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The 3 Best Listening Devices For 2019

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Spy-oriented surveillance equipment has become, now, easier to purchase than ever. While the technology required to record or track people without them knowing has been around for many years, it has recently become accessible and affordable enough for everyone to buy and use.

Trust is important in life, and there may be moments when that trust must be put to the test. Some worry that individuals who have access to their home might be preparing to steal from them, others that their significant other might be cheating on them. And the best way to make sure is by planting a bug, so to speak. The additional information provided by a listening device is usually enough to clear most issues.

Regardless of the reason, these products are on the market, and hundreds of models are coming out each year. The sheer number of models can also make purchasing one of these devices quite difficult. For example, most listening devices on the market usually seem like overpriced toys, however, there are a few products that were genuinely designed for professional use.

Buying guide – What to look for in quality good listening device?

Choosing an appropriate listening device for particular situation usually comes down to how you intend to use it, but there are a few things that you should keep in mind in order to ensure that you get the best product for your needs:

Function – There are different types of listening devices that can be purchased online, each having been designed with a different kind of scenario in mind. Voice-activated digital recorders are great if you can hide them in the proximity of the person that you want to monitor, on the other hand, an amplifier system could help you listen on a conversation through walls;

Size – If you intend to use a digital recorder or a spycam with audio recording, it’s important to consider how you will hide it. Think ahead and buy a model that is small enough to go unnoticed, or that resembles everyday objects;

Additional equipment – Look at the specs of the devices that you want to get and see if other equipment or supplies are required in order to make them work. Digital recorders may require microSD cards that are not usually included in with the product, while some hidden cameras may have small batteries that only last for an hour and require a power bank for prolonged use;

Data recovery – Consider how you will get the data from the device after it has finished the recording. Wi-Fi cameras with audio recording can be used to stream video and audio directly to your phone, however, digital recorders must be physically recovered in order to access the data;

Durability – Some listening devices are extremely sensitive to the elements. Go to the manufacturer’s website and look at details regarding what a particular product is vulnerable to. By default, avoid leaving a device in the rain if it has exposed wires, connectors, or batteries;

Size of the room – The quality of the recorded audio inevitably goes down with distance. Larger rooms may require several devices in order to ensure that every piece of dialogue is recorded properly. Keep in mind that some models can be linked together, while others cannot;

Top 3 Best Listening Devices For 2019

SOTA Surveillance Digital Audio Recorder Listening Device

A small voice-activated audio recorder that resembles a Power Bank

This small spy listening device from SOTA Surveillance looks and functions just like a normal power bank, however, it does also come with a quality microphone and ample storage space. The model is ideal for those who want to record certain conversations without anyone knowing, and the voice activation system makes is perfect for long-term surveillance due to the fact that the device will only become active when it detects someone speaking.


  • Voice-activated – the device can be set to record continuously or to only become active after it detects that someone is speaking. This helps conserve both powers, as well as storage;
  • Long battery-life – The device can function for up to 150 days if set to record through voice activation, or 14 days when recording continuously, on a single charge. This time will go down if the product is also used as a power bank;
  • Large data capacity – The recorder can store 576 hours of audio files, making it ideal for long-term surveillance;
  • OTG Compatible – The files can be transferred and played on a computer, or by connecting the recorder to an OTG Compatible device such as Android devices and smartphones;
  • Easy to hide – The device also comes with an attachable magnet that allows the owner to mount it on various metallic surfaces;
  • Auto Timestamp – The recorder automatically adds timestamps to all the audio files;


  • Hard to notice – The device’s design is extremely convincing and does not have any markings, inserts, holes, or other features that would betray its purpose;
  • Functional power bank – The recorder can easily be used as a power bank, making it more versatile than other products in its class;
  • Extreme long functioning time – The large battery and the 16GB storage makes it great for individuals who want to use it for extended periods of time;


  • No audio jack – The device could have used an audio jack as a way to listen to the recorded files;

Kingstar F999b Microphone Amplifier Buggin Device System

A High-Quality Amplifier System That Can Allow You to Listen Through Walls

As far as hidden listening devices go, the F999b from Kingstar is extremely similar to the equipment used by private investigators, and the police. After all, the best listening device is the one that doesn’t have to be in the same room with the target.

Unlike other listening devices, this one actually helps the owner hear what is being spoken on the other side of the wall. While the amplifier does work better with walls made of some types of materials, it will always help the user hear what is going on, on the other side.


  • High amplification – The device can amplify sound 20.000 times
  • Dedicated record line – The device is compatible with recording devices and can supply 250mA using the 2.5mm stereo Jack socket;
  • Works with any material – The amplifier works with walls made out of cement, various metals, wood, glass, plastic, and even brick;
  • High durability – The device itself, as well as the microphone and the amplifier end are made from highly durable metal;
  • Versatile – The device comes with a microphone probe that can be inserted under doors or through keyholes and windows, and an amplifier end that can be placed next to a wall in order to amplify the sound from the other side;


  • Spy gear – This device is, for all intents and purposes, a piece of spying equipment. It can be used in a wide variety of scenarios and it produces accurate sound;
  • Safe – While placing a disguised microphone in a room in order to record a conversation can be dangerous as there is no guarantee that the targets will not realize what is going on, the amplifier takes all the risk out of the equation as neither the device, nor the user will have to be in the same room as the ones that are monitored;


  • Requires additional equipment – You need a recording device if you want to save the conversations for later;

MOSTOP Necklace Voice Recorder

A high-tech voice recorder hidden in an inconspicuous necklace

Sometimes bugging devices with microphones can be tedious. Luckily, some listening devices can be worn, and no one will be the wiser. The Necklace Voice Recorder from MOSTOP appears to be a stylish necklace, however, the device houses a lot of advanced features that are perfect for those who need to record a conversation and then secure the files.


  • Beautiful, light necklace – The device has the appearance of a small necklace. It has no indicators that it is an electronic device, other than a hardly noticeable button that starts the recording process;
  • Long battery-life – The battery of the device will last for up to 30 hours of continuous recording;
  • 8GB of storage – The 8GB of integrated storage is enough for hours of audio;
  • Secure – The device can be set to automatically encrypt the audio files using a password;


  • Multipurpose – The device can be used as a spy microphone if left on a table and turned on, or it can be worn;
  • Password – The password feature is great to have if the necklace ever falls in the wrong hands;


  • No expandable storage – There is no way to add a microSD card;


Regardless of what kind of listening device you decide to buy, keep in mind that listening on someone’s conversation can be considered a criminal offense in some countries. Look at what the law is in your area, and also make sure that you understand what the risks are if any. 

Other than that, the secret to successfully using bugging devices is to remain undetected. Hide the devices to the best of your abilities and don’t leave anything behind that could give them away. This spy, hearing devices work beautifully every time, however, you will have to pay attention and use them properly.

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