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Top 5 Wearable Hidden Cameras Currently on the Market

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The reasons why you may be looking for a wearable spy camera can be anything from spying on an unfaithful spouse to exposing frauds trying to scam you. Whatever the reason might be, one thing is certain – in order to serve its purpose, the wearable hidden video camera needs to be almost impossible to spot. For this reason, most of these cams are hidden inside common wearable objects. In fact, one of the most popular choices is the hidden camera necklace.

The reason why people often decide on buying a hidden camera necklace is the fact that it’s very difficult to spot. Because it’s well-hidden, the camera doesn’t have to be super tiny, which means that there’s plenty of room for bigger memory and a battery of a higher capacity. Another advantage of this type of spy cams is the fact that they are very affordable. Actually, when it comes to portable spy cameras, the best choice you can make is buying a hidden camera necklace.

But, how to decide which hidden camera necklace is the best for you? You can’t judge it by the design, although a beautiful necklace is certainly a plus. Still, the things that matter the most are the resolution of the camera, battery life, and the memory capacity. Unfortunately, finding a wearable hidden video camera that is superb in every of these aspects is very difficult. That is why we’ve decided to help you out and present you with our suggestions. With no further ado, here are 5 best wearable spy cameras currently on the 2020 market!

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Anviker calls this device a fashion camera, something which describes it perfectly. The camera is hidden inside a fashion bracelet. But, not only does it look nice, it also has a camera inside that is capable of recording video footage in great quality.

Features of Anviker’s Wearable spy Camera

The camera inside the bracelet is capable of recording high-def video, in the resolution of 1080 FULL HD. On top of that, the cam can be used for making HD photographs, while it also features a microphone, meaning that it can also capture sounds.

Everything that gets recorded with this spy device gets stored onto its internal memory. This wearable hidden camera doesn’t have an SD card slot, but instead comes with 16 GB of internal memory, which seems more than enough to satisfy your needs. In fact, this capacity seems enough for storing more than 6 hours of video.

Another great thing about this wristband spy cam is that it is very easy to use. The camera doesn’t require any special programs or connection with other devices. In fact, all you got to do to make it work is press a button.


· The fashion bracelet looks very nice

· Comes with 16 GB of internal memory

· Films HD videos, but can also capture audio

· Very affordable


· Rechargeable battery could’ve been better


This wearable hidden camera is more than a decent choice, as it has everything you may wish for. Although it’s not a super-advanced James Bond-style gadget, this spy cam can produce footage of fairly decent quality. On top of that, it also comes with its own memory storage and a rechargeable battery. The final reason why you should consider buying it is the fact that the bracelet looks very nice, so you can use it not just as a spy cam, but also as a fashion accessory.

The thing that makes this wearable spy camera great is the fact that it’s hidden inside a regular hat. As the hat is a fashion accessory many people decide to wear, no one will suspect anything strange. Furthermore, the lens of the camera is very tiny, meaning that it will be almost impossible to spot. But, the fact that no one can see the cam doesn’t mean that the camera is not working. On the contrary, this cam is capable of recording high-def footage and storing it on its own 8GB memory card.

Features of Fuvision Video Recording Cap

One of the main reasons why this spy cam is very popular is that it’s placed inside a baseball cap. Basically this means that the cam will record the video of everything in front of you, if you keep the hat on your head while filming.

Speaking of recording, the cam makes HD videos in the resolution of 1280x720p, at the frame rate of 30fps. Apart from recording video footage, this camera can also record sounds. Everything caught with the Fuvision video recording cap gets stored on an SD card of 8 GB capacity.

The memory is not the only amazing this about this spy cam – it also has a decent battery. In fact, its rechargeable battery can provide enough energy for recording about 70 minutes of footage. When you’re done recording, you will need to transfer the data onto your PC by using a USB cable.


· Spy cam is hidden inside a regular baseball cap

· Camera makes HD videos and photographs, but can also record sounds

· Comes with an SD card of 8 GB capacity

· Rechargeable battery provides a decent amount of energy


· Although its resolution is superb, the cam won’t make too impressive footage at night


If you often wear a baseball hat, you can now give it another purpose – making spy videos. This small wearable hidden camera with audio is placed inside the crown of a baseball cap, allowing you to film everything in front of you. All you need to do is move your head in towards the things you want captured on camera. You can be sure that everything you film will be recorded in high-quality and stored safely. If you’re still not convinced that this spy cam is the right choice, take a look at its price. The Fuvision video recording cap is among the cheapest spy cams on the market.

