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3 Wide Angle Security Cameras That Stand Out From the Crowd

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In the world of countless threats, security is more important than ever before. For most users, a wide angle security camera is the answer to the problem. These models are especially desirable at the moment and we were able to see that the trend will continue to rise in the future.

The angle of a camera refers to its field of view, that is, the area it can surveil. For example, some cameras have 45 degrees of horizontal field of view, meaning that they a quarter of the area that surrounds them. A super wide angle security camera will have 360 or 180 degrees field of view, meaning that you can watch the area all around the camera. 

Thanks to this major advantage, these cameras are desirable and mandatory for homeowners who want to get complete coverage. Basically, you have better visibility on a monitor and you will need fewer cameras to cover a much bigger area. 

Unrevealing the most desirable wide angle security camera

There are a lot of different models out there that look great and offer decent performances. But, when it comes to surveillance cameras with a wide angle, the situation is slightly different. There are no many models that can meet the highest expectations. Luckily, we found 3 models that look promising. Let’s check them out.

180/360˚ Panorama View Angle 700TVL

Superb field of view suitable for the most demanding homeowners

The Panorama View Angle 700TVL is an ultra wide angle security camera that offers the best performances and the best results. When it is mounted on a ceiling, it covers a 360-degree angle. When it is installed on a wall, it becomes 180 degree wide angle security camera, which is standard for surveillance cameras of this kind.


  • CMOS sensor made by Sony– The sensor in the camera is actually developed by Sony and it is superb. It is also known as IMX322.
  • Fisheye lens– It makes the camera more effective and eliminates the blind spots.
  • Metal casing– The camera is so tough that it can resist vandals and can stay fully operational in the harshest surroundings.
  • 1920x1080P resolution– The image quality is above the average and it looks great on modern devices.


  • Field of view– It is stunning and when mounted on a ceiling, it will provide excellent coverage.
  • Strong construction– The camera may look ordinary, but it is made of thick metal and it can withstand almost anything.
  • Resolution– The resolution is above average and we liked it.


  • Price– It is more expensive than similar models.
  • No power adapter– It isn’t included in the package.

Ctronics Wi-Fi Camera Outdoor

110 degree surveillance camera with motion detection

The Ctronics wide angle security camera outdoor use is an advanced model that comes with advanced features. It is available in three different options which share the same base and the same list of features. 


  • 1080p resolution– It is the same as with the first camera which is great. However, this model is more affordable.
  • 2 way audio– This is an advanced feature which is stunning and allows for you to alert anyone near the camera.
  • Motion detect– The unit will detect movement and record it.
  • SD card support– You can use a memory card up to 128 GB to record your surveillance.
  • Night vision– The night vision is effective up to 98 feet. It is better than the competitor models.
  • IP65 waterproof– Obviously it is developed for the usages outdoors, so it can withstand water and rain.


  • SD card support– It makes easier and helps you with transferring the recordings.
  • Motion and alert systems– Once the camera detects motion, it will notify you and record the movement.
  • 2 way audio– This feature used to be reserved for high-end models and now is the first time you can have it with this one, mid-range version.
  • Night vision– Night mode is more effective than the ones on similar cameras.


  • It works only with 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi– For some of you this will be a drawback, for others an irrelevant thing.
  • Too big– Dimensions are 7.7 x 4.3 x 4.2 inches.

2MP Wide Angle (AHD TVI CVI 960H) Indoor Outdoor Dome CCTV Camera

The most affordable wide angle camera

It is small, compact and very affordable security camera of modern generation. Despite being small it is loaded with clever technologies that will make it one of the most common choices of 2019. We should add that it also looks modern and sophisticated. 


  • 90 degrees field of view– 90 degrees are not the best possible result, but it is still considered as wide-angle.
  • Night vision mode– The camera is very effective at night, with a distance of up to 60 feet.
  • Crisp image– Thanks to the advanced CMOS sensor, the images are presented to you in high quality.
  • 4 output modes– They are 2.0 MP HDCVI, 2.0MP HDTVI, 1080 AHD, and 960H.


  • Super affordable– It may be one of the most affordable models of this kind and it is still based on the latest technology and it comes with advanced systems.
  • Night vision– The mode is fully usable up to 60 feet.
  • Crisp image– Videos are presented in high quality which is great.
  • Modern design– It looks great and at the same time it is waterproof.


  • Field of view– A better result is still preferable.
  • User manual– It doesn’t offer all the information you may need.


For all of you who are still looking for the best wide angle security camera we believe that one of the three models mentioned above will be the answer. They are all different when it comes to their specs and features like night vision, microphone, and others, so you can choose the one that meets your security criteria.

There’s one thing, though, that all of these cameras have in common – they will take the security of your property to a whole new level.  

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