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The Best 8 Camera Security System For 2019

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For most homeowners and business owners, an 8 camera security system is the best alternative. These systems offer an enhanced level of home security and they obviously can be used to cover a much bigger area. This also makes them desirable for people who have large homes or businesses.

A while back, systems with 8 cameras were significantly more expensive than other, smaller packages and they were reserved for a specific type of users. New packages are much more affordable and they even have tons of additional features and sub-systems that make them more effective in preventing burglaries and crimes.

One of the most important elements of every single 8 camera wireless security system is the hard drive capacity included in the package. As you would expect, these systems require more storage, so we can see that they are commonly paired with HDD of 3 or even 4 TB of space. Don’t forget that you can link the cameras with 510GB of the hard drive, but you the length of the recordings will be significantly shorter.

The next best thing is the number of supported channels. As you shall see, most of these models come with 8 cameras included. However, users can install additional 8 cameras, which means that the total number is going to be 16. For those who have villas and huge business facilities, it is going to be a worthy investment.

Best 8 Channel Security Camera System Reviews

Systems of this kind are more and more popular as we speak and they are usually offered by reliable brands. This makes choosing a bit easier and simpler in the lack of a more appropriate word. Anyway, we were able to find 4 systems that stand out from the crowd and they are more sophisticated than you may believe.

Reolink 4MP 8 Channel PoE Security Camera Surveillance System

Stunning resolution with massive HDD 

If you are looking for the best system with all the essentials and even more, the Reolink 4MP 16CH PoE Video Surveillance System is the right decision. It is well-known at the moment and there are a few advantages that make it look great and perform even better. Keep in mind that 8 cameras are included in the package, but you have the ability to add additional 8 with the same NVR module. 

Features of Reolink 4MP 16CH PoE Video Surveillance System:

  • 270/330 feet of range– With the CAT5 cable, the maximum distance is 270 feet. With CAT6 cable the distance is 330 feet.
  • 3TB of HDD– The system comes with a massive hard drive of 3TB which is sufficient for most users.
  • 4MP cameras– The cameras will record in 1440p resolution. 
  • 100 feet of night vision– The night vision feature is fully operational and useful up to 100 feet.
  • Free app– All owners have the ability to download a free app compatible with Android and iOS smart devices.


  • 3TB of HDD– Storage space is great and suitable for longer usages.
  • Resolution– Cameras offer a great resolution of 1440p.
  • Nigh mode– At night, cameras can record up to 100 feet in distance.


  • Expensive– It is the most sophisticated model on the list and therefore the most expensive.
  • Supports USB computer mouse only– You won’t be able to use wireless computer mouse on the system.

ZOSI 8 Camera Full 1080p HD-TVI Home Security System

Aluminum cameras with enhanced night vision

It is truly a remarkable system that has been developed for users who want an affordable 8-camera surveillance system. The thing you will like is the design of the cameras and the fact they are placed in aluminum housing, which improves the strength and makes cameras more durable. They can be used for indoor and outdoor security.

Features of the ZOSI 8CH Full 1080p HD-TVI Home Security Camera System:

  • 2TB of space– The system can record up to 10 days without having to overwrite old recordings.
  • 1080p resolution– All cameras record in 1920×1080 pixel resolution, which is standard at the moment. 
  • 120 feet of night vision– This mode allows you to record and use surveillance at night, for a maximum distance of 120 feet.
  • Free app– The app can help you by allowing you to watch the surveillance from any location.
  • Smart notifications- Thanks to the app, users will get notifications when cameras detect motion.


  • Value for money– The entire system is very affordable, yet it includes 8 cameras and a massive hard drive of 2TB.
  • Night vision range– The range is 120 feet. It is higher compared to similar models which offer 65-100 feet of range.
  • Design– It may be individual preference, but the bullet surveillance cameras look perfect and more expensive. 
  • Aluminum construction– The housing of all cameras is made of aluminum.


  • Noisy DVR– It generally generates more noise than similar models.
  • Installation– The process of installation is more complicated and more time-consuming.

8 Channel Wireless Security Camera System NVR Video Surveillance System

Reasonably affordable system with different modes

The 8 Channel Wireless Security Camera NVR is a wireless home security camera system of a modern generation, available in several options. You can have it without HDD, with 1TB or like the one here with 2TB of hard drive storage. It is also equipped with advanced features that will impress you.

Features of 8 Channel Wireless Security Camera NVR:

  • 1000/350 feet of maximum distance– Without any obstacles, the system will provide 1000 feet of maximum distance. If there are obstacles, the maximum distance is 350 feet.
  • 720p resolution– All 8 cameras record in 720p resolution.
  • 3 different modes– The system can record in advance motion mode, manual and standard motion mode.
  • 2TB of HDD– As we have mentioned, this is top of the range HDD. You can have the same system with other or no HDD.
  • IP67 waterproof– All the cameras are designed for outdoor security use so they are completely waterproof.


  • With obstacle range– The range, is 1000 feet when there are no obstacles, but it is 350 feet with obstacles, which is an advantage compared to similar models.
  • Modes– each user can choose a mode that suits him the best.
  • Storage space– HDD of 2TB can record consistently for 10 days.
  • Installation– It is simple and requires less time.


  • 720p– The resolution isn’t great. We would like to see 1080p.
  • App issues– Some users reported the app failure.

Zmodo 1080p Full HD 8 Outdoor Video Surveillance Security Camera System

Intelligent surveillance based on new technology

The Zmodo 1080p Full HD is 8 channel security camera system based on new technology with intelligent recording. All standard features are supported and it even comes with 1080p resolution. Cameras are well-made and they are smaller than similar units, which allows users to install them in smaller places. The same system is available in different variations, with a different number of cameras.

Features of the Zmodo 1080p Full HD system:

  • 1080p resolution– Once again, we have a system with standard resolution, which is common on surveillance systems of this era.
  • 65 feet of night vision– You get 65 visibility at night.
  • Intelligent recording– The system will record at a decreased frame per second rate. Once motion is detected, cameras will increase it to 25FPS (maximum).
  • 1TB of HDD– In the package you get 1TB of hard drive. Expect recording of 30 days without overwriting old recordings. Systems without intelligent recording can record for 5 days only, after which they will overwrite the files. 
  • Clever notifications– You will get an email with a video clip when motion is detected.
  • IP65 waterproof– All cameras can be used outdoors and they are waterproof.
  • Free app– All of you can use an app which is free and offers a great user interface. Keep in mind that the system doesn’t offer compatibility with third-party apps! 


  • Length of recording– Thanks to the clever recording, the cameras can record up to 30 days without overwriting old recordings.
  • Notifications– users get notifications (when motion is detected) which is accompanied by a video clip.
  • Installation– It is super easy and doesn’t require any special knowledge. You will be able to install it all by yourself.
  • All included kit– Everything you are going to need is included in the kit. There is no need to purchase additional elements whatsoever. 


  • DVR software– It is basic and without some, useful features other brands offer. 
  • Price- It is one of more expensive systems, due to the design of the cameras and the intelligent recording.


An 8-channel camera security system is above the average, advanced surveillance you can have set and ready within minutes. All of the models tested here are advanced, user-friendly systems that come with a high level of protection, with outstanding features and with all you are going to need. Our rate is obvious, but you can be free to choose any you like or the one that meets your budget limit. The bottom line is safety which is super important in today’s world. 

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