect for your purposes and for your protection.  Yes, they are affordable, but they are powerful at the same time.

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