For some, the cross is a religious item. For others, it’s all about fashion. For you, it can be a perfect object to conceal a wearable hidden camera. If you decide to buy the JC Cross necklace spy camera, you will get a quality spy camera, placed inside a fashionable cross necklace, which you can wear around your neck freely, without raising suspicions.

Features of JC Cross Necklace wearable Spy Camera

The camera inside the cross is capable of recording nice footage. Its video resolution is 640 x 480, while the resolution for making photographs is 1280 x 1024. Everything that you record with the hidden camera necklace gets stored on its internal memory, which has the capacity of 8 GB.

Another great thing about this hidden cam is its battery. It features an A + polymer lithium battery, which can provide enough energy for recording 90 minutes of video. The cam is really easy to use, ass all you need to do in order to set it off is press a button. Once you’re done with recording, you will need to connect the camera with a computer in order to watch the footage.


· Well-hidden inside a fashionable cross necklace

· The cam can shoot videos and photos of fine resolution

· Comes with its own memory storage

· Has a decent battery life


· Not a Wi-Fi camera


If wearing cross necklaces has been your style, there is no reason not to get this hidden camera. Not only will it look nice, but this cam is also very easy to use. Furthermore, it has all the features that you may wish from a wearable hidden camera. On top of everything, this hidden camera necklace is also very cheap.

Toughsty is a brand that’s known for high-quality of their products. The same is the case with this wearable hidden camera. It’s a spy cam, hidden inside an earphone. So, if you wear one often (when driving, for example), the device won’t appear suspicious. Still, this Bluetooth earphone is fake, meaning that you can only use it for spying purposes. It has a tiny camera hidden inside it, as well as a microphone that will record sounds.

Features of Toughsty™ 4GB Wearable Hidden Camera Bluetooth Earphone

The camera hidden inside the earpiece makes AVI videos in 640x480 resolution. The device is also capable of recording sounds, making it a superb spying gadget. Another great thing about this wearable spy camera is the fact that the camera is very well hidden, so there’s absolutely no way someone will notice it’s there. The camera will not give away any signs that it’s there, but will record the footage silently. Everything made with it will be stored on the 4GB that’s built in.

When it comes to the battery, it has the capacity enough for about an hour of footage. Once the battery runs out, you will need to plug it onto its charger. The time needed for the battery to get fully charged is 3 hours.


· Spy cam is hidden inside a fake Bluetooth earphone

· The device can record both audio and video

· Features its own memory card

· Battery holds on for a fairly decent amount of time


· Doesn’t have other functions, apart from recording audio and video


If you need to capture footage of something happening while you’re driving, a hidden cam inside a Bluetooth earphone might be a good choice. First of all, it won’t look suspicious, as many people use it to make phone calls while driving. Secondly, the camera is capable of recording both sounds and videos, and storing them on its own memory card. Finally, you will get all of this at a very affordable price.

5. VOTECOM - best Wearable hidden camera glasses

Have you ever wished that you could film what’s happening before your eyes, without anyone noticing? Well, that is possible, if you get yourself this gadget. This wearable hidden camera is actually a spy cam placed inside a pair of seemingly regular eyeglasses. The glasses look normal, but they have a tiny camera inside of them. Although no one would be able to spot it, the camera is there, ready to make high-quality video footage.

Features of VOTECOM Hidden Camera glasses

Because the lens is super-tiny, it means that no one would be able to realize it’s there. However, this also means it won’t be able to capture a wide angle. Instead, the camera will record only what’s happening right in front. This is actually a feature that most people find very useful. Basically, what you see is what the camera is recording.

When it comes to the video quality, the resolution of the cam is 480p, which in combination with 30fps frame rate provides pretty decent AVI-format footage. All that’s captured with this hidden cam gets recorded onto the 8GB memory card that’s placed in the temple of the eyeglasses.

The battery that powers this device is also very decent. It’s capable of providing about 50 minutes of footage. When it runs out, you can recharge it by plugging it in the charger. Alternatively, you can recharge it by connecting the device with the PC through a USB cable, something which you’ll also need to do in order to take a look at the footage.


· Well hidden inside seemingly ordinary glasses

· Comes with its own memory card

· Decent battery


· The lenses are not prescription lenses (and can’t be changed), meaning that if you don’t see very well, the glasses will not help you


If you regularly wear eyeglasses, this spy gadget will not draw any attention. It looks exactly like an ordinary pair of eyeglasses, although its lenses will not help you see more clearly. Instead, this item was designed to be used for recording purposes only. Speaking of the recordings made with this hidden cam, they are of decent quality and will be stored on the memory card that comes with the package, which is another great thing about this product. If you’re still not convinced that you should buy the VOTECOM spy eyeglasses, you should know that its price is more than reasonable.

